Most Super Bowl Wins and Team Super Bowl Records

I originally posted this before Super Bowl 43, the classic game that featured Santonio Holmes’ amazing catch in the back of the end zone of a laser thrown by Ben Roethlisberger.

The goal of the post then was simple and it hasn’t changed: track every team’s Super Bowl record and provide an easy table to see which team has the most Super Bowl wins.

most-super-bowl-wins-team-super-bowl-recordsAs you can see below, this post has now been viewed over 150,000 times, and during the playoffs it attracts thousands of visitors a day. And for entertainment, you can head on down to the comment section and read some pretty lively debating between Steelers and Cowboys fans. (Update: And let’s not leave out the 49ers fans. They’ve become pretty vocal down there too.)

Obviously I plan to keep this post updated as long as Midwest Sports Fans is up and running. As long as people are Googling to find out which team has the most Super Bowl wins and what each team’s Super Bowl record is, we’ll keep providing the answers.

Below is a table that lists the teams in order of most Super Bowl wins and then goes in reverse order of the losingest teams in Super Bowl history (basically so we can all point and laugh at Vikings and Bills fans).

Additionally, you can see the all-time team Super Bowl records for each organization that has participated in at least one.

Here are some additional posts about Super Bowl history you will find interesting:

Most Super Bowl Wins & All-Time Super Bowl Records

Team Super Bowl Wins Super Bowl Losses Super Bowl Record
Pittsburgh Steelers IX, X, XIII, XIV, XL, XLIII XXX, XLV 6-2
San Francisco 49ers XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV, XXIX XLVII 5-1
Dallas Cowboys VI, XII, XXVII, XXVIII, XXX V, X, XIII 5-3
Green Bay Packers I, II, XXXI, XLV XXXII 4-1
New York Giants XXI, XXV, XLII, XLVI XXXV 4-1
Oakland/LA Raiders XI, XV, XVIII II, XXXVII 3-2
Washington Redskins XVII, XXII, XXVI VII, XVIII 3-2
Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts V, XLI, XLVII III, XLIV 3-2
Miami Dolphins VII, VIII VI, XVII, XIX, 2-3
Baltimore Ravens XXXV, XLVII   2-0
New York Jets III   1-0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers XXXVII   1-0
New Orleans Saints XLIV   1-0
Chicago Bears XX XLI 1-1
Kansas City Chiefs IV I 1-1
St. Louis/LA Rams XXXIV XIV, XXXVI 1-2
Minnesota Vikings   IV, VIII, IX, XI 0-4
Buffalo Bills   XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII 0-4
Philadelphia Eagles   XV, XXXIX 0-2
Cincinnati Bengals   XVI, XXIII 0-2
Tennessee Titans   XXXIV 0-1
Seattle Seahawks   XL 0-1
San Diego Chargers   XXIX 0-1
Carolina Panthers   XXXVIII 0-1
Atlanta Falcons   XXXIII 0-1
Arizona Cardinals   XLIII 0-1

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  1. Much Needed Reality Check says:

    No doubt the city of Cleveland is ready to pop the corks when the Steelers become the first and only team in history to notch six Super Bowl titles. Let the good times roll!

  2. What a game Super Bowl XLIII was.. a hard fought game on both sides.. and the awesome Pittsburgh Steelers pulled out yet another late-game win! Just like youngest coach to win a Super Bowl, Mike Tomlin said, these guys play for 60 minutes! Great season guys.. tough schedule and you really came through for your fans around the world!

  3. Your listing for teams with a win breaks ties by ranking them by percentage of superbowl wins. For teams with no wins, you list by number of appearances. In this particular chart, number of appearances is a better tie breaker.

    Personally, I despise the cowboys, but in this case, their 8 appearances with 5 wins clearly ranks higher than the 49ers 5 wins, even though perfect in 5 appearances.

  4. Dallas Cowboys are better than Steelers. Steelers can suck my balls

    • @Rodrigo, thats the best you can come up with? i know one cowboy fan who lives in pittsburgh and hes one of the most imature people ive ever known, untill i read this now i think all cryboy fans are the same. grow up your still one of the best franchises but success is measured by rings, and we got one more than you which makes us that much better than you. if you want to be in our league you got to win one more. I would start by trying to win a playoff game first, then work on the second win. untill then i guess just keep talkin trash you cant back up. STEELERS ITS BEEN SAID BEFORE AMERICAS REAL TEAM!!!!

    • BiggestSteelersfan! says:


    • Muchos Gracias for your blog article.Much thanks again. Awesome.

  5. Born and raised in Pittsburgh and currently residing in Iraq(US Army). If there is one thing i've leared in all my different duty stations is that the Pittsburgh Steelers is by far "America's Real Team"!! We are everywhere!! I have found a Steeler bar in place I have been. I love when these childish Dallas fans come around! Just remember buddy that not only did we win the Super Bowl but we beat Dallas in the regular season as well!!

    • @Will, As a lifelong Redskins fan, I appreciate that we managed to get 3 out of 5. And I’ve watched a lot of great games. I’ll say this… if I have to sit down in a place and pick what other team’s fans I have to be with… I’ll take Steelers fans every time. Out at the beaches here, I have to put up with Eagles fans, Ravens fans, and the occasional biggest jerks of all, the Cowboys fans (most of whom don’t know crap about the team or place they are rooting for).

      The Steelers fans are just a better class of people. And there seems to be a low level mutual understanding between us.

    • Dallas fan says:

      just a reminder that the Dallas cowboys has always been america's team and has gone to the superbowl eight times with five of them wins. But, I do see Pitttsburg becoming the second amercia's team. Check the records.

    • steelers suck asshole. die in a fire

  6. Dallas fan says:

    That' why we are able to build a new building because of the amercia's team (comboys)is supported by people nation wide.

  7. I have been a Steeler fan since they played in old Pit Stadiun in the 60's. I went to the opening game at Three Rivers. And as a child my grandfather drank beer with Art Rooney Sr. at the Northside Elks on Cedar Ave. I still remember my Dad and Grandfather talking to Art Sr. after a bad day at Piit Stadium. Now at 60 years old I still admire the way the town loves that team. I have traveled all over they world and it is not a stretch to say we are AMERICAS TEAM. I lived in Fort Worth, TX in the early 70's when Roger the Dodger played, but guess who kicked the Cowboys butt in not one but 2 superbowls, rights the Steelers. Now I live in Florida and Steeler bars are everywhere, old farts like me still hit the bars on game day. Zub.

  8. Matthew Morlan says:

    First off,a shout to all my fellow STEELER NATION people,we know who we are and where we stand!Now,it should be obvious for everyone,numbers dont lie,I ll break it down for all of you incredibly intelligent people!First,Steelers are at the #1 spot on the list-only team to have six Superbowl victories!Only team 6 wins!Second,yes,the Cryboys have been to the Bigshow 8 times,5 victories!Lets see,8 times 5 wins,Cryboys–7 times 6 wins Steelers(do I need to say it?)Go do the math Einsteins!Last,but no way least,the Steelers are the only NFL team IN HISTORY to do it BACK TO BACK,not ONCE,but TWICE!Things that make you go hmmmmmmm!Im just saying!NO SOUP FOR YOU! NEXT!

  9. Ok this is for you because you stupid. Can you really do the numbers the math , it would seem obvious that someone who would go to the super bowl 5 times i repeat 5 times, cause like i said you stupid and no losses i repeat no losses, statistically speaking would have a better record than someone who is six and one. Now if you think in your feable mind that you could call it a tie know this for an assurity, to break the tie you would go and look at the playoff games next, and we all know that for 16 years straight the 49ers were there in the playoffs. Like i said this is for you because YOUSTUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thats why your team doesnt have any wins this year. They have to win before they can go to even the playoffs. The Steelers didnt even need their starting quaterback to win games, thats how awesome we are.

