Introducing Bat Catching, Red Stripe Drinking Mitch Davie – Early Nominee for 2011 Sports Fan of the Year

Earlier today, one of the most incredible action pics of a sports fan I’ve ever seen starting circulating through the Internet sportosphere. This post will quickly recognize Mitch Davie, the subject of said picture, and an early nominee for 2011 Sports Fan of the Year.

Basically, Davie was attending a Braves-Blue Jays Spring Training game in Kissimme, FL, sipping on a Red Stripe tall boy, when the sports gods presented him with an opportunity to go down in history as a gigantic badass. He rose to the occasion, proof below.

sports-fan-of-the-year-mitch-davieImage source: Dave Goldman/AP via Seattle Times

So a bat comes flying at Davie, and not only does he keep his Red Stripe steady, but he saves the terrified guys next to him from a certain bat-induced welt, all while his eyes are closed. Impressive. Badass.

Mitch Davie, you are the current leader in the clubhouse for 2011 Sports Fan of the Year.

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  1. Thats just full of win. The people a couple rows up are even like ahh!, hes still got a beer in hand, nice!

  2. I could do that

  3. he is the only black guy in the picture

  4. that guys forearm on the left is wacked out

  5. Got a video of this somewhere??

  6. Kellia Ramares says:

    Give that man a contract!

  7. Gator Brian says:

    Either you're a Gator or you'e gatorbait!

  8. YoMamaKeepsCallin says:

    Get a few pops into ya, and you cease to think, you just do. Sometimes for worse, sometimes you become a MF'n jedi.

  9. Yankee Dave says:

    He looks like Bernie Williams to me. Maybe he's making a come back.
    Yankee Dave

  10. Good Snag !!! The expressions on the faces of the people around him are CLASSIC !!!

  11. What the article failed to mention was that after he caught the bat, he used it to give everyone around him two for flinching.

  12. HOORAY Baseball!

  13. BigBadDaddy says:

    looks like the guy he saved wet his pants. he might want to lose the raybans and swap out those jean shorts for a dress.

  14. Double C says:

    Mitch Davie…WINNING!

  15. Red Stripe…it gives you big balls!

  16. rupert19 says:

    Good job,BIG GUY.

  17. Guy on the top right looks like George W Bush.

  18. Eddie Haskell says:

    Notice the kid in the lower left catching some upskirt action from the mezzanine.

  19. Happy Gilmore would have taken it to the chest.

  20. Thanks for all the love everyone! Were gonna have some videos up on youtube in the next few days so stay tuned! And follow me @mitchdavie33 and @sportsblog247!


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