Video: Michael Vick confronted by Dallas radio host who now owns one of Vick’s former pit bulls

I am very interested in getting peoples’ opinions on the video below.

Here is the background, via the Dallas Observer (h/t @KristenKouk):

But something else happens [in addition to Vick being given the key to the city] in video — which was shot by Richard Hunter, better known as radio’s own Big Dick. Hunter, as Richie pointed out last June, adopted one of the so-called “bait dogs” Vick used in the dog-fighting ring that landed him in prison. The dog’s name is Mel — and as Richard told Richie, “While Vick is pure evil, this dog is so good despite having suffered through such hell that he’s truly changed my life.” Richard went to the event to show Vick Mel’s picture and confront him about the past — which, as you’ll see in the video, never happened.

So basically, Michael Vick was given to the key to the city of Dallas by Mayor Pro-Tem Dwaine Caraway, and then he is confronted by a Dallas radio personality who adopted one of his former dogs.



Here are some of my quick-hit reactions upon seeing this video, and then I’ll be interested to read what you have to say.

First, I think giving Michael Vick the key to the city of Dallas is ridiculous, as is the asinine reasoning given by Caraway. Even if Vick has “redeemed” himself (which he most certainly has not), he hasn’t done it in Dallas. So unless you’re a Mayor Pro-Tem who is trying to pander to people who love Michael Vick, what rational reason is there to give Vick a key to the city?

I’ll tell you: none.

Second, I appreciate the passion of Big Dick Hunter, the guy who made the video. I am a dog owner, and know first hand why the phrase “man’s best friend” is what it is and means what it means. I was horrified when I heard of the things Vick had done, and while I’m willing to travel a road of forgiveness with him now that’s paid his debt and is attempting to get his life in order, I certainly won’t forget. And if I saw him, I’d want to ask him a few questions too, and they wouldn’t be about football.

michael-vick-big-dick-hunterThird, despite the feelings expressed in the previous paragraph, I could not help but thinking that this video is a little bit unfair to Vick. The video’s creator certainly went out of his way to dramatize a short (15 seconds in real time?) encounter and to draw every possible negative conclusion from every instance. Granted, Vick does essentially ignore him, and his handlers act like pricks, but I think it’s a bit too small of a sample size of time and interaction to judge whether it was the “old” or the “new” Michael Vick, to make the negative inferences made at the end.

Fourth, again, even with what I just said in the previous paragraph, I do think the video is at least an example that Vick may not be as passionate about redeeming his past wrongs as he professes to be. Maybe he was in a hurry, or maybe he didn’t understand what Big Dick Hunter was saying, or maybe he wanted to go back but his handlers were not letting him…maybe all of those things are true. But that was a big opportunity for Vick to speak with the current owner of a dog he once abused, an owner who is ostensibly providing a much, much, much more loving environment for the dog, and I would have liked to see Vick stop, walk back, and thank Hunter for giving his former dog a home.

I would have liked to see some empathy and compassion. There was none of that. But again, it was only 15 or so seconds. Am I straddling the fence? Yes. But I just don’t think it’s fair to read too much into such a short encounter when little context is provided.

As far as I’m concerned, the most egregious aspect of the video is that it was a missed opportunity for Vick, but it won’t change my opinion of him. I still hate the things that he did, and consider him to be forever reprehensible because that is in his past, and I do not particularly “like” him, nor am I particularly “rooting” for him; but, I am willing to be open-minded about his redemption process and giving him a chance to prove – with the full burden being on him – that he is both sorry and determined to change.

Just because he didn’t prove all that in one 15 second snapshot does not mean that he is not making great efforts overall to do so. It just means he’s not taking every possible opportunity to do so. Should he? Probably. I think we’d all like to think and hope that it would be his #1 priority. If anything, this video just proves that Vick still has a long way to go to repair the bridges he’s burned, trust he’s lost, and hurt he’s caused. But we knew that already.


