I’m a man, I’m 29…and I’m now scarified of an 8-year old

True story: while typing out of the title of this post, I guess I got caught between typing “scared” and “terrified” and ended up typing “scarified”. I thought about editing it, but then realized that the subject of this post is so extreme that the creation of a new word did it justice.

And what is the subject you may be thinking? It’s a 3rd grader named Stevo Poulin who I’m quite certain could whip my ass on a wrestling mat. In fact, he could probably whip your ass on a wrestling mat too.

If you don’t believe me, watch:


Not that I need to tell you this, but little Stevo is the one with the mohawk and other crazy hairstyles that was tossing his opponents around the way kids his age usually are tossing around stuffed animals or Lincoln Logs. In March of 2010 he won the Brute National Championship for his age group.

stevo-poulin-wrestlingAccording to this interview with Stevo, conducted by Scott Casber of Takedown Radio, the 8-year old had a record of 256-26 as of March 1, 2011. I love this exchange after Casber mentions his record:

Casber: You have a record of 256-26. That’s pretty substantial.

Stevo: Yes. It is.

Hey, the kid tells it like it is. Gotta admire that.

Here is another interview with Stevo where he talks about how he got his start in wrestling and what some of his goals are. For anyone who got a little worried by watching the video above that he’s some kind of wrestling cyborg, you’ll be refreshed to know that he’s, well, just a kid…as he should be.

I also enjoyed this comment from a thread tat IndianaMat.com where young Stevo was the subject:

Is this like the wrestling version of Benjamin Button where he ages backwards but keeps the wrestling knowledge he has gained through life.

It sure appears that way, doesn’t it?

Anyway, this kid clearly has the natural intensity to be great on a wrestling mat or any field of athletic battle for that matter. Let’s hope that as he grows up his body can keep up with that intensity (no reason to think it shouldn’t) and that he doesn’t get burnt out (never know). It way, way, way too soon to tell what the future has in store for Stevo Poulin, but the early returns look good. Keep it up kid. Love the heart and hustle…even if I tend to prefer more traditional haircuts.

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  1. YangoFango says:

    That actually does make a lot of sense dude.

  2. natenate22 says:

    Definitely should not be allowed to wrestle without headgear at that age

    • ghostbusters says:

      dude who cares hes a kid thats good at wrestling god u guys r just leave him alone u guys are judgemental

  3. WrestlingGirl says:

    wow! level-headed kid, give props the his parents and i would agree headgear should be required at all ages. Iknow i really glad I wrestled.

  4. He should try Olympic judo as well. he has a lot of great throws, he could be a great competitor in both.

  5. judo, bjj, wrestling, submission wrestling, MMA….what a bright future. love the confidence…

  6. Former wrestling dad says:

    Been there done that..my son won over 500 matches and was a 2 time Junior State champion 5 time District and 5 time Regional champion and 1 time Junior National champion.. and was NEVER pinned..going into his freshman year he was ranked in the top 10 in the country as an incoming freshman..never wrestled a High school match…even though it was disappointing to see him throw away a scholorship to a D1 college..it was a alot of fun to experience all that with him up to that point..wish the kid the best and see what happens when he gets to the Junior Nationals and wrestles the kids from Pa and NJ..whole different level of wrestling.

    • it was disappointing to see him throw away a scholorship to a D1 college

      what happened? why/how did he throw it away?

  7. Stevo's PP, Ceara says:

    Gotta say, Stevo gives his all. He gives everything he's got at every single match. He has high expectations for himself. But you know the kid also knows how to have fun and be a kid off the mat. He's an awesome little 8 year old and I'm very proud to be his cousin! He's done a fantastic job with wrestling! I got to experience my first "big" tournament and let me tell you. These local ones are nothing, Stevo has some real talent and needs to compete with other real talent just like him! I had an awesome time photographing him and his teammates in Virginia and I look forward to photographing them all again! And when Stevo goes to the college and the olympics you better believe his big cousin and huge fan will definitely be there to photograph the star winning! :) Keep up the awesome work Stevo! "Never Quit!"
    Stevo's PP (Personal Photographer)

    • are yall going to reno worlds In april ? The 8 and under will be loaded with talent at 46 49 and 52 brute nationals is week compared to reno. if you think you're the best that's where you need to b

  8. Ten more years, he'll be in jail

    • JBB- You're an idiot! Stevo is an Honor Roll Student who puts school first & wrestling second.. Ten more years and he'll be taking his 1st National Championship for his weight class in college.

  9. Listen to the interview he is a great kid. Hopefuly he has good influinces in his life…

  10. Terrell says:

    His very good dam good I smell steroids in somebodies applesauce just saying. Or who the hell is his father the Drill Sargent from Full Metal Jacket.