    • dumb ass it wasnt the same team who won 5 superbowls unlike the steelers who did it with the same team 4 times !!!! ur 5th win was with steve young an a different team asswipe read ur history tyvm

  10. steeler fan99 says:

    what is up with you cowboy fans, you go around screaming like maniacs saying you are the best team ever and when anyone questions you with actual stats, you act like imature 12 year-olds and say some stupid piece smack talk you cant back up! Give it up, becides the 60s, the steelers have always been the best team, sure we had our off years but altogether, no other team can add up to our leggacy. The steelers have 6 superbowl wins, amazing hall of fame classes, and the best fans in america. The steelers are americas team!

    • you spelled legacy wrong. youre dumb

    • coboys are called americas team stupid cuz are country thinks that america is madde up up of siimpleminded rednecks and that is what the cowboys are so ya…

    • I wanna be a cowboy says:

      The steelers suck! Cowboys have gone to the superbowl more times than the steelers. And they have way more class. That's why they are called america's team. Remember last time they both played each other in the superbowl, who won??

      • wont ever happen again… If they played today the Steelers would kick there behinds

      • I am not sure class has anything to do with it. The Steelers are America's team because themajority of the fans are made up of blue collar workers. And that particular class of people are the majority of what America is all about. I'm not sure I do remember the last time the Cowboys were in a SB. Been how many years???? I live in Dallas and can tell you unless the Cowboys are winning it's hard to find a Cowboys fan. However, I followed the Steelers all the years they were in a slump and will always be faithful to the team.

    • the cowboys are americas team

    • "Immature" has 2 of the letter "m"; Legacy only has one "g". I'll let you slide on the punctuation and grammatical errors–after all, no one's perfect. Take your pill.

  11. u ppl r retarded arguing like this ovr football teams nd any way the steelers ssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! giants r best at heart nd play so pce out homies

  12. you spelled lose wrong. youre dumb

  13. Steelersixpack says:

    Steelers Rule. I'll make it simple for the non Steeler fans. Wins count. Losses don't. Idiots!!!

    • RICHIE RICH says:


    • BiggestSteelersfan! says:


    • the steelers are not that bad but they need to get players who stay out of trouble like big ben, santonio holmes,ohh nd u cant forget terry brashaw he loved steroids.. go giants

    • caredinalscare says:

      Dumb ass both count which is why the 49ers have the best record, but I do have to give it to the steelers for the most wins, it's impressive.

    • caredinalscare says:

      Dumb ass both count which is why the 49ers have the best record, but I do have to give it to the steelers for the most wins, it's impressive.

    • SchooledYou says:

      So if they had 6 wins and 1,000 losses compared to a team with 5 wins and 0 losses you'd still consider them better seeing as losses don't count? FAIL!

  14. RICHIE RICH says:


  15. BENGALS ROCK DOG says:

    I DO NOT!!!!!! CARE WHAT YOU PEOPLE SAY ,BUT!!!!! ALL I KNOW IS EAGLES AND BENGALS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THAT IS A FACT YOU JUST RIGHT OPINIONS

    PS STEELERS CAN`T BEAT THE BENGALS BENGALS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND FOR THE COW GIRL FANS LOOK RIGHT BE HIND YOU BOOOOOO!!!!! GOT YOU

  16. Daniel Fiocco says:


  17. ochocinco says:

    ocho cinco is the best i can play football dallas and steelers i do not think soooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jets are going down in the ground so haaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!! no football player or fan can beat my at football

    this is for you people sssssoooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. well wat ever you are mad b/c steelers got mor super bowl wins

    • BiggestSteelersfan! says:

      Dude i go with u, Steelers are the best has ever ever ever been sooooooooooooo who ever is against that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hey
      wats up

  19. patriots!

    • BiggestSteelersfan! says:


      • steelers#43 says:

        yaaa goo steelers 6time win hell ya i cant stand the patriots there a bunch of cry baby's they cry if they dont get there way in the game and i think the jets should of won but my team will show them who the real American teem is and that is the steelers who who

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  20. BiggestSteelersfan! says:


  21. SKB_Loving_DALLAS says:

    Yes, they may have only won FIVE superbowls…however they have been in the big game 8 times! Proving they have what it takes to get there…unfortunately they were not able to get those three wins! Heart counts! Winning your conference has to count for something, even if you don't get the year's ultimate prize…yeah, you haters will say something smart about losing…but being there makes the record books too! America's team has been there more then any other team! Got to tip your hat to Pittsburgh though! They made it count when they got there a majority of their 7 times. Still won't make me stop being the Cowboy's biggest fan! How 'bout dem Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!

  22. SKB _loving_Dallas says:

    Yes, they may have only won FIVE superbowls…however they have been in the big game 8 times! Proving they have what it takes to get there…unfortunately they were not able to get those three wins! Heart counts! Winning your conference has to count for something, even if you don't get the year's ultimate prize…yeah, you haters will say something smart about losing…but being there makes the record books too! America's team has been there more then any other team! Got to tip your hat to Pittsburgh though! They made it count when they got there a majority of their 7 times. Still won't make me stop being the Cowboy's biggest fan! How 'bout dem Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!

  23. steelers suck says:

    except there;s too many people that dislike the steelers.


  25. ELiiTExG3TSOME says:

    ELiiTExG3TSOME on my xbox 360 search me up ill kill u in call of duty modern warfare 2

  26. NINERS !

    • Yes I am also a DIEHARD 49ers fan and have been since the '70s. BTW, the Niners are the only UNDEFEATED NFL champ with five or more SBs in their pocket, trumping Dallas' 5 wins but also 3 losses. Even Pityburg's 6 wins has a loss attached. Only the 49ers have NO LOSSES with their five wins.

  27. amy yusko says:

    go steelers

  28. midknight says:

    You forgot the Broncos lost records. They’ve lost 4 superbowls. XII XXI XXII XXIV.

  29. midknight says:

    never mind. You’ve got it.

  30. steel country says:

    even if the cowgirls won another super bowl they would still be second to the steelers. with their 3 loses. so for now your just number 3. just shows money cant buy the best. maby the cowboys can but a trophy. bunch of has beens

  31. saints fan 1 says:

    saints won ha ha colts

  32. go pack go

  33. yal can’t shutup about football soccer is the big thing know

  34. Steelers says:

    The Pittssburgh Steelers are the best team in FOOTBALL

  35. STEELERS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. MuthaFUCKShittsburg says:

    not hard to get the most wins when you cheat and the refs make horrible calls resulting in 14-21 more points than you should actually have over the other team….i.e. superbowl XL

    • SteelBrian says:

      Still waiting for someone to show me these horrible calls. Ben scored and there was holding on the other play everyone refers too.

      Jealously is an ugly thing and makes you look like a F%^& moron.

      • When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Many thanks!|


  38. mo money malik says:

    cleveland is so sorry than i thot


    • wtf the steelers is wack

    • Andrew OF Colby says:

      dude go fuck yourself you stupid piece of shit

    • Christopher says:

      dude you are so right Pittsburgh Steelers are the best team ever and the baltimore ravens suck sooooooooo much to raiders are awesome to. STEELERS ROCK!!!!!!!!!PATRIOTS SUCK SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!SO DO THE BENGALS!!!!!!!!!!

      • haha all yall funny but yea the steelers won them all. the cowgirls been to more than any other team but they didnt win em all. steelers are awesome but not the best. colts are the best. we only won 2 but o well. the past 2-3 years we been a beast. we almost went 12-0 last season but our coach didnt want manning hurt so he put in 2nd string and we went to super bowl and lost to the gay saints. but steelers are good

        • Steelers best and number one fan says:

          Dallas has NOT beem to the most can you read or do math Dallass and yes I ment to put ass and the Steelers are tied in going to the most.