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  1. What a wack article…You find better ways to go about getting interviews……Looser……….

  2. Folks, especially will always have something to say about Vick….Loosers!!!!

    • I think it's a worthwhile discussion. And just because someone disagrees does not make them a loser. Perhaps try presenting your opinion rather than just calling names. I'm all for open debate and to having my opinions challenged. It's why I write. I encourage you to present your opinion so we can discuss.

      • True, especially when they cannot even spell "loser."

        When people have no facts, they shout names. Politics is the same way, especially the past decade. Call someone a "racist" if you don't like their opinion.

  3. His true colors are showing thru……he is an a-hole….makes me sick……….

  4. Jerod, you're basically right with the middle ground here.

    On the other hand, though I'm a dog owner, Vick's paid his time (far moreso than others who've done equal or worse) and needs to be left alone. Most of the Vick haters like dogs more than humans. That's pathetic.

  5. This is soooo lameee wow. Do you seriously have nothing better to do then blow this story way out of porpotion? This is so bogus. Find a new hobby. His guards were talking…. Vick didn't say a damn word. You're pathetic

    • Well, I was not trying to blow it out of proportion, but just discuss it. I think the video is shaded to much with anti-Vick sentiment, as I said in the article. My goal was to show it, allow people to make up their own minds, and then present my thoughts on it.

  6. This article is unbelievable….get off of his back…he has raised more money and more attention then anyone ever for the fight against animal cruelty. He doesn't owe any body an interview….he's has given 5 nationally televised apologies…he's moving on and so should everyone else. If he stops and talks to one reporter he has to stop and talk to every reporter….Do it the right way and get on the waiting list and schedule an interview. Think about it if Oprah is trying to book Vick and is having a hard time….what makes anyone think he will stop to talk to a reporter.

  7. Wow, where to begin . . .

    First of all, and I'd like to preface this by saying that I'm a dog lover and abhor what Michael Vick did to his dogs, the video is EXTREMELY unfair to Michael Vick. It was an ambush and Big Dick Hunter clearly had an agenda.

    I think we all must realize that Vick is under intense scrutiny and had he given Hunter the attention he wanted, it probably would've turned out into a huge argument with Vick looking bad no matter what he said. Hunter was looking for a confrontation. Vick was wise to avoid that confrontation.

    As for what a member of his entourage said, so what? What does it matter what anybody other than Michael Vick has to say about the matter? The entourage was just doing it's job of keeping people away from Vick. It's what they do, what they're paid to do. To reach a conclusion about Vick over what someone else said is beyond ridiculous.

    The bit about spending a fortune to change the locks was also completely unfair and childish. Vick paid his debt to society. Regardless of anything else, he paid his debt. He was judged by a jury of his peers and was sentenced for his crimes. He fulfilled his sentence and has been trying to rehabilitate his image.

    What Hunter did was bush league and absolutely unfair. As to why the mayor presented him with the keys to the city, neither I nor anyone else can explain it. The fact is that it was done. And, I think Vick accepted as a way to continue to rehabilitate his image.

    So, if you want to be angry at the mayor for giving him the keys to the city, by all means, do so. But, bashing Vick for avoiding a possible, and probable, confrontation is insane. It seems to me that Hunter wanted to get a rise out of Vick so he could then make his case that Vick hasn't changed at all. He wanted so desperately to do so, but failed.

    Once again, I abhor what Vick did to his dogs. It was disgusting, inhumane and flat out cruel. But, I believe in the American Spirit of forgiveness and second chances. I believe that people can change. But, we must give them an opportunity to change. However, following Vick around and cornering him into a confrontation is no way to show that American spirit of forgiveness.

    • You bring up some very good points. I agree with you on the probable agenda of Hunter, and should have said so in the article. However, I'm wary of just assuming Hunter has a negative agenda. Just as there is not enough info or context to really judge Vick in this case, we don't know Hunter personally. My entire point was that Vick made mistakes, he is still trying to earn forgiveness, and this was simply a missed opportunity that changes nothing. Upon considering your comment, I tend to agree that that he was probably smart to avoid what could have been a confrontation. A compromise might have been to request an off-camera discussion…but it doesn't really matter now. Thanks for the comment…you made some good points.