  11. Here in Montana wrestling is a big sport but the nation never hears of it. We have a kid from a town of 2000 people who went 163 and 0 losses through high school. I heard of a N J kid who went 170 and 0. As for stevo, very impressive! Reminds me of my nephew who started wrestling 2 months ago. Not as technical yet but other wrestlers don't want nothing to do with him and is quickly becoming the most feared wrestler on the mat, AFTER ONLY 2 MONTHS !!! He studies hard and plays hard.He's just as brutal as stevo and has no fear. So, hey stevo, maybe you need a match with a boy with no fear and a very humble mean streak, like you. Humble Hayden Hebert (HHH) might lose once to you but you'll never beat him twice, EVER! The two who did win once regretted meeting him again and payed dearly, they're fine with no permenant damage.HHH is only 7 and defeats boys with 3 years experience and older. He set the standard at his club in East Helena Montana in work ethics and he is studying your videos right now. That would be an awesome match! Good luck Stevo and maybe some day you'll get a match with HHH in Reno or at nationals.You're awesome too.

  12. sorry edwin but every one thinks they have a super star family member,,,stevo will smash ur nephew with ease!! 1 time 2 times 3 times as much times in a roll he wants to whoop him,,, sorry bet ur nephew is pretty good,, but come on!!

  13. card16969 says:

    I grew up in Davison michigan with some of the best wrestlers in the country, if you want to see some crazy matches look up Brent Metcalf, i had the pleasure of growin up with these guys….. Good luck Steveo keep up the hard work and you might wind up like Brent did….. http://www.hawkeyesports.com/sports/m-wrestl/mtt/

  14. cementjob says:

    Why is his name not listed on the Brute Asics National Championship website?

  15. Don't know what the big deal is. He's lost 10% of his matches. Lots of guys get through HS and college better than that.

  16. P C Williams says:

    "Scarify" is already a word. Check your dictionary or read the "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" to see how it's used.

  17. For all of you saying he'll be in jail and all that other negative BS, this kid doesn't look vicious at all. Speaking from the point of view of a former wrestler, he just flat out looks like he really knows what he's doing. He seems to baffle his opponents because he seems to be far more advanced with his preparation and confidence. Quite impressive seeing how he's only 8 years old. On the mat you have to be relentless and that's what he displays. There's not a whole lot of time out there so you have to stay on your opponent to the point if he even blinks, he's finds out that it was a costly mistake by the time he opens his eyes back up. If people understood the conditioning that wrestlers go through on a daily basis to be able to compete at a higher level. He's really ahead of the game. Keep up the good work little man!!!

  18. tom nejen says:

    come over to the baddest wretling neighborhood in the world;I O W A . you`ll know ass is the whitest!

  19. Tom garner says:

    Bring him to pa got s kid name Justin Perkins that would tear him a new ass hole.

  20. Give the kid a break,I'm sure he didn't organize the publicity.Instead of criticizeing him or how he should wrestle this kid or go to this or that state.Support him for his god given young talent.Send him an email of support maybe give him
    names of the best wrestling clinics in the country.Maybe just maybe he and other kids of his talent could be our
    Olympiads of the future.A lot of you critics need to read your comments.I know everyone loves the kids they know.
    Admire this kid and any stranger like him.

  21. Big deal, my boy went 5-0 at a takedown tournament last week. :) Nice moves Stevo, stick with it and good luck.

  22. dolfinspirit says:

    WOW, seriously adults! You are adults, right?? I wasn't sure from reading the "oh yea, my kid can beat your kid" posts! I wonder how your kids act! There is a huge difference in being a naturally gifted athlete that knows how to intimidate opponents, and a bully that got that way because of the attitude of his parental units! yea, go parents!!

  23. dude, this kid is effing amazing. no use in talking trash. who cares who has the best kid. i wrestle, but i bet he could beat my ass. nice job stevo! i have no doubt in my mind that your going to go far. as for all the pric asses who talk tash, im sure he could stomp you too.

  24. way to go stevo

  25. This kid kicks ass, and I personaly hope to see him go very far in his wrestling career. He puts kids in moves that a lot of schools don't even teach. Yes people, he has lost but lets see you win over 200 times and only be 8 years old

  26. If you havent been to Tulsa Nationals, you need bring him than you'll see what he's made of! Don't get me wrong he is a lil bad ass,come win Tulsa Nationals thats were the real studs are!!!

  27. former PA champ says:

    Ok you all say he can’t be beat well their are losses their am I right so some one
    Did beat him
    Plus you see kids like that a lot that never keep with it the ones that good get board
    I hope he dose stay with it and keep up the good work and he is damn good and any one can be beat may not be. Today but some day

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