Links Tina Fey Would Love: Polamalu Wins DPOY, 25 Reasons To Be Excited About the Super Bowl, and the Clippers Provide Some Highlights (Weird, I know)

It’s morning. While you get out your favorite coffee mug, pour a glass of orange juice, and make sure you have enough milk for your bowl of cereal, get yourself back up to date with the happenings in, or at least somewhat near, the sporting universe.

The following are links that we’re certain Tina Fey would love.

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Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu claimed the AP’s Defensive Player of the Year award by a two-vote margin over Clay Matthews.  According to himself, Polamalu’s hair is also more expensive, though I’m not really sure what that means.

— Speaking of Super Bowl: If you’re struggling in this department (I am not), here’s 25 reasons to be excited about the Super Bowl.  Not listed: It’s the fucking Super Bowl.

Also, one big personnel difference in Green Bay’s defensive backfield between last season’s thriller and Sunday.

— You know, I bet that World Cup in Qatar is going to go off without a hitch.

Occidental College freshman Ty Cobb loves basketball, but naturally, is probably not going to be left alone until he tries out for baseball.

— Urban Meyer, who will apparently stay connected in some way with Florida even with his new job at ESPN, said this about said job: “I don’t think it’s my job to be critical. It’s my job to analyze college football. I don’t criticize. If that means, I have to give a strong opinion one way or the other, then I’m certainly going to do that.”

If you’ve got the mind for it, English translations would be gladly accepted.

St. John’s beat-down of Duke on Sunday is worth re-visiting.  Also, North Carolina freshman Harrison Barnes is on the upswing.

— Good read on MLB player at-bat introduction music. This would probably be the toughest decision of my life.

— NBA stuff: Appears as though it was the owner behind Jim O’Brien’s firing. It was still Larry Bird behind Larry Bird’s decision not to coach this squad, I’m guessing.

– Though Milwaukee lost, last night’s Bucks/Clippers game was so very, very entertaining overall, thanks in part to a pristine mixture of L.A. being especially spontaneously combustible and a Buck almost always finding a way to be on the business end of the fury.  Essential highlights thanks to ClipperBlog.  There’s a Blake Griffin windmill in there, just so you know.

– The Nuggets lost in New Jersey.  This season, that carries just a bit more weight than its usual nothing.

– The always-hovering-around-.500 Grizzlies earned an impressive win over the Magic, the kind that makes you a little more confident in their playoff chances, as far as playoff chances in late January/early February go.

– The Wizards: Still masters of the road-losing streak.  I blame it on continental breakfasts.

Who’s streaming Super Bowl Media Day? I am! I am!


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