  8. way to edit a video…. loooser!!!!

  9. I can't see any value in a reporter trying to get a "rise" from someone so they'll have their 15 minutes of fame on Opra, O'Reilley, Hannity, etc. What was the intent? To see if Vick would crack! Reminds me of a lawyer on TV saying… "If you're injuried in an accident, call me I'll sue the %&@^ out of someone."
    There really is better stories than chasing celebrities. How about reporting on the Hall of Fame Inducties? There's an idea… Something meaningful. Now take this stuff down. Better time spent somewhere else.

    • Steve, it's a good point. I didn't really pay attention to the Hunter side of this enough when writing the post. But the basic point remains: all we saw was 15-20 seconds. It's kind of foolish to judge anyone from that. Hunter, in my opinion, definitely goes overboard in contextualizing the events how he wants them seen.


    • People are crazy…I'll give you that. I think the different between the examples you're citing is that Vick systematically tortured dogs and participated in an act that is illegal. I'm fine with you disagreeing with the law, and certainly fine with you disagreeing with how people are treating Vick now, but I don't think downplaying the severity of what he did is particularly worthwhile. It was bad. As bad as other things? Of course not. But it was still bad and he deserved punishment for it. That said, I'm hoping he makes good on his promises to change, and he seems to be doing a solid job so far.

    • chrisdurant2000 says:

      Okay TGREEN – here's part two (2) for ya…

      Lastly and this was probably the best – "MATTER OF FACT GO GET A LIFE,,,YOU MUST NOT HAVE ONE IF YOU ONLINE TALKING BAD ABOUT A MAN YOU DONT EVEN KNO…..PEOPLE ARE CRAZY" TGreen, what do you think you were just doing with that post. Let's see, 'talking bad about a man you dont even kno' – I used your spelling so as not to confuse the matter.

    • chrisdurant2000 says:

      And last but not least – you'll enjoy this one –

      Now, since you seem to be a real Michael Vick fan and maybe even a dog lover too since you seemingly watch Animal Planet. Here is what Michael Vick did:
      1.) Bludgeoning a dog to death with a shovel 2.) Hanging dogs (this takes at least two men AND they even had a special post set up for it) 3.) Drowning dogs in 5 gallon buckets of water (another activity that takes at least two men)
      4.) Wetting dogs down and electrocuting them 5.) Repeatedly slamming a dogs body to the ground until it died
      6.) Throwing dogs in his pool and then attaching battery cables to their eyes as they struggled to climb out
      7.) Tossing two of his family's PETs in the dog fighting ring and laughing as they were mauled 8.) Forcibly removing (without anesthia) all 42 teeth from the bait dogs so that they could not fight back.

      Educate yourself with the facts here. You'll probably even like the title – "Michael Vick was WRONGLY CONVICTED!"
      Read it here –

    • No … MV got sent to prison for crossing state lines with a gambling operation … do your homework … especially if you are going to type in CAPS … do your research before you sound off.

  11. James A Green says:

    It kills me how people put stuff on the internet and talk bad about the stuff other people do like they never did anything bad in their lives… he killed a couple dogs… SO WHAT YOUR A DOGLOVER THOSE WEREN'T YOUR DOGS…. I AM ROACH LOVER BUT YOU STEP ON ONE EVERYTYME YOU SEE ONE… I'M A COWLOVER BUT YOUR PROBABLY EATING A BEEF POTPIE RIGHT NOW… and you say "bugs aren't the same as animals that was ignorant" but who made you God to say what form of life is worth living?

