Links January Jones Would Love: Clippers Douse Heat, LeBron Denies Tweet, and Some NFL Awards Are Released

It’s morning. While you get out your favorite coffee mug, pour a glass of orange juice, and make sure you have enough milk for your bowl of cereal, get yourself back up to date with the happenings in, or at least somewhat near, the sporting universe.

The following are links that we’re certain January Jones would love.

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Of the first quarter in Los Angeles last night, one in which the Clippers hit transition threes, threw down dunks after misses, and shot 77 percent on the way to dropping 44 points, all with a straight face, on the road-conquering Miami Heat, Mark Heisler of the L.A. Times wrote, “In an unofficial poll, broadcasters Don MacLean, Michael Eaves and I decided it had to be the greatest quarter in Clippers history.”

ClipperBlog has a nice recap of that quarter.  Of course, that was one thing; holding onto the lead and that flow were another.  The Clippers never stopped taking silly shots (see: Davis, Baron) but whenever the Heat got close enough they’d take things seriously, find a good opportunity, and finish the play.  Los Angeles was under control when it had to be, if only so they could go back to doing whatever they wanted.

I don’t know what Mario Chalmers did to upset Blake Griffin, but I’d like to thank him.  After nearly steamrolling Chalmers at half-court in a transition play and Chalmers reacting, in a move you’d have to assume he would regret, by trying to start a brief scuffle with Griffin, the Clipper forward threw down his only dunk of the game and stared daggers, nay, machetes, into Chalmers and the Miami huddle.  Chalmers looked like he just survived a bear attack.

The Clippers are not afraid to throw their talent out onto the table against your talent.  They don’t care about how much experience they don’t have; they just play basketball; chaotic, open-canvassed, most of all skilled basketball.  And it is one of the best watches in the NBA right now.

— Plenty of other great games in the NBA last night: Charlotte got a big Eastern Conference win at home over the Bulls … New Orleans held on in overtime to snap Orlando’s nine-game win streak … Kevin Durant did this in OKC’s win in Houston …  Utah outlasted New York, 131-125 … and Kobe did Kobe things in a win over Golden State.

— Oh, and the LeBron-karma thing?  It wasn’t him, and I’m not sure even karma works this quickly, ankles just kinda suck.

— The Steve Nash groundswell slowly lurches on.  How about Grant Hill’s beautiful recap of Nash’s situation: “A hummingbird trapped inside a sandwich bag.”  Pretty much perfect.

— Elsewhere in the sporting world, Qatar began paying back all those “reasons” they won the 2022 World Cup bid.  That’s nice of them.

— Denard Robinson is deciding what to do with his life after RichRod.

— Clay Matthews is the 2010 Sporting News NFL Defensive Player of the Year.  Tom Brady was SN”s Offensive Player of the Year, Mike Smith was Coach of the Year and Ndamukong Suh was Rookie of the Year.

— And the Vikings will pay for a third of a stadium, but not a roof.  Don’t they have that already?

Thursday.  When does Parks and Recreation come back on?


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