Funny Animated GIF: Epic Treadmill Fail

I’m a little pressed on time this morning, so my apologies for there being fewer posts than normal today. However, don’t worry; I have not forgotten about you dear reader.

I just happened upon the animated GIF below, featuring an absolutely epic treadmill fail, and damn near spat out the water I began sipping right when I saw it.

Naturally, I had to share.

epic treadmill fail animated gifGIF source: Imgur via Reddit

As someone who often employs the use a treadmill when working out, I run/walk in constant fear of this happening. Now I may never be able to use a treadmill again.

And yes, there is video of this treadmill fail. However, it is not nearly as entertaining as the GIF (which I find is often the case). It also has NSFW language, so be cognizant of that if you’re going to play it with the audio up.


And yes dude, of course it’s funny. You were running on a treadmill, the damn thing fell apart, and you went sliding into the wall. As long as there is no serious injury, it’s hilarious.



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  1. The gif is way better but Video Observations: The big guy on the couch next to him has almost no reaction. No laugh, no cause for concern as he's falling or the treadmill falling apart. And the old school denver nuggets t-shirt on the guy falling is great!

  2. OMG no way dude that is hilarious!

  3. Good looks from his bro watching on. I wouldn't have helped either, dude making all that noise while he tries to watch tv.


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