Is anyone else but me and Joe Posnanski sick and damn tired of Mr. Excitement?

If you have watched a football game this year, then you are familiar with Mr. Excitement. He is one of four men who go to every Super Bowl. Thanks to Visa, and the NFL’s commitment to bend over for every last dollar it can get, we are reminded of their commitment during every damn football game, during pretty much every other commercial break.

Well here is a picture of Mr. Excitement, and I would just like to say that, despite Visa and the NFL’s best efforts, I think this guy is a miserable jackwagon.


I’ll expound of my annoyance with Mr. Excitement in a moment, but first I’ll let the much more eloquent Joe Posnanski do it for me. Here is a series of tweets Joe posted tonight during the Packers’ rout of Atlanta:

How would you like it if Mr. “I’ve missed weddings, I’ve missed births, but I’ve never missed a Super Bowl” was your Dad?

People asking if Mr. Every Super Bowl has two tickets. Are you seriously thinking this guy would bring you along?

A last thought on Mr. Every Super Bowl – guessing there’s a reason his friends, family schedule weddings on Super Bowl Sunday.

Sums it up pretty well, huh?

Here is the complete video of Larry Jacobson (that’s Mr. Excitement’s exciting name) explaining his unnecessary obsession:

I admit, when I first saw this commercial series I thought it was pretty cool. It’s neat seeing a group of friends stay close and take yearly outings like this. I hope that me and my college buddies never lose the ability to do this.

But it went from pretty cool to pretty pathetic when Mr. Excitement started unabashedly boasting about skipping weddings and births to attend the most over-promoted single event on Earth. I love the Super Bowl as much as the next guy, but I wouldn’t miss a wedding or a child being born to go to one. This miserable old codger seems proud to share the fact that he would with the world.

Whatever man. Enjoy your ironic nickname.

Anyway, while we’re on the subject of being annoyed with someone, I’ll just let a picture speak a thousand words.

joe-buck-sucksImage credit: Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage via


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  1. As I tweeted back to JoePos after the 1st tweet, throatpunch. Which applies to Mr Buck as well.

    In all honesty, if my dad was SO set on going to the damn SuperBowl, Great. I just won't schedule anything that weekend. If he insists on going, knowing my son/daughter is about to be born? Well, you've just lost grandad privileges for 5 years. It's nice that you like to share with your friends, but honestly, as a marketing idea, Visa just missed. Man's not exciting at all.


    • Agree. I think this the whole thing is pathetic now, especially as we "get to know them" more. Not sure Visa really thought this one through, especially with the volume of ads they play, which of course are going to get picked apart.

  2. Mr. Excitement he is not. That dude is more like Mr. Buzz Killington.


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