Give Jay Cutler a break! Seriously injured or not, at least he didn’t do this

There is much furor on the Interwebs today about Jay Cutler and his injured knee. If you want to see the two warring sides of the argument read this by Mike Wilbon and this by Jim Trotter.

As for my opinion on Cutler, before I offer it up publicly I’m going to do something I don’t always do: wait.

Is it telling that so many of Cutler’s peers would call him out publicly? Yes. Is it also telling that a respected team leader like Brian Urlacher would so passionately have his back? Yes. I don’t like Cutler, so I’m predisposed to believing he wussed out on his team and took the easy way out yesterday, but I wasn’t there and have no information about the extent of his injury. Wilbon and Trotter know a lot more about it than I do, so read what they had to say and then make up your own mind on it. I’m in no position to try to shape opinions on this issue.

And besides, regardless of whether Cutler was injured or not, whether he wussed out or not, we’re all making way too big a deal about this. Why? Because even if Cutler’s injury wasn’t that bad, and if the worst accusations against him are true, he’d still only be second on the list of NFC Championship Game wuss outs by a quarterback.

First on the list is, of course, Chris – err, I mean Jim – Everett and the Phantom Sack that continues to live in infamy.


jim-everett-phantom-sack-videoI know what you’re thinking: this happened in 1989, give the guy a break, right?

Well, you should understand this about me: I am a frustrated and (at least right now) pathetic IU alum dealing with simultaneously pitiful football and basketball programs, so any chance I can find to rip on something related to Purdue, I’m going to take it. Jim Everett (get down!) went to Purdue, this video is relevent because of the Cutler brouhaha, and so here we are.

Also, posting the above video gives me the chance to post the always-hilarious video from the Jim Rome Show when Rome repeatedly called Everett “Chris”, eventually compelling Everett to flip over the desk and attack little Romey.

It never gets old.

Jim “Chris” Everett: I bet you won’t say it again.

Jim Rome: I bet I do…Chris.


Okay, so Rome acted like a complete jackwagon and comes across like an annoying little turd just trying to get a rise out of Everett for publicity (which is exactly what we got), but it’s still funny.

Anyway, back to Jim Everett’s Phantom Sack. In case you had forgotten about it, now you know that Jay Cutler is not the only QB to face significant scrutiny after an NFC Championship Game. Sure, you can say that Cutler’s alleged wuss out was worse because Everett at least stayed on the field, but you could also argue that, if you assume he was seriously hurt, that Cutler was being unselfish and trying to give his team the best chance to come back and win. Everett? He just decided to start taking dives like he was Brett Favre being chased by Michael Strahan.

I think the Phantom Sack was the worse of the two, mainly because I think Cutler was actually injured. What do you think?

Which was more egregious?

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  1. At least Chrisy Everett didn't leave the game after the phantom sack.

    Jay 'Quitler' gave up plain and simple. In a championship game no less. To dig up Chrisy Everett to distract from Quitler's short comings, just shows how desperate his 'cult following' of fans are to blur the FACTS of what happened.

    Hey, Craig Morton led the Broncos to the SB on an equally cold day WITH A DISLOCATED HIP.

    Stick a fork in Jay Quitler he's done.

  2. Boo-hoo, Bear fans crying over spilled milk. It's not as though your third-stringer (next year's starter?) lost that game for ya. He did better, IMO, than Cutler could have done the rest of the way!

    Swallow your pill, just like Eagle and Falcon fans. The PACK is on a mission, with one step to go! ;-)

  3. What? Is Jim Rome like 4'11"?


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