Angry Audio: Cleveland Talk Show Host Says Cleveland Browns Owners Are “The Devil Themselves”

Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning; and that somebody is Greg Kozarik, the host of Locked and Loaded on the Digital Sports Network.

In an angry rant earlier today, Kozarik says many things, including the word “process” at least 50 times (I’m not exaggerating). Among the accusations he hurls to and fro: Browns are sheep; Browns management insanely tries the same things over and over again while expecting different results; and, he refers to the Lerner family as “the devil themselves”.

The line that will probably end up being the most memorable and notorious from this roughly 8:30 rant is this one:

Al Lerner himself is down in hell right now laughing with Satan, because do you know how much money he stole from Cleveland Browns fans?

Listen for yourself:

(hat tip to Glenn Moore, a producer on the show, who sent me a link to the audio earlier tonight.)

I also blipsnipped it if you want to listen to the parts I picked out as highlights:


For the record, is the website for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, which is the paper of record, so to speak, for the city of Cleveland. So for those unfamiliar with Kozarik of the Cleveland landscape, this is not just a random voice from a random source.

As for my thoughts, I appreciate the passion of Kozarik (pictured), and he definitely makes some valid points. His best point, I thought, was wondering why Browns fans should respect “the process” when it is showing marginal gains (if any) while franchises like Tampa Bay are able to turn things around in a single season.

However, he lost me with all the Lerners-are-the-devil talk. I understand that you may not like the Lerners, may be frustrated with how things have gone, and might not even respect Randy or Al and how they have managed the Browns. But to call them the devil? To say that Al Lerner, who passed away several years ago, is “down in hell laughing with Satan”? That’s over the line.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I respect the passion, it’s tough to respect even the more cogent of Kozarik’s thoughts when they are mixed in with classless hyperbole that compares a family and its dead patriarch to the devil. Browns fans should be upset, and Kozarik undoubtedly speaks for a lot of them, but next time he should try keeping the old dead guys out of it.


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  1. Gotta love the passion of a host that calls it the way it is. The guy is bang on. Stop selling Cleveland fans the BS

    • He certainly does call it the way it is. I thought there was a more tactful way to do it, but then again I am naturally non-confrontational. I'll be interested to see if Cleveland fans think he went over the line with his comments about the Lerner family.

  2. It's Cleveland,they are all despicable and bitter over there…

  3. Come on! If there was ever a franchise and football family ever associated with Satan, it HAS to be the Steelers! I mean, really, 'Ol Pap Rooney must have made some kind of a deal in the early '70s that allowed so much success to fall into their laps! It's come to the point where their own fans don't appreciate the simplicity at which everything falls into place for them!

    • There is some truth to this. Steelers fans, what say you? Can your team possibly have been so successful for so long without some kind of under-the-table agreement with Satan himself?

      • It''s called evaluating and drafting quality talent, stability and focus in ownership and coaching and…

        Oh yeah! and NOT being Cleveland!

  4. Look I have been a Browns fan for nearly all my life. I have also been following DSN on since DAY1. Its about time someone said it! Its about time some one finally put a voice to the over 50 years of dissapointment that Has been the Cleveland browns. I'm tired of the Steelers filling our stadium our home with their fans! I'm tired of watching other AFC North teams play in the Play off's. Its time we as Cleveland Browns fans hold the owners and the current administration accountable. WE will no longer be satisfied that we have a team in Cleveland. WE WANT TO WIN AND WE WANT TO WIN NOW. the question is what is Mike Holmgren,Tom Heckert ,Pat Shurmur ,and Randy Learner going to do about! we are watching GET IT RIGHT THIS YEAR.

  5. He works for some hack internet station……so why is this even news?

  6. WestPark29 says:

    The source is DSN and the voice is random. Nobody in Cleveland goes to DSN and nobody has certainly ever heard of this guy.

    I may as well be at a Winking Lizard listening to my fat, unathletic cousin, smashed off of cherry bombs and PBR's, screaming about the Browns. He has the same level of credibility and local renown as the d-bag here: none.

    • Well, certainly this guy does not have a prominent voice in Cleveland. His show is just housed on a very prominent site, and his frustrations are similar to ones I've heard from other Browns fans. Rather than dissecting whether his opinion is important because of who he is, I was hoping we could discuss what he actually said. Do you agree? Did he go overboard? Is he right that Browns fans are sheep? Should fans trust the process? The Browns are nearing a very critical point if the fan base, if they aren't there already. A decade+ of support and still no consistent winning. Even in a town as die-hard as Cleveland, that can't go on forever.

  7. browns4life says:

    Well give the new administration a little credit.If any of you are true browns fans you would see the improvement that went on this season and be looking forward to a new style and the growth of our young players .Also let me point out that we did pretty well in the draft last year considering we got some very good defensive backs and the quarterback that is going to lead us into the future.Let Holmgren work for a couple of years.

    • Good points. While I can understand the frustration of Browns fans at the lack of recent success, this might actually be the one time where "trusting the process" will pan out. Finally in Holmgren they have someone who has been to the promised land and has the skins on the wall to have credibility. Time will tell, but I tend to agree that while frustration is okay, now is not the time to jump ship.

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