Photo Story: “Two Angry Men” – Starring Frank Martin and William ‘Bo’ Francis Ryan

When Kansas State dispatched of Utah State last night, it set up a very intriguing Round of 32 matchup between the 5th seeded Wildcats and the 4th seed in the Southeast Region, the Wisconsin Badgers. The matchup is intriguing for a number of reasons, with one of the primary reasons being the two men patrolling the sidelines for each squad.

Bo Ryan (real name William Francis Ryan) and Frank Martin are both very, very good basketball coaches. They are not on the elite level of a Mike Krzyzewski or a Tom Izzo, but they are on that next level of coaches whose teams are virtual locks for 20 wins and an NCAA Tournament. What separates Martin and Ryan though, and makes them among the most entertaining coaches to watch, is their ridiculously expressive faces – especially when the expression is one of anger.

Earlier this morning I caught up with Martin and Ryan to discuss their impending matchup tomorrow. Despite their reputations, I did not expect things to so quickly devolve. I chronicled the interaction below in today’s photo story.

If for some reason the image is not loading properly, click here to view in new window.

photo story - two angry men - frank martin and bo ryan

Note: I did not create the pictures of Ryan and Martin with fire. Incredibly, those were just floating around out there on the Interwebs. I love the Interwebs.



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  1. not really that funny

  2. ZengXeng says:

    lol, thats just too funny dude, seriously.

  3. 2loudgoose says:

    Seriously?…that was really stupid.

  4. Badger fan says:

    good stuff – all those that think otherwise – Hawaiin smoothies for you!

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