  12. james a green says:

    The dude that approached him is the one I detest… that is another man life you are trying to detroy… he didnt go there because he had a concern for the dog… the dog wasn't asking him about Vick, he went there to have something negative to say and no matter what Vick said or did he would have gotten a negative response… So screw him, it's evident why he got the key to the city… jjerry Jones has the most popular team with a billion dollar stadium… How you think he gonna get those seats filled? Buuuuuuuuut anyway… tell your friends (and your enemies) to stop talking bad about him or anyone else (except Rothliesbuger)… Unless you already got your invatation from God to Heaven for being righteous you probably have done just as or worse.. you probably just came from a porno site anyway!

    • James, I agree that if Hunter's true concern was the dog, he probably would have handled this differently and off camera. Should have made that more clear above. Good point.

    • Hey great job on trying to compare Vick killing dogs to people hitting a dog with their car….yeah same thing

  13. It's obvious that this clown is trying too bait Vick into an argument. Get a life loser and go lay down with your dog.

  14. So should we assume that there were no dogs available anywhere in all of Texas at any pound or shelter so this guy had to go outta state and get a "Vick" dog?? So basically, he went out of his way to get himself a designer dog (because he really wants us to know the "Vick" brand) while dogs were being put down right there, all day, everyday in county shelters….but he is just so concerned that he had to go get him a 'Vick" dog. But we're supposed to believe he is so genuinely concerned? Please. He wants his 15 minutes and he's not getting it.

    • You bring up valid points Tracey. In all honesty I posted this quickly after I saw the video and there are a few things I wish I'd considered a bit more, including what you say here. Either way, just as it is difficult to judge Vick just from this video, we cannot judge Big Dick Hunter either. I don't know him nor know how genuine his love for dogs is – so like I did with Vick, I'll withhold judgment on that because there just isn't enough here to know. BUT, we do know that he stands to gain from this video getting exposure, and that is important to note and consider.

  15. I love how all the blacks cant even look past what he did, its amazing and some are even dog lovers lol…..I guess when your animals you don't care about others being killed and one of your own even gives him a key to the city…lol

    • famucancer says:

      Exhibit A of why cousins shouldn't marry.

    • Now take what you wrote and reverse it (just take out "all the Blacks" and replace it with "most Whites. Instead of referencing "your animals" replace this word with "your bigotry." Another coward who is demonstrating fake courage hiding behind a keyboard and a screen. So sad and pathetic you are to assume that we all (as Black people) are okay with any wrongdoing any black person does merely because we are of the same race. Small-minded you have proven yourSELF to be.

      You're that White person that I see at the schools, church, in the Mall, on the job etc that smiles in a black persons face and even speaks very pleasantly, but in your heart you are full of a hatred based on lies that will only destroy you long-term. If you're gonna be real (with yourself) be the same person to all of "us so-called blacks" TO OUR FACES whenever you see us.

    • I hate to state the obvious but: most Vick fans are probably lucky if they can spell their own names…. much less manage to develop any type of social awareness or conscience.

      It's not like we're talking about the top of the evolutionary chain here.

    • Chuck, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you did not mean to refer to commenters – who are people – as animals. If you did, that's unacceptable and really does not do anything to further the discussion. Even one as divisive as this can had with respect, and that's what we try to do here.

    • Are you serious? Quit generalizing you racist prick!!! And let us not act like caucasions have been saints from the beginning of time. Murder, Rape, Torture, Identity Theft! But let's be real, your ass is mixed with something – you freaking mutt!


  16. When does this officially become not worth writing about.

    Vick did something bad. He served his time. Whether he's changed or not, that dude had to wake up in a prison cell every morning for much longer than anyone would ever want.

    Maybe Mr. Hunter cares so passionately about his vick dog that he wants to lash out. That behavior is reprehensible though. Of course these guys aren't going to be happy about some random dude coming up and trying to talk to Vick. They get paid to be tough. What are they supposed to say? "… Oh gosh Big Dick… I never thought of it that way… I'm so sorry, how is the dog doing?"

    Would you do that if some yayhoo is trying to get at you? Can't imagine I would.