    • the cowboys have 6 sb wins the game against the colts was reversed beacause the cowboy didnt touch the so HA

      • Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something informative to read?|

  40. Most NFL championships: GREEN BAY PACKERS with 12!! The record that really matters

    • Gil Mambo says:

      You a big a fool as the dummy who claims Green Bay won 12 Super Bowls.! I don't know what planet you guy's are from but Green Bay has won 3 Super Bowls. (period.!!) Any NFL Championships they may have won aside of this were done before Super Bowl I and before the NFL merged with the AFL in 1970.. Btw -Fyi, the correct number of Green Bay Championships wins prior to Super Bowl I is 11 -1929, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1939, 1944, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967. On January 15, 1967 the first interleague championship game ( Super Bowl I ) was played between The Green Bay Packers + The Kansas City Chiefs.. Green Bay (an NFL team) won that one, as well as the next one Super bowl II. The next two Super Bowls III+IV were won by (AFL teams) The Jets and Chiefs. In 1970 10 AFL + 16 NFL merged under the NFL banner and PRO Football continued to grow into the great American game it is today complete with 32 hard-ass butt-kicking teams..!

    • Dennis from chicago. says:

      It wont this season,Chicago what matters now.
      Its time we did something.

    • DarQuita Lynch says:

      clearly this guy believes his nfl madden game he plays. i think thats where he got his information poor thing

  41. Holly wood says:

    All about the Dallas Cowboys The stellers are a shitty ass lucky team look at Rothlesburger hes so fat he cant turn his head anymore to find his recievers

  42. DALLAS FAN says:

    Because, anywhere you go, there are Cowboys fans everywhere and there are only steelers fans in Pittsburg, so im going to tell you like i tell everyone else STOP HATIN ON THE COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That statement is actually 100% false. The Steelers are known to be the most well-liked team (especially from people of different regions) than any other team in the NFL. I studied abroad in Rome, Italy, and there was a Steelers bar over there, in the middle of ITALY. There are Steelers bars in other countries as well. I'm from Pittsburgh but just recently moved down to Myrtle Beach and MB has their own "Steelers fan club". Not to mention that 8 out of every 10 bars is considered a "Steelers" bar, and are filled with Pittsburgh-loving fans sporting Steelers jerseys EVERY WEEK…..Get your facts straight and do some research before you run your mouth about NFL's greatest football franchise……Who even likes the Cowboys anymore?

  43. cowboys

  44. kc rocks the bronco suck nut and raders like ass

  45. GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. green bay packers won the most superbowls they won 12

    • steelthebest says:

      what are you smoking?

    • Gil Mambo says:

      Damn you;'re stupid. The first Super Bowl was played in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California on January 15, 1967 by Green Bay Packers Vs Kansas City Chiefs. Prior to that there were TWO leagues – The AFC & The NFL and both held their own seperate championships, It was not until 1966 when the two individual leagues agreed to allow their best teams to face-off in the first interleague championship to determine the world champions of Football known as " THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP GAME", and later referred to as "THE SUPER BOWL..! " The name was coined by the co-founder of the AFL and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs -Lamar Hunt, who got the idea for the name when he saw his daugther playing with a bouncy toy called "Super Ball". How in hell did you deduce that Green Bay won 12 Super Bowls.? CONTINUED

    • Gil Mambo says:

      PART 2.. There have been 44 Super Bowls played since that day in 67 when both leagues came together to play the FIRST SUPER BOWL-EVER..!! ( the 45th scheduled to be played on Feb, 2011.) Since, Green Bay has won 3 out of 4 championships placing them in 4th as the team with most Super Bowl wins. The champions in 1st. place are the Pittsburg Steelers with 6 out of 7 Super Bowl titles and they are in contention for another this year. It's been 13 yrs. since Green Bay last play for a title and the way they are playing it'll be another 13 yrs. before they content for another title..!!!There have been 44 Super Bowls played since that day in 67 when both leagues came together to play the FIRST SUPER BOWL-EVER..!! ( the 45th scheduled to be played on Feb, 2011.) Since, Green Bay has won 3 out of 4 championships placing them in 4th as the team with most Super Bowl wins. The champions in 1st. place are the Pittsburg Steelers with 6 out of 7 Super Bowl titles and they are in contention for another this year. It's been 13 yrs. since Green Bay last play for a title and the way they are playing it'll be another 13 yrs. before they content for another title..!!!

    • hey man im a green bay packers fan i wish they won tht many but they didnt win 12 the only won 3

    • ?????? What planet are you from?

    • ? they havent won 12 super bowls,not even close.but hey, at least your gramps bret favre holds the record for most interceptions right?

    • there weren't calling them superbowls back then. green bay has only 3, sorry.

    • kingsuckmycock says:

      greenbay has only won 3 dumb ass and theyve losed 1

    • Steeler till DEATH says:

      You must be smokin the same shit as those Crybaby raiders fans

    • bigplayswin says:

      YOU NITWIT. You are going back when there weren't as many teams. No AFC to NFC…

  47. patriots are better than any team out there now they are just dominant 4 super bowls in the last ten years

  48. Steeler NATION says:

    Wow, people are incredibly stupid… 6 rings clearly show the Steelers are the greatest superbowl team of all time, not only that… but the only team to win back to back superbowls TWICE…. 4 superbowls in 5 years? no other team can say that EVER and no team will EVER be able to repeat that

    • The argument is relative. the 2000 era steelers VS all other 2000 Era teams? Steelers do not own that title.
      Statisticly speaking the Pats do. The steelers own some good records though, back to back SB's , the most SB's etc.
      But then there are teams like the niners who only have 5 SB's to the steelers 6, however the steelers are an older team and have had more years to try and get there. The niners are the only team to have one more than one SB and not lost any
      with a 5-0 record.
      Dallas has been there more times than anyone which means they have been a better team more times than the Steelers. Like I said it is all relative. If you want to get in a pissing contest about most superbowls ,remember that they (Steelers) have been around longer than some of these other great teams. So 6 rings does NOT clearly show who is the best when they clearly have had more time to complete that than some other teams that they are competeing with for that contest.

    • RAIDER NATION!!!! says:


  49. Steelers are heck awsome


  51. Steeler fan 101 says:

    Steelers are the best team right now and you cant say annything bout it… 6 superbowls… Big Ben BEATING ravins with a BROKEN NOSE AND TORN HEEL… Troy Polumalu and the Steel Curtain have been the best overall D since 2000!!!!!!! so HA

    • man u only tell the truth

      • I’m curious to find out what blog system you have been using? I’m having some small security issues with my latest blog and I’d like to find something more risk-free. Do you have any suggestions?|

    • Nolan Campbell says:

      I've been a fan of the Steelers since 6th grade and the now Steeler defense is good but it don't hold a candle to the "orginial" Steel Curtain. Sorry dude. The best player ever for the Steelers is, in my mind, Rocky Bilier( I think I spelles it rught). He came back from 'Nam and was told he would never walk again but he helped the Steelers to their first 4 Super Bowls.

      • Kudo's to you dude! Rocky Blyer was the most under rated player on the 70's Steelers. This is because he was a blocking back and helped make all those holes for Franco Harris.

    • DarQuita Lynch says:

      RIGHT ON!!

    • AWWW YEAA! there going to win today as well and going to the superbowl again! so what.. that makes 8 superbowls theyve been in. awww yeah.. steelers yeahh

    • pitt just rules not many teams win a super bowl and a world series in the same year…

    • "Big Ben" : superbowl champion but below average as a person so far. Everyone is far from perfect but I still have a hard time pulling for guys like him & Kobe. Go Packers!

  52. the chargers are the best

  53. philip rivers is better than big old fat huge ben rothlesBOOGER he is a booger in side a nose, fatty.


    • That doesn't even make sense,

    • Not a loser packer says:

      Grow up

    • booger. fatty. how do 6 year olds get access to the internet? someones pissy cuz the chargers have NEVER won the super bowl, and have only ONE appearence that they LOST. while we got 7 goin on 8 appearences and 6 goin on 7 wins. jealous that bens won us the super 2 times, bout to be 3 times. jealous that hes won more super bowls than all the chargers. go masturbate to pokemon you little fagget

    • steelersforever 43 says:

      WHat are you like 2???

  54. John Wayne says:

    just answer the question… Who has the most Super Bowl appearances? Who has the most fans world wide? Who has the best stadium? Plus the colors look nice together.. Nuff Said!

  55. cowboys rule and always will at least they have made it to the super bowl 8 times

    • They may have made it to the Super Bowl 8 times but, how may time have they won it, and this something to boast about?

