Links Carla Gugino Would Love: Duke Comes Back, America Breathes Sigh of Relief, More NCAA Tournament Games For Our Viewing Pleasure, and the Cavaliers Have Not Won A Game in 26 Tries

It’s morning. While you get out your favorite coffee mug, pour a glass of orange juice, and make sure you have enough milk for your bowl of cereal, get yourself back up to date with the happenings in, or at least somewhat near, the sporting universe.

The following are links that we’re certain Carla Gugino would love.

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In probably one of the more inspiring and, dare I say, nation-unifying wins of the year, your Duke Blue Devils valiantly fought back from a 16-point deficit at the hands of their arch-rivals and general ne’er-do-wells, the North Carolina Tar Heels. Making this all the more tear-jerking was that the comeback came in front of the hopeful and innocent eyes of their home fans, who are only “crazies” in that they love too much, wear striped polo t-shirts too often, and embody the purity of college basketball too perfectly.

This is why we watch. The NBA.

/head spins 360 degrees

/Dick Vitale’s spirit exorcised

— Okay then. In other big rivalry news, Georgetown knocked off Syracuse, and this link will take you to all the links you’ll ever need on this game.

— The big news of the day in college ball is this year, provided you have cable or are in a bar, you will probably be able to see every single NCAA Tournament game, thanks to staggered tip-off times. Hopefully you don’t have anywhere to be.

— Moving to the NBA, here’s another Carmelo Anthony trade update, because I know exactly what you readers want.

– The Bucks were absolutely brutal last night, the Clips won in New York, and honestly, a huge amount of props to any Cleveland Cavalier beat writer or blogger out there. It can’t be easy to keep summarizing defeat after defeat.  I suppose the only consolation is when that win comes, well, that may be even harder to write about, but at least it’ll be fun.  Also, the NBA is blowing up your televisions, America.

— The NFL is over, for how long is anyone’s guess.

— Speaking of the Super Bowl champs (we were, right?), head coach Mike McCarthy conducted his season-ending presser yesterday.  Additionally, if anyone has any idea as to how someone could procure full-length copies of playoff games, you know, for memories sake — and in a completely legal way, of course — email me.

— The Texas Rangers don’t really want to trade Michael Young.

— Finally, that Mark Sanchez-17 Year Old story you keep hearing about.  I think he’s probably just her MADE coach.

Welcome to Thursday.



  1. "hopeful and innocent eyes of their home fans, who are only “crazies” in that they love too much"

    LOL. Duke has the most pompous, elitist, callow, self-absorbed fan base in college basketball — after Maryland.

    And the only thing worse is Duke's little boy coaches, kicking and screaming like children when they dont get their wat…then kicking in happiness like the coach behind Coach K did last nite at the buzzer.

    Congrats, you beat the #21 team at home. The ACC sucks. I Duke cannot hit 3s, they wont make the sweet 16….just like every year prior to last (as we too soon forget)

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