  17. Wow. Your story came up on google news and you should be ashamed to call yourself a journalist. First, the person in the video identified himself as a reporter and has press credentials. So this wasn't some stranger walking up and demanding answers. Now, the proper response at that point is "No comment." But, the statement that was made after the reporter identified himself (whether he was believed or not) is just as dumb as when you open the front door and see the cop saying "So are you here about the meth lab in my basement?" And, I don't care if you like Vick or hate him, show some class. The reporter's name was "Richard" and not "Big Dick." If you are not going to take the unbiased part of your journalistic ethics seriously, at least own up to them.

    • James Green says:

      Wow… so just because a person claming to be a reporter (whether he had credentials or not) comes up to me asking me about a part of my life that i don't feel inclined to talk about i have a script to go by? And since Vick did not know him personally doesn't that make him a stranger, or does being a reporter automatically make you a friendly person… I thought he was there for the dog, so why would it matter if he was a reported or not…Who made him the sheriff or a phycologist to judge what Vick felt about the situation… but you are right about one thing, this is a horrible attempt to get some journalistic credibility

      • James, again, good points. Upon further review, I don't blame Vick so much for not wanting to engage in a discussion that was begun as hostilely as that one was. I personally would have liked to see him attempt to engage Hunter off camera – but it's unfair to expect him to have to do so at all possible times in all possible situations. My gut reaction, as posted above, was off base. I stand by everything else I said about Vick, and still needing more time to fully believe in him, but I do agree with your perspective on this issue. Thanks for commenting.

    • Bob, first of all I am not a journalist. I am a blogger. I make no claims of being objective, even if I try to be – what I am is honest and forthright with my opinions, even when I change them because someone has presented an argument that speaks to me. My opinion is far from the most important one here; I just present it as a conversation starter. If you read past posts and see how I conduct myself in comment sections, I think you'll see that this is the chase. I started this website to discuss sports (and occasionally other) stories that interested me, with my goal being to give my honest opinion and to encourage others to do the same. So thank you for visiting and commenting, because that's why we're here.

      As for the reporter…he goes by Big Dick on the radio. I do not think it is disrespectful to refer to a man how he is most widely known.

      As to your "no comment" response. I think you're right. I should have clarified this above, but I would have loved to see VIck engage him in a debate off camera – but based on the belligerence with which Big Dick approached Vick, it was probably smart for him to simply walk away from it. After reading the comments of many, I agree with those who have said this.

      As for showing some class, I believe I presented this story as fairly as possible. I gave you the video and background and let you form your opinion before providing my thoughts on it – thoughts that I felt were fair. I said the video was unfair to judge Vick based on the 15-20 seconds and that it did not change my opinion of him.

  18. sunny0007 says:

    “As that dog lay on the ground, fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed its front legs and Michael Vick grabbed its back legs. They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the ground. The first impact didn’t kill it. So, Phillips and Vick slammed it again. The two men kept at it, alternating back and forth, pounding the creature against the ground until, at last, the little red dog was dead.” – from Jim Gorant’s book – “THE LOST DOGS”

    One. Sick. F* ck.

    • It sickens me to read this…but I have to admit that it's a very important part of the debate. Though Michael Vick has served his jail time, that does not mean everyone who was truly disturbed his actions have to forget them. I do believe that we always have a responsibility to attempt to forgive eachother, forgetting is another topic altogether. I do hope he is serious about making amends…because what he did was absolutely atrocious and unbelievably cruel.

  19. Bodhi Zaffa says:

    This is the dumbest article I have ever read. If you go by "big dick" you are probably a pretty big doucher. Nuff said.