      • they have won 5 super bowls and lost 3, the only team that can beat that is the steelers who have won 6 and lost 1 super bowl. they both rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • murdoc6798 says:

      and they lost 3 lol

    • bigplayswi says:

      Well T.T., it would appear that Steelers are going to their 8 bowl appearence. They have more wins than any other team. They have a 2 to 1 record in the bowl against Cowgirls. They are the first #6 seed layoteam to go and win the Super Bowl, They have set quite a few records in those appearences, especially – longest run for TD from line of scrimage, longest int/TD… THe list goes on and on…

    • now steelers have made it 8 times too. So therefore they are the best.

    • If the Cowboys rule, why are they not in the Super Bowl and with more Super Bowl wins than the STEELERS????

    • So what happened this year? Go blow a big one packers all they way!!!! ;) haha

    • And LOST THREE….

    • Indianapolis Colts says:

      yeah but the steelers have the most super bowl wins and are tied for the most appearances the cowboys lost 3 of their 8 the 49ers have one every superbowl they have been to

    • News flash!!!! So did the Steelers, now!!! The only difference is the Steelers actually win when they show up!!!!

  56. Stephen Weeks, I says:

    BIG D A DOUBLE L A S!!!!!!! 8 times and fuck Bradshaw and the fuckin Steel eeeers……………….

  57. fuck everyone steelers are the fucking best motherfucking team out ther bitches!!!

  58. RAIDER NATION!!!!! says:


  59. RAIDER NATION!!! says:


  60. RAIDER NATION!!! says:

    Reply!!! I DARE U BITCHES!!!

    • Raiders SUCK DICK…. and so do their "hardcore" fans

    • Who are the Raiders?

      • DarQuita Lynch says:

        it's a team that most all of your wanna be gangsta thugs lay claim to fanship, basically a bunch of losers just like the fans.

    • Steeler’s fans are the only ones that are nationwide and will not ever be forgotten because of their 6 Super Bowl wins. They are easily seen, proudly wearing their Black and Gold in the Raiders home stadium stands because of lack of attendance of the Raider fans!


      There is another nation and it is whodat nation. It is comprised of the most loyal fans in the nfl and the most interwoven fans with their team in the nfl. That is why the NFL recognizes why last year's super bowl was so impactful on the entire nfl. If you don't believe me – go down to New Orleans and you won't have to ask a question and you will come back to Oakland and know what the hell I am talking about. GEAUX SAINTS!

    • NOT A SAINT says:


    • Steeler till DEATH says:

      THE ONLY THING THAT SOUNDS GAY HERE IS THAT YOU A RAIDERS FAN! LOSER even gay guys are offended that they are in the same category as you!

    • TRUE STEELER FAN says:


    • All I NEED to say is 1984….

    • DALLASFAN says:

      I guess the same goes for your owner too. He lives a Raider's life style, Mediocre team, mediocre stadium, mediocre players, mediocre coach, and definitely mediocre FANS! Oakland/LA RaidersXI, XV, XVIIIII, XXXVII3-2 (3 WINS Really) I guess since John Madden left the Raiders have been slowly dying off. I bet you Al Davis will be buried face down on the field telling all his fans you can kiss my a**.

    • pyson michael says:

      raiders are WACK !!! look an see how many teams have been to the S bowl
      wins and losses and then u should realize your team has a long way to go
      u can call yourself what u like ….. the TEAM is not showing up

    • GO PACK GO!!!! says:

      What Raider fans? I have lived in southern CA for 6 years and maybe saw one fan (decal on a car during game day in SD)!!! Where are their fans hiding out?
      Take the Packers for instance. When you have lived in several states in the US (being military) and the GB Packers are not at their best you will still see their jerseys being worn on Sundays, you know you have true fans. GO PACK GO!!!

    • DaemonWulf says:

      hey, I thought it was the Steelers and the Packers in the Super Bowl. Bitch.

    • OldOddEnds says:

      Raider Nation, you must be a really intelligent man. I mean, with all your superior knowledge, excellent grammar, impeccable spelling and high class use of the English language it is just obvious! Your advanced education just comes beaming through!

    • Shut the fuck up raider QUEER

    • "Raider till you die"… then die, you fat ass waste of space and make a world a better place. Simple as that!

    • Slow down Pee Wee. The only reason you're a Raider fan is you can't afford to move to a real city with a real football team. Take your pill, and grow a pair.

    • Eat shit dickweed! (Had to come down to his level so eh would understand)

    • david mcginnis says:

      get a grip.cowboys suck. like your owner and the place you play.

    • u mean fagot nathion RAIDERS SUCK as do you

    • what a dink

    • A way of life consistantly at or below 500? ROFL

    • Your only prob here is your language. Do you not realize this is what makes it look so bad for you.

  61. yah buddy says:

    Steelers aren't that great…. they're basically tied with the 49ers with their loss

  62. well I learned some interesting facts today. . .football fanatics scare me. Don't get me wrong I love football and raiders is my team but wow soo much trash talkin. =/

  63. wow most of you people on here must be 25 and over, yet can't spell for shit!!! And you all hve very bad grammar. How about turnin off that game for a little bit, sit there and think how you even managed to graduate high school with the smarts of a 3rd grader. Or maybe you just got a G.E.D. :) point is most of you shouldn't even be trash talkin when you can't even use the right words at the right time, let alone spell them. Even more sad that some of you probably have good jobs and we trust you to do them not knowting you don't know the difference between their they're your you're etc.

    • Michael Shaver says:

      Dear English Professor,

      Please tell me you are joking. You are complaining about other people's grammar and spelling? Maybe you should read your post again.

    • The corrections are as followed, just from his very first sentance:____wow most of you people on here must be 25 and over, yet can't spell for shit!!! And you all hve very bad grammar.__Lower case! Coma!_____ Space! Spelling!____Someone must have drank their way through school! ____You shall be the dumbest ass out there!

      • DeusExMachina says:

        Comma: 2 "M"s.
        Space: there is no missing space.
        Spelling: it's a typo, there's a difference.
        Must have drank: really? That didn't stand out to you like sore thumb?!? Must have drunk.
        Shall be: Um, no.

        Seems there is enough bad English to go around.

    • duh!! your lame!! and you need to learn how to spell!!

    • Steeler till DEATH says:

      Maybe you should go back and read the crap you wrote before you go putting someone down for their grammer, also we'll be happy to wait for you to get off the short bus and teach you how to spell LOSER

    • *Turning
      grader, or
      Duh you are a bright one!! Cast the 1st stone if you know what you are talking about. If not STFU!!

    • FaFa Foe Hi says:

      YOUR post displays many grammatical errors as well, and YOU'RE coming off as an ignorant shithead. Maybe you can enlighten me as to what 'hve' means. I've never heard that word before. Shalom, biyatch!!!

    • FaFa Foe Hi says:

      "What do you mean you people?" -Tropic Thunder

    • FaFa Foe Hi says:

      Wow! Most of you posting messages on this forum are probably over the age of twenty-five. However, your spelling is quite rudimentary. Also, it contains many grammatical errors. Perhaps you might want to turn off the football game you're watching, and contemplate your learning abilities. It's difficult for me to understand how you graduated high school! The point I'm attempting to convey is that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. What is even more upsetting is that some of you may be in positions of authority. I'm wondering how many of you can reach these levels without knowing the grammatical differences between the words 'their', 'there', and 'they're'.

      See the difference, Douchebag? If you want to rip into someone, think before you type. Man, I'm bored at work!

    • Glass houses says:


      It should read like this…
      Wow, most of you people on her must be 25 or older; yet you cannot spell for shit! An you all have poor grammar. How about turning off that game for a little bit and then sit there thinking about how you ever managed to graduate high school (with the intelligence of a third grader); Or maybe you just have a G.E.D. The point is most of you should not be "trash talking" when you cannot use the correct words at the appropriate times (let alone spell them). It is even sadder that some of you probably have good jobs, and we trust you to do these, without knowing the difference between "their" and "they're" or "your" and "you're".

