Wai-, wai-, wait a minute…Michael Jordan shattered a backboard with a dunk?

Growing up, Michael Jordan was my second favorite athlete in any sport. (No one trumped or will trump Calbert Cheaney.) I was a huge Bulls fan, I watched every Bulls game I could, I read every MJ book I could get my hands on, and I pretty much knew everything that was publicly available to know about him.

I never knew however, until just a few minutes ago, that MJ once shattered a backboard with a dunk. (Seriously, where the hell have I been?) But he did, and the video evidence below proves it.


This video has been viewed close to 6 million times, so clearly this is not obscure footage. My only question is: where the hell have I been? How does an MJ junkie like me miss one of MJ’s most spectacular dunks? Especially in the Internet age? I’m shocked and disappointed in myself, and in the Interwebs.

Anyway, the backboard shattering is not even my favorite part of the above video. My favorite part of the above video, and of any video of young Mike dunking, is remembering his spectacular leaping ability. I remember someone asked MJ once if he could fly. His answer was something to the effect of: it may just be for a split second, but yeah, it’s flying. And I agree. The way he glided through the air but still maintained pin point control of his body was a sight to behold.

Rare Air indeed.



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  1. What jersey is he wearing? Is this an International game?

  2. It's a Nike game for charity.

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