  20. HELEN KELLER says:



    read the court records from Virginia and decide with facts … people who torture and kill animals for fun and pleasure go on to kill and torture PEOPLE, law enforcement and ASPCA have much documentation about that FACT

  22. Attack interviews never are fair..this was just that..not relevant..

  23. dalockerroom says:

    We talking bout canines…canines. *Iverson voice*

  24. So he looked you in the eye and walked away? You lucky SOB, you deserved a hocker spit right in your agitating face. You NEVER spoke out against dog fighting. Not one time. Not until you saw an opportunity to get some publicity you media whore. I might have had some respect for your lame ass confrontation if I had also read about the large amount of time you spend trying to get people to adopt unwanted dogs(??) or how you use your position to help raise funds for the caring of these types of animals. But all I hear is a spoiled little kid provoking trouble and then saying something like; "Get your hands off me or I'm gonna tell my mommy!". Ease on down the road douchebag.

    • Bob, just so you know, I am not the person who produced the video. It's a radio host in Dallas. I was just embedding it here, presenting my opinion, and hoping to start a discussion. Direct your ire at Richard "Big Dick" Hunter, not me.

  25. The video is beat. Lame attempt at getting some fame under the guise of a just cause. The article was fairly well written though. Jerod, the writer, had a decent opinion. He agrees that it was an unfair attempt of "exposing" Vick with what seemed to be a clear cut agenda. The problem I have is that no one addresses what the writer was talking about. He asked your opinion. Everyone's opinion is let the guy go. I'm sorry I have problems with convicted felons…especially those who show serious mental problems by taking things out on innocent animals. However, I'm not some PETA activist. I will argue that most of them (PETA) are crazier – seriously, have you seen some of the crap they pull – than Vick was (when he committed those crimes). Don't justify what he has done because it was against a dog. That type of activity should not be condoned at any level of our society.
    What this writer focus on, however, was not about Vick's rehabilitation or about the deplorable nature of his crimes. He focused on the actions of that mayor. Giving a convicted felon the key to the city is shameful. It's a slap in the face to the rest of Dallas. There is no logical reason for it and no one (regardless of which side of the fence you stand on any subject) should be in support of it.

    Good article.
    Bad video.
    HORRIBLE move by the mayor.

    • get over it says:

      Do you have a problem with those who abuse and sale children for sex? A dog does not compare to a human life, to get this upset over animals when innocennt human beings are being hurt is unreal. Show this much compassion to those that rape children and women and are never convicted and/or get out of prison and do the same. As for as the key to the city, if it was you would you reject it?

      • The issue is not about accepting or rejecting the key to the city. The issue is giving it to a convicted felon in the first place.

        As for having a problem with people who sexually abuse children and women or traffic human for profit….Those are the most vile actions a human can make. I cannot even put into words the level of detest that I have for those types of actions. They are far and above way worse than anything I can imagine. Abusing and killing dogs for pleasure is awful and unconscionable, but the crime you bring up blows all other out of the water. IMHO.

        Address my response. I don't condone what he did (or what the thousands of people out there currently are doing) to animals. At least he actually served a punishment. Whether or not he has atoned for his actions is not something I can judge. I have plenty of my own faults to worry about. What I was centered on, like the writer of this article, is the action of a mayor giving a convicted felon the key to the city. While it is only a symbolic/ceremonial act, it was wrong in my opinion and it should never happen again (regardless of who that felon is).

        Just because I don't like people getting pleasure out of torturing animals does not mean I am a fan of all other heinous criminal activities. I have a bigger problem with men beating women. That wasn't the issue. Stay on topic and use a valid argument. Bringing something up from left field is a weak and trifle way of debating.

    • Hey! Someone who actually read the article and didn't I assume I was the guy behind the camera! ;-)

      Thanks for sharing, and I agree – dog, cat, anything…cruelty to animals has been proven as a precursor to cruelty to humans.

  26. chrisdurant2000 says:

    TGREEN –
    The thing I love is how people like you come on a post like this and completely contradict yourself. Your ignorance makes you an easy target.