      2 capitalization errors, 7 punctuation errors, 2 run-on sentences, 2 awkward sentences, 12 misused or omitted words, 4 contractions, 4 spelling errors

    • You mention that most people can't spell. You're right! You are a perfect example. You made seven mistakes!!!!

  64. DarQuita Lynch says:

    first of all the steelers have always had haters. it does'nt matter tho cuz we still have the most superbowl wins and appearances. hate all you want. and the R-TARD that thinks the steelers are lucky, please it's called SKILL stupid…

    • lol check again scrub.cowboys have most appearances.and you call yourself a fan?fairtweather fan just like the rest of "terrible cum towel nation" hahaha

    • AMEN!!! everyone has to claim that they cheat.. well they cant cheat all season long.. we were without Ben for the first 4 games and still did great!!!

  65. pensacolasteelers says:

    super bowls… not including championships from the 40's & 50's green bay. your team is 3-1.

    • ParisSailin says:

      Uh, Pittsburgh was in the NFL since 1933 and didn't win anything until the 70s. That's why you don't count anything from before – because you have nothing. If you had won anything, I'm betting you wouldn't be too polite to mention it.

      And you have nothing this year, as well, and the greatest all-time NFL team, the Green Bay Packers, with 12 Championships to your 6, will show you how little you have. Our defense shut out the Jets at their place this year.

  66. The Steelers are on the top of the list for a reason. If YINZ don't realize that. You are an idiot. Plus after today the steeler nation is one step closer to climbing that stairway to seven.

  67. i don't know why they are going on winning percentage. a 5-3 team like dallas should be ranked higher than a 5-0 team like sf. they've been 3 more times and have just as many wins. it's kind of stupid.

  68. For anyone who is not from Pittsburgh let me tell you, the Steelers are a representation of the spirit that lives inside of Pittsburgers. We are a proud group of people who also understand where our strength comes from. It comes from "The Living God", and it comes through His Son "The Lord Jesus Christ". So don't hate,…….let Jesus propitiate that means let His death pay for any and all of your imperfections and enjoy an amazing relationship with our righteous and loving Creator. Now! back to football, this year with God's grace we expect to be climbing the "Stairway to Seven" seven SUPER BOWL RINGS that is!!! GO STEELERS! and THANK YOU JESUS!

  69. who the fuck is saying the packers have won 12 super bowls? stupid idk where you got that from. steelers have alot of haters because every other minute a new random bandwagon steelers fan pops up.i realize they are a great franchise and i have respect obviously, but i just hate fairweather fans.every since steelers took most super bowl victories everyones hopped on the bandwagon.real wack. as for the jets fuck fatass rex ryan fuck shitty mark sanchez hes just lucky he has an awesome defense.he has a great receiving core as well as a badass running game for support, and he still sucks.i wont even start with derel revis calling moss a slouch and then getting BURNED next week by him courtesy of a one handed td snag hahah! fuck revis.anyways fuck the raiders hahah all raiders fans are pathetic nobody cares that u guys think ur badass.its football, not gangland haha.ur teams wack and denver is gonna shit all over the west next season with golden boy tebow ;)


    In world war 1+2 Ourcountryneededallthe steel that pittsburgdeveloped so that america would win both warsand they did but at aprice alot of pittsburg workerslost livesasand examplemanygot black lung they were aware of it but they still did it to me thatsounds likea team to come from and be americas teamalsoa team member was a walk o0n and asked artt rooney if he could try outfor the team and he gave him a shot. and made itameri can war herowithsharp metal embedded allover his backdoctors said he could not walk againbut he did and bothfranco and blierran for 1000 yds each..the steelers beat dallas there firsttwo times all minallthey have six wins out of seven trips.NFL COMMISHNER DO THE RIGT THING TAKE A V OTE OR LET ALLTHE COMMENTATORS VOTE BETTER YET LET THE FANS VOTE. I MYSELF CANT SEE DALLAS AS THE TEAM ESPICALLY AFTER ONE OF OUR GREATEST PRESIDENTWASKILLED THERE

  71. come on jets come get knocked out . steelers rule

  72. 49ers is the best!!! Never lost in superbowl

    • Steeler till DEATH says:

      WRONG if they were the best they would have Six rings

    • Neither have the Ravens, Bucs, Jets or Saints….. So what's ur point ?

    • Pittsburgh was, of course, proud to lend you Joe Montana to make it possible. One of the best five qb's of all time. Montana, Namath, Unitas, Marino, Elway. Name the the best five from your town?

    • and the 49ers will keep being 5-0 as long as they keep losing. you have to make it to the super bowl if there's gonna be a chance of losing it

  73. Oralization says:

    Five for Five is the best winning percentage of ANY Super Bowl team. SF 49ers the best team of the 80's AND 90's!

  74. Here we go Steelers here we go. Pittsburghs goin to the superbowl. here we go. People are jealous obviosly . cause they know we ve got our seventh ring after that peewwee Nfc championship game. It was pathetic, and thats the best the NFC had to offer. Sorry Packers but noone better to teach ya then the steelers. Might as well learn from the best. Well at least ya got rid of that piece of crap Brett Farve, dont need steelers hurtin his old ass.

  75. 7-2 if they lose this game at packers. think about that.

  76. Blitzburgh says:

    I'd like to point out that most of GB's 12 "championships" came in a league with no more than 16 teams. If you Packers fans want to claim prettiest girl at the fat girl prom, go for it.

    • ParisSailin says:

      I'd like to point out that Pittsburgh was in the NFL since 1933, and the Packers have won 9 NFL Championships since then. I didn't see that any of them came against Pittsburgh, since they sucked until they finally won something.

      I'm sure if you had managed to win something in your first 40 years of football life, you would not be too polite to mention it for what it was, an NFL Championship. There's a reason that the Super Bowl trophy is the Lombardi Trophy, not the Rooney Trophy or something. When you figure out why that is, you'll be a real football fan, not a "come lately."

    • Steeler till DEATH says:

      Prettiest Fat girl that is

    • I like fat girls. They do more stuff :)

    • D Campbell says:

      Mr Blitzburg. Since you point out that there there were only sixteens teams, wasn't pittsburg one of them. If it was so easy then, why did they win any championships prior to 1970 when they were move to the AFC with the merger. If games and history don't count prior to 1970, then I guess the NFL can not claim their 100th year until 2070.

  77. poop

  78. Someone explain to the Steelers the game consists of four quarters. They won't be able to nap against the Packers.

    • Packer splatterer says:

      Just because we dont need four quarters doesn't mean we don't know there are four.

      • I cherished up to you’ll receive performed right here. The cartoon is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish. nonetheless, you command get got an edginess over that you wish be handing over the following. ill no doubt come more formerly again since exactly the similar just about very frequently inside of case you shield this hike.

  79. Green Bay is pretty good. I think they will win the Super Bowl and set a record again. They are the only team that got a wild card and won the championship for the league. Now they are going to the Super Bowl and giving it all they got. I don't know why you fans have to hate on Favre. He was the best qb in history and when he was playing for GB he set all the records. It wasn't til after he left he lost it, so buzz off. At least Packer fans don't talk crap about other teams. We just care about our team and players.

    • Steeler till DEATH says:

      Maybe you should read the rest of these posts

    • The Steelers won a Super Bowl as a 6th seeded wild card. SO they beat the Packers to that record!!

    • bigplayswin says:

      Hey andi – Hate to burst your bubble the the STEELERS were the FIRST team n NFL history to enter playoffs as a #6 seed and go all the way to WIN THE SUPR BOWL.

    • TRUE STEELER FAN says:

      acctually dude steelers did that at the last superbowl they went to you know being a wildcard and winning so sorry

    • Dude your a fucking idiot that's all packer fans do is rip on other teams. I live in Wisconsin and that's why I hate the packers because their fans are so ignorant and know nothing about football, they just like the packers because they happen to be from Wisconsin

    • The Steelers were a 6th seed and won the Super Bowl in Detroit.

