The 10 Greatest Ohio State Basketball Teams of All-Time

MSF’s own Morganette, Erica, in the West Region of the Captain Morgan 2011 BracketMaster Challenge presented by (whom you should vote for, please!) attended the Ohio State University. The Buckeyes, as you may know, are putting together a pretty decent year on the hardwood. Despite a couple of road losses to fellow Big Ten contenders Wisconsin and Purdue, Ohio State is seen by many as the nation’s best team.

Of course, where this year’s Buckeye team ends up in the annals of Ohio State basketball history remains to be seen. But we figured since we’re currently working with Erica, why not try and rank the ten best Ohio State basketball teams ever, starting with this year’s team at number 10.

Now, a disclaimer for you Buckeye fans and/or Big Ten basketball historians: this list is merely a starting point for a conversation. I would never claim to be an expert on anything, especially OSU basketball, so take what I start here and make it right in the common section if you disagree. Considering the season they’re currently having, it’s a worthwhile conversation, but it’ll probably sound a lot better coming from you.

Alright, let’s go.

But wait! Here is our Morganette Erica with her thoughts on OSU basketball and her favorite squad of them all:

“I may be biased, but my favorite Ohio State team was 2006-07. I was a junior at The Ohio State University and that year was epic for sports. A football National Championship visit and a basketball National Championship visit both against Florida. Some great players came through, guys like Greg Oden and Jamar Butler, and it was an exciting year. To this day I despise SEC teams and the Gator chomp because of that year…”

I don’t think anyone outside of Gainesville appreciates the Gator chomp.

And now onto the list:


#10. 2010-11 (currently 26-2, 13-2) We’ll start with the here and now. A deep squad led by freshman Jared Sullinger and upperclassmen Jon Diebler, William Buford, and David Lighty, this squad’s eventual landing spot on this list will be determined come March.

9. 1990-91 (27-4, 15-3, Sweet 16 appearance). Jim Jackson’s stellar sophomore campaign was only a prelude of things to come.

8. 2009-10 (29-8, 14-4, Sweet 16 appearance). Otherwise known as the Year of Evan Turner, who did everything for the Buckeyes in that season.

7. 1991-92 (26-6, 15-3, Elite Eight appearance). Legendary Buckeye Jim Jackson’s best year saw OSU lose to Michigan’s Fab Five in the NCAA tournament. I’m sure there’s no controversy around this ending at all.

6. 1967-68 (21-8, 10-4, Final Four appearance). This would be the final time Fred Taylor, one of the NCAA’s most winningest coaches, brought his team to a Final Four.

5. 1998-99 (27-9, 11-4, Final Four appearance). Led by Michael Redd and Scoonie Penn, coach Jim O’Brien’s first season, since vacated by the NCAA, was a memorable turnaround.

4. 1961-62 (26-2, 13-1, National runner-up). The third straight trip to a National championship game is quite consistent for this team led by John Havlicek and Jerry Lucas and coached by the great Taylor.

3. 2006-07 (34-4, 15-1, National runner-up). Greg Oden’s one season as a Buckeye will be remembered as a team that was one of, if not the best, for most of the season, and probably the best recent Ohio State squad. Only a legendary Florida Gators team stopped them from ultimate glory.

2. 1960-61 (27-1, 14-0, National runner-up). Going undefeated until the National title game is a brutal way to end. Still a great overall body of work, to sound like Jay Bilas.

1. 1959-60 (25-3, 13-1, National champions). The only national title in Buckeye basketball history should probably take the cake, I think.

So there’s a list. Let me know where I went wrong in the comments, and vote for our Morganette if you’ve got the time!

**Sullinger thumbnail courtesy of the AP.


  1. This list is incomplete without the mention of Lawrence Funderburke.

  2. buckeyes&jets says:

    Wish that Lebron would have played

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