    First – Let's take a look at this:
    You said – "OK WHAT KILLS ME IS THAT MICHEAL VICK GOT SENT TO PRISON FOR FIGHTING DOGS." No, TGreen, he did not. You might be interested to know that contrary to popular belief, Michael Vick has NEVER served a single day in jail/prison for "dog fighting" or "animal cruelty" which according to federal court documents he could have been charged with up to 34 separate felony counts. Instead, he pled guilty to ONE count of “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fight Venture” which is more like getting caught smuggling cigarettes.

    You also said – "SO STOP TRYING TO RUIN THAT MAN'S CAREER ON THINGS THAT HE HAS PAID FOR" – see the above. His true debt…. UNPAID!

    • Actually he did pay as he served time for the crime he was sent there for. No other charges stuck so in essence he did serve his time for what he did. BTW, I'm not 100% confident about this, but, I don't think there has been many people ever convicted and sent to prison for dog fighting. And trust me, I know it happens a lot.

      • chrisdurant2000 says:

        It's not that the other charges didn't stick, the federal prosecutors allowed the plea and Viriginia's joke of an attorney general felt it would be too expensive to transport Vick from Leavenworth to Va for his state trial.

        Considering his actions, he got off VERY light.

  27. yo like for real dont nobody care bout those pits they are ruthless animals anyways vick did his time and now he game back to take over get off the man back and go play with the dog that you adopted you prolly was bout to ask mike for dog food money cause i know you not getting paid off wack videos like that.

  28. You're a flippin idiot. Leave the man alone. People out there done worse in this world and got lesser punishments. The world is made with second chances he got his and is trying to make the best of it. He ain't perfect but he's trying. Get a life. I can't beleive I watched that crap. You're a complete D-Bag.

  29. The only part of this entire story that I agree with is that in no way shape or form should the Mayer be giving Michael Vick a key to the city. Although he has served his time behind walls, he still hasn't served his time outside the walls. Michael Vick is on probation and is a convicted felon and I'm pretty sure the people of this city don't want a convicted felon getting a key to the city.

  30. Dude Mike did not even say anything !!!!!

  31. Bigdicdudley says:

    The video was a joke but it seems everybody can easily forget how evil Michael Vick is because he has a good year throwing a football, even though his team couldn't even win a playoff game. He hasn't paid any kind of debt yet and does not deserve to be getting the praise and money this pos is getting. The acts he took part in with those innocent dogs is unforgivable. All of you morons who defend Vick because he is a pro sports star are part of the problem. Vick doesn't care about you and wouldn't stand up for you if the roles were reversed. This punk bitch Vick got away with a slap on the wrist and karma will come down hard on him one day and then he will rot in hell.

  32. Str8shooter says:

    Supposedly The Dog killer has served his time and learned his lesson. Hmmm. But what about this low-life Mayor. Shame, Shame. and Mike are off to the Dog Races? Ahh isn't that a parole violation? Shh.

  33. So because Mike will not talk to you he a stone cold dog killer! wow!!

  34. There is an obvious audimosity and bias towards your stupid little video. You adopted one of 'Vick's" dog because you "felt sorry" There is a local shelter near by that has tons of dogs that they are trying to give to a caring home. You did so out of trying to gain attention.

    Then you try to ambush the guy with your stupid questions to only be insulted by one of his bodyguards? That's what they are paid to do, to be assholes and keep scums like you away. The only Vick you were talking to was the one that didn't thought you were even worth his time to respond to. Not saying that what he did was cool but It is people like you that tries to hold on to something and continue crucifying someone. You are not God so get over it.

  35. really got to laugh at most of the stuff written here.. "Done his time, so he is COOL!!! LMFAO" he got out early on parole and should be back soon….he needs body-guards….WHY????
    Screw the dick head and what he stands for already…..he don't give a shit and none of you do either…..
    NONE of you are worth my time, so adios m'fers

  36. Bleeding Eagle Green says:

    If you ask me, it sounds and looks like Michael Vick did the smart thing and walked away. If you actually thought he would stop to answer your questions you're truly sad. He understands that you're a nobody hoping to become a somebody.