  80. raiders rule says:

    lets be honest everyone underestamates the raiders but they are a good team no dout they have a superbowl record of 3-2 the sixth best so all you cock lickers out there just because they didnt make playoffs they are still a good team

    • Steeler till DEATH says:

      Thats why they are WATCHING the playoffs. Why are you even trying to pretend your team blows just like your old lady

  81. Kind of interesting how lopsided it is. 3 teams account for more than a third of ALL SB wins (Steelers, 9'ers, Cryboys). 4 teams have never been there, and 2 of those go way back before there were SBs (Browns and Lions). 14 teams, nearly 1/2 of the league, has never won one.
    It's nice to have 6. But it's even sweeter not to be "America's Team", "Title-town" or some other marketing gimmick.. Just the team from Pittsburgh. Go Steelers!

    • No marketing gimmick? Then what's with the "terrible towel"?? What could be so terrible about a towel? If it weren't for towels, we'd have way too many 9er fans with jizz residue on their chins… just sayin'.

  82. Steeler till DEATH! says:

    The best team in the NFL has SIX, not five ,not four, not even the lame three super bowl wins that the Raider cry babies have. The facts are undisputable! Pittsburgh has won more Super Bowl titles (six), won more AFC Championship Games (eight) and played in (fifteen) and hosted more (eleven) conference championship games than any other AFC or NFC team! No matter how you twist the facts Steelers are THE BEST NFL TEAM that has ever been until another team wins Seven super bowls, until that time (which is at least a year away) you Raiders fans and all the rest of you CRYBABIES can eat our SHIT!

    • well my parents told me to never count your chickens until they are hatched…yet im from the cleveland area and all my friends hate me this time of year, i feel bad the browns do nothing for them but my parents are from pa so i was born and raised a steeler fan.. i tell them its not my fault that i like a team that has a great organization and gets the job done. win or lose i still will love my steelers :) im hoping they will eventually will work to get the one for the LAST THUMB.

    • Green Bay has 12 World titles. Lombardi has spoken. By the way 28-17 Packers over the Steelers in ten days.


  83. u guys are pothetic the GREEN BAY PACKERS r gonna win the super bowl DUHHHHH

  84. FarmerBob says:

    Fuck the steelers every 1 knows that the Packers will win all they need to do is keep the steelers Mediocre Defence at bay that will be Sooooooooooooooooooooooo hard (Lmao)

  85. Steelers are the best and everyone knows it look at the charts you will see got the best D in the NFL the packers got nothing but a wanna be hair enthusiest obvi my boy troy wins that battle

  86. steeler nation all the way bring home 7 men

  87. I have been a Steeler fan since I was 5 years old. I am so proud to be from Southwestern Pennsylvinia and always will be. All of you haters need to get a grip. It doesn't matter which team wins or looses, its how you play the game. If you love the game of football and are a fan of another team, don't bash us. You should just keep on cheering for your team. Even when the Steelers were horrible, I mean horrible– pretty much all of the 1980's, I was still a huge fan, the same as I am today. As far as I am concerned, I believe that both teams are great. I am honored to be playing against the Green Bay Packers. Their heritage in Green Bay is pretty much the same as Pittsburgh's. Lots of hardworking, middle class people, who LOVE the game and their team. Go Steelers!

  88. I'm not a Steelers or a packers fan but the packers are going to win. (Just saying)

  89. PEYTON MANNING BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. bigbadmofoinwayneco says:

    no bud im pretty sure the browns have the most faithful fans…think about it they do nothing but lose yet theres still fans…

  91. Steelers. It will happen. It is the city. It is the people. It is the football team! 38-24 Steelers. You saw it here first.

  92. The Steelers have a combined 54 Super Bowl rings on their roster. The Packers have one — and it belongs to running back John Kuhn, who earned it as a member of the Steelers' practice squad in 2005.

  93. Thomas Jones says:

    Being a downtrodden San Francisco 49er fan currently, I can at least point out with pride that if our beloved 49ers ever get their act together and go back to a Superbowl, the odds will be on them. They are the only multi-Superbowl Winning team to have NEVER lost a Superbowl! Take that Steelers, Cowboys and Packers! :)

    • Right on!! 49ers fans run wide and deep-we don't need to say anything just look at superbowl record!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • the 49er's will only have 5 super bowls ever because they were only good when Joe Montana was QB but now that he's retired they will never make it to the Superbowl or the play offs ever !, so u won't have to worry about them losing a Superbowl.

      • It is perfect time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I have read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you few interesting things or advice. Maybe you can write next articles referring to this article. I want to read even more things about it!|

  94. hey thomas jones the 49ers are horrible team now and we (packers) have 15 titles now and 4 superbowl wins!!!!!! go pack go – proud to be a cheesehead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Your all FULL of SHIT and not one of you understand Football Green Bay will Win simply stated they are HUNGRY
    Steelers have become lazy and Big Ben rather harass women than play football

  96. Real NFL Fan says:

    The Green Bay Packers have won 13 NFL Titles (9 NFL, 4 Super-Bowl) that makes them the most successful team in NFL History. Period. The NFL started in 1920 not with the first Super-Bowl. Not only that they won two Super-Bowls in a row. The Steelers, nor anyone else have ever equalled that. The trophy every NFL team plays for every season is named after the Packers legendary coach Vince Lombardi. The person who said that the Packers won most of their titles when the NFL was only 16 teams, who cares they still had to win the games to win the title. It doesn't matter if its 8, 16 or 32 teams they were still the best. We don't say that because Rocky Marciano only had to win one title to be considered the Undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, instead of the multiple titles of today that he wasn't the best around in his day. In every other sport around the world you count all titles from the creation of the league or organisation. Obviously you Steelers, Cowboys and 49ers fans want to ignore NFL history before the Super-Bowl era, I wonder why??. Not enough title wins maybe?

    • The Cowboys and the Broncos have you idiot! ( Won 2 superbowls in a row)

      • Real NFL Fan says:

        Fair enough yeah they have BMFN my mistake. But they still haven't won 13 NFL Titles.

        • 49ers have also won back to back superbowls, and also, the Packers were a team for 25 years before the 49ers showed up. You can't add titles from a time when the NFL didn't exist. Don't be mad that your Packers are only 4-1, and the 9ers are 5-0 ;-)

      • You understand therefore considerably with regards to this subject, produced me in my opinion believe it from numerous various angles. Its like women and men are not interested until it’s something to do with Girl gaga! Your individual stuffs outstanding. Always handle it up!

    • I love NFL championships.. But SUPERBOWLS ROCK!!! If you're old
      Enough to remember an old NFL title game, congrats to you! I've seen
      Every Steelers SB win and loss… Been to eight since the inception of
      SB! Aside from that, The Pack outplayed the Steelers and deserved a
      Every accolade that goes with it and my hat goes off to you and a well
      storied franchise. No offense and I offer you my sincere congratulations.
      By the way, I had the pleasure to talk with Bart Starr a few years back and
      I can't tell you what an honor it was to meet and talk with a living legend,
      What a genuine and humble Superstar!

      • Real NFL Fan says:

        Thanks NG, Steelers had me really worried when they got within six points, thankfully for us only a few minutes left. Your team really has a fighting spirit. Steelers would be my team if not for the Packers. I admire the way the Steelers are run by their owners and supported by their great and very very loud fans. Steelers will be back in the coming years and win more Lombardi's. No Doubt. Just happy to see the Vince Lombardi coming back to Green Bay after too long a period away.

        Thanks again and well done on a fighting comeback.

        • Remove PostShon Kummer
          Yes the steelers loss is a shame but we still have more superbowl wins than any other franchise, packers did a great job making us pay for turnovers and we still had a chance to win think about that…..

    • Real NFL Fan says:

      Good comment above. Other than the two in a row mistake that the poster has apologised for. Everything else is spot on. Let you off for the two in a row mistake its been a long day for Packers fans around the world.

    • god dude really…scroll back up the page & learn how to read roman numerals…the steelers,49ers,dolphins,broncos,patriots,cowboys & packers have all won back to back superbowls…seems like you are just like every packer fan because the best team in the legue changes every year with the next superbowl…even the espn analyst have said that they cant count any titles won before the merge & the trophy was named the Lombardi trophy because he was the first head coach to win a superbowl….just think if the chiefs had won it would be known as the Stram trophy…

    • pats rule! says:

      you forget about a real dynasty/ that did win 2 in a row and won 3 superbowls in 4 yrs! hello mc fly!!!

    • "Not only that they won two Super-Bowls in a row. The Steelers, nor anyone else have ever equalled that."
      Hello?! Not only have the Steelers won back-to-back Super Bowls, they did it TWICE.
      Best re-read that article, Real NFL Fan…

    • u must not know the dallas cowboys won 5 super bowls in a row so u need to know what your talking about before u speak on something. thank u

    • Championships for the dallas cowboys
      League championships (5)
      Super Bowl Championships (5)
      1971 (VI), 1977 (XII), 1992 (XXVII), 1993 (XXVIII), 1995 (XXX)
      Conference championships (10)
      NFL Eastern: 1966, 1967
      NFC: 1970, 1971, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1992, 1993, 1995
      Division championships (21)
      NFL Capitol: 1967, 1968, 1969
      NFC East: 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1985, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2007, 2009

      • are you retarded? they didn't win 5 super bowls in a row. they won 2 in a row, as did the Steelers. Also, we have more rings, and better fans. We were voted the best fanbase by ESPN. everything we do, we do it big.

        got rings? steelers do. all day err' day


      no because cowboys started in the 1960 and the all time cowboys or 49ers or steelers can beat the all time packers with no sweat.

    • first of all the steelers will always be the superbowl champions no matter what thank you for you fyi

    • chiefstinson says:

      It states Most Super Bowl Wins and Team Super Bowl Records. I could care less anything else prior to Super Bowls. Steeler Nation, baby. Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs. New England beat Tebow so the fans and the networks can stop saying. What is that? The dumbest phrase ever. See you next year with a healthy Steeler team.

    • The stealers won back to back super bowls twice. No other team has ever done that. And you are saying other people don't know what they are talking about?

    • Steelerslady! says:

      Umm maybe you should check your stats again….Steelers have had 2 times in NFL Superbowl history with back to back wins…..something packers haven't done. Go read some more. Packers are a good team but Steelers are the shit. They have the best defense in the NFL.

    • Ask any one that knows football, only Super Bowl wins count!

  97. Objective Fan says:

    Green Bay are No 1 in NFL History. End of debate. If your team had won 13 NFL titles would you count the 9 NFL Championships, pre Superbowl era? Of course you would. Until a team wins 14 NFL titles the Green Bay Packers will remain No 1 in the NFL record books. On wikipedia their listed No 1 in title wins and on NFL websites their listed as having 13 NFL Titles. The NFL, pundits and journalists include pre-Superbowl title wins as legit so we fans should too. Steelers have got a long long time before they overtake the Packs. DEAL WITH IT.

  98. Haha! Raider fans are funny! Raider nation must be what they call their cell block…

  99. ya try niners never lost a superbowl
    guess how many ringe we got

  100. So many of you need to grow up…I would be embarrased to know any of you. Drop the language, all is does is prove you are an uneducated slob. The Steelers are a breed apart, with a proud history of teams, coaches, and owners. They gave the Packers a victory with 3 turnovers…will make them hungier next year!

    • Green bay, says:

      You got to be kidding, Here you telling them to grow up…???? How bout you??? They gave it to green bay, you must have watch the wrong bowl game…. You say 3 turn overs… how bout the incomplete passes for green bay that should have been caught with two that would have been TD's……………. Could have been 11 more points…… You can live in the what if's but that goes both ways….. Yes steelers have a history of being a good team. but face it green bay just out played them from statd to finish………………… Give up……

    • Your beloved Steelers didn't look too hungry yesterday now did they?!?!?!

  101. this is cowboys nation!!! fck the rest!!! best nfl franchise in history!! fuck all haterz

  102. Karmabarfly says:

    Only Packer Backers count before the merge. Noone else in the world gives a crap how many seasons they had the most wins. If they didn't get the Title of Super Bowl Champion, then it doesn't mean a thing. Six, count 'em, six. When you get to six, then you can talk some smack and we'll take you seriously. Until then, the rest of us will continue to laugh at you when you make these claims.

    • D Campbell says:

      So I guess the Offical NFL record book is wrong by your way of thinking. It will record 13 NFL championships. Also I guess all the teams should be offically listed as NFL members since 1970 if nothing counts before the merge, So Pittsburg has not been in the league for 77 years, just forty. And we are supppose to take you seriously.

      • Before you state your facts…you might want to learn how to spell PittsburgH….

      • D Campbell you don’ know football history , Pittburgh has been in the nfl 80 years , started in 1933 as the pittsburgh pirates till 1940 then became the pittsburgh steelers in 1941 and in 1943 because of the war had to merge with the eagles for the 1943 season as the pitt/phil steagles.

    • Get 'em!

    • Don’t be mad because we are gettin up there. Don’t hate the players hate the game
      We can beat the steelers anyway any place like we didast year
      Packers all day

      • true packers have stages of good teams we won the 1st ever super bowl the trophy of the super bowl is named after the packers coach packer will soon lead the most super bowl wins

      • I just like the valuable information you supply for your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and take a look at again right here regularly. I’m fairly certain I’ll be told many new stuff proper right here! Best of luck for the next!

    • steelers suck big nuts no doubt

  103. you live in STEELERS country… go

  104. Did anyone notice that on this list of ALL the nfl teams they did not include the Jacksonville Jaguars? haha..interesting..wonder why they were left off? By the way…Go Raiders!!

    • Eagles Fan says:

      Haha..its because that crapfest of a team has never been in a super bowl..this list is of teams to have at least made it or lose…

    • no houston Oilers/Texans or Cleveland Browns either – you need at least a superbowl appearance to make the list…..


    the packer are the best and they will be for me so stop hateing them just cuz we win the super bowl and dont get butt hurt that they wun so (PACKER FAN FOREVER ) GO GREEN BAY PACKER ALL THE PACKER FAN I LOVE YOU GUY THAT GO FOR THEM THANK YOU PACKER FAN WE ARE BEST AND THE PACKER THEY ARE BEASTS GO GREEN BAY PACKER ALL THE AWAY AGAIN (GO GREEN BAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Green bay packers! best team ever, steelers are over rated. their fans sucks, they cry if they loose and brag and boast when they win, well guess what bitches, we wont 2011 superbowl! you lost to us!!! ha

  107. Haha Go Pack go! Now you gay steeler fans will thumbs down me!

    • Packers rule and steelers drool says:

      Packer fans are the best packers would have won alot more superbowl if Vince labardi didnt die of cancer go packers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Tom Warren says:

    49's The only team to go to the superbowl 5 time's without loosing! Joe Montana is the man !

  109. wake up says:

    you idiots the only team that was the same team to win 4 superbowls was the steelers …..sorry 49rs fans but steve young and others won your 5th now read history dumbasses

    • 9ers for life says:

      He never said Joe Montana won all 5. He Just stated a fact. Joe Montana is the man. And for all the Newer Steeler and Packer fans on here. Y’all are only fans for the last couple years. Hope y’all stick with the when they don’t make the bowl this year. But we’ll see the new team you like after this superbowl.

      • sf49erfan126 says:

        That's right Joe Montana won 4 Superbowls along with Terry Bradshaw only 2 quartebacks to win 4 in all

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    • cheese head says:

      Green bay are 13 time world champions. They won more championships before there was a superbowl!__

    • sf49erfan126 says:

      and i'm pretty sure Big Ben and company won all 6 SuperBowls…… I don't think so wake up and smell the facts Jack. Terry Bradshaw won the first 4 in the 70's and Big Ben won 2 in the 2000's
      Joe Montana won 4 in the 80's and Steve Young won 1 in the 90's

  110. The Detroit Lions might have a chance on making it on the charts this year! Good for them :)

  111. pack is back – no doubt. heading for number # 5 SB.