  37. wow, that was a waste of time. if i was vick, i would have done the same thing. he's just trying to make it from point a to point b, safe and sound. hence, all the security. he knows whats up. i can't imagine how one might rewire himself to appreciate life, but whatever. he is a talented football player and i enjoy watching him. he is a dick, i'm not so much. i love the pics of the dog. if you need a sitter in Oregon, i'm down. otherwise, sit back, watch the athletes do their job and relax. there are plenty of bad guys in all walks of life. just try to be one of the good ones and things will take care of themselves.

  38. eaglelover1 says:

    "Just as James had passed out from being repeatedly hit by a moving truck his attackers took rope from the bed of the pickup and tied it to his hands and neck then got back in the vehicle laughing. James awoke momentarily to the sounds of the vehicles doors closing and felt himself being choked by a rope around his neck. It is at this very moment that the gas peddles is smashed into the floor of the vehicle and James Byrd is dragged to his death tied to the rear of this pickup truck"

    That was for all of you crying for DOGS! Ths was a human being and not one of you dog lovers wrote a check or paid a visit to this man's family. Yet here is BIG DICK Hunter confronting Vick about a dog he owns that was once Vick's ANIMAL. The 80k he got from Vick to car for the dog (court ordered restitution) was not enough. He also wants some fame. I never heard this guy go to the Byrd or McClelland households to speakout against racial injustice (both cases were in Texas Jasper and Paris repsectively). As a HUMAN BEING it is very unnerving to see the difference in mentality regarding DOGS AND HUMANS. But, as a BLACK MAN, I understand, ……..

    • You don't know this … you don't know what you are talking about … you are using one horrible act on a human being to justify one horrible act by another human being. Really? As a black man you understand … then be active in your culture so that it is prevented in the future … if that's the way you feel about it.

  39. eaglelover1 says:

    If Vick had been white this would have been forgotten a year ago he would have been square with the house. But, because he is black he needs to be further villified. Unlike Chaney who shot a man in the face with a shotgun and was not charged for assualt, or Frank Abagnale Jr. , who stole milions as a teen and was imprisoned only to be released to work for the FBI and is now making millions working for the very banks he robbed. What about all the money JP Morgan made from the fee charged to Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme? why are those billions not being redistributed or beter yet why is Hunter not condemning Madoff's children who are living very well as a result of their father's crimes?

    See, there are far worse things being done to people that need addressing. Be a Human and fight for HUMAN RIGHTS and when every MAN,WOMAN, AND CHILD regardless of race has gotten justice then we can wory about them damned DOGS.

    • "If Vick had been white this would have been forgotten a year ago he would have been square with the house. But, because he is black he needs to be further villified." I'm white and this is racist crap! I would feel the same way if Vick were white, Asian, Indian, Mexican or whatever else. It is about what he did and his behavior since.
      Human rights … absolutely … animal rights … you bet … they are abused by humans and I'm not about protecting a human who is abusing an animal. You don't let a human slide because all they did was murder dogs for sport. What are you thinking?

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  1. […] has this video and story about Richard Hunter who adopted one of Vick’s Pit Bulls. Here is the back story of what took place. But something else happens [in addition to Vick being given the key to the city] in video — which was shot by Richard Hunter, better known as radio’s own Big Dick. Hunter, as Richie pointed out last June, adopted one of the so-called “bait dogs” Vick used in the dog-fighting ring that landed him in prison. The dog’s name is Mel — and as Richard told Richie, “While Vick is pure evil, this dog is so good despite having suffered through such hell that he’s truly changed my life.” Richard went to the event to show Vick Mel’s picture and confront him about the past — which, as you’ll see in the video, never happened. […]

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Stephanie Moss, Jerod Morris, Ricky Merritt, Mike, pookha hare and others. pookha hare said: RT @NFLNewsFlash: Video: Michael Vick confronted by Dallas radio host who now owns one of Vick’s former… #nfl […]

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