  113. @jvega23

    Seriously? Cowboys Nation? WTF? IT'S RAIDER NATION BITCH… GET THAT RIGHT!!!


  114. Niners chick eer day! says:

    San Francisco 49ers are the best team 5-0!! Nuff Said!

  115. Steeler Nation! EVERYTHING WE DO, WE DO IT BIG! 6 super bowl wins, 8 appearances. 'Nuff said.

  116. chiefstinson says:

    It states Most Super Bowl Wins and Team Super Bowl Records. I could care less anything else prior to Super Bowls. Steeler Nation, baby. Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs. New England beat Tebow so he and his fans can stop saying Tebowed. Dumbest phrase ever. See you next year with a healthy Steeler team.

  117. LOLOLOLOL @ cowboys nation and cowboys americas team hahahahhah bawaaaahhhhh !!! for fucks sake… listen here retards… ITS 49ERS NATION … 49ERS NEVER LOST A SUPER BOWL….. they are coming for the next for 6-0 …


    • well see heres the thing im a little 10 year old so i can talk trash too and since you lost to the giants that means you suck my step dad likes the 49ers but im against him alex smith may be good and your coach may be good but you guys in a way are like the packers because you lost to the giants and what do you have to say ohh by the way you aint coming to get six because the steelers have been the best and always wiil be so take that you FARTY WHYNERSFANS and bronkos and cowboys and the rest of you word on the street i day you to go to pittsburgh and where a whole bumch of 49ers gear man people be looking at you from left to right

      YOU JUST GOT TOLD BY A LITTLE BOY SO FUCK OF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stay of my quarter bck whenever face any of you fans of the teams of the NFL

    • you guys wont win the sixth till you get a better QB!!!!!

    • In order for your words to be felt and respected you must give the STEELERS there props! You Guys made the playoffs but you still have a lot of football to play before you can start throwing threats!


  120. Green bay all the way says:

    The steelers suck they lost to the broncos. The broncos went 8-8 and best the steelers the steelers suck

    • Green bay all the way says:

      The broncos can’t even follow through they could have won 6 super bowls but they loose 4 of them

    • yeah whats your point Green bay bit the dust for being beat like they did by the giants

    • 80% of the Steelers first string was injured in that game, and Pittsburgh STILL managed to catch up and only lose in overtime. That's not saying much for the Broncos…

      • your comment is thats not saying much for the broncos…8-8 super hyped about an inconsistent qb, k now your turn.

  121. It's a Steeler Nation, 6 superbowl wins, noone else has done it. God bless the men in black & gold and their supporters. There no others like them!!!!

  122. johnny b good says:

    how bout them SF winers and oakland waiter,
    go Cowboys

  123. 49erryder says:

    49ers all day. Fuck what you heard.

  124. anonymous soldier says:

    you guys are forgetting the players… Joe Montana, best QB ever… Jerry Rice, best Wide receiver ever. 49ers are the best team ever. nuff said.

  125. anonymous soldier says:

    LMAO, this is our youth.


    COWBOYS got the best colors BEST LOGO best stadium best style, wouldn't give $2 for 49ers ugly red and gold
    (puke) their logo is ok but red is gay, Steelers black is kinda cool, but your LOGO is ugly as hell and for freaking sake put another logo on the other side of the helmet HOW DUMB is that?

    • Steelers logo is ugly?? The logo is based on the Steelmark logo used by the US Steel Corp. beginning in the 1950s. Thus the logo is directly tied to the then booming Pittsburgh industry the team was renamed to reflect. As to why it only appears on one side of the helmet, when it was first introduced in 1962, the helmets were gold and it was applied to only one side to test the look. For their first ever playoff appearance in 62 the helmet color was changed to black to better highlight the logo. It was due to fan, media, and league interest in logo only appearing on the right side of the helmet that it was decided before the 63 season that it would remain that way permanantly.

      A little history lesson on the Steelers ”ugly” logo.y

  127. thien nguyen says:

    49ers, 5/5 ( 100% ) beat that

  128. thien nguyen says:

    highest score in super bowl, 55 points ( beat that )

  129. thien nguyen says:

    49ers, biggest winning margin ( 55-10 ) by 45 points beat that

  130. i give greenbay credit for going to the super bowl, cuz arron rodgers is boss (discount double check) hahah but GO BEARS < HOME TEAM

  131. You guys are obviously just jealous of the Steelers…get over it

  132. sportsfangirl says:

    Hey, I love both the steelers and the packers but I have to ask, since when did how good someone can spell become relevant to football in general and whatever happened to good sportsmanship? Last I had heard you cheered your favorite team/teams on not criticised someone else tot the team they like or saying things like this team sucks or any other inappropriate term for that matter. I'm surprised.that anyone would say such a thing and I love football just as much as anyone else does.

  133. Cowboys blow it’s been what 15 years since y’all actually won a playoff game it’s all about the steelers…and you can’t count the packers 12 championships before half the damn teams where even I’n the NFL…oh and cowboys are Americas team because they had the first cheerleaders not cause they where any good…I’m from Texas and I would never go for the cowboys…black and yellow all day


  135. Most apparel sold in the USA….raiders! Ranked 1st in fan base….raiders. Fans that after a crappy year still pack the stadium…raiders. The ORIGINAL nation. Enough said

  136. Dariussmanuel says:

    as you can clearly see the steelers are the best team known to american football if you disagree look at our superbowl wins

    • Daddy_redskins says:

      that is true with 6 wins, but the two losses puts yall behind the Sanfran…….losses dont count only wins…Sanfran is undefeated plain and simple

  137. CourtneyLandis says:

    Lets goooooo Dallas Cowboys! U can do it! Make it to the super
    Bowl this year! Don’t let us down Dallas!

  138. One thing all football fans can count on.
    You can come to Green Bay for a game and not need a body guard. ALL of the GB fans I know stand for good sportsmanship and respect for visitors. You are safe there. You can wear your team jersey in any restaurant, bar, or hotel in Green Bay and not have to worry about being attacked.

  139. Only the 49ers have won every time they went to SB…they are superior!!

  140. Pittsburgh still has the most

  141. I like the New York Giants the best. They had, overall, really good quarterbacks and Eli Manning has gotten them in the Superbowl many of times and is only trying to improve himself. I like other teams but I believe, in the future, if Eli Manning reaches his goal, which he can do so with determination, the Giants will come out to be one of the best NFL team in America. Well, they already are, being Top Ten, but I mean like Top 5 or Number 1. Also, to those who hate the Giants, you realize your hatred began after the Giants demolished the Patriots last year or because they beat a team you like this year. So far, I really only seen them majorly lose to the Steelers but I accept that loss. Players were not ready to play the Steelers that day and I must accept it but I still believe Giants will rise up. also, all of you should judge the team you like much better, seeing as most of you barely know NFL and merely try switching team to team to team depending on victory. i’m sticking with the Giants until I see lack of interest in football or lack of effort, like I see in the Jets this year. they need to fire Rex immediately.

  142. let me guess your a shitsburg squeelers fan

  143. Gilberto Carlone says:

    what do you say abot someone has two teams , that is not a true fan

  144. Santos Valdez says:

    Listen here you little fuck you have no fucking clue what the hell you are talking about. The only reason that you like the giants is because they won the super bowl last year and the only reason you know that is because your parents like them. I bet you haven’t ever watched a full game of football. So you can just STFU!

  145. I’m pretty sure that since the Super Bowl trophy is named for Vince Lombardi, that the Packers own 10% of every super bowl victory, so that means the Packers have won 8.2 Super Bowls!

  146. The Niners will soon get their sixth Super Bowl in six tries… Also a new dynasty is forming in S.F. so look out for more in the near future.

  147. Steelernation says:

    Matt, were 6-2 in the big game, which is still a better winning percentage than that of the Cowboys who are 5-3

  148. It ravens not colts who won superbowls XLVII

  149. packerforlife9 says:

    Love this list but you have a problem. Super Bowl XLVII was won by the Ravens, not the Colts. You have both listed as winning XLVII. That changes some of the stats.

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