Photo Story: Desperate Measures – Peyton Manning’s Frantic Quest to Save the Colts’ Season

Peyton Manning is one of the two greatest quarterbacks of my lifetime, with Tom Brady being the other. While Brady is the front-runner for the MVP and playing some of the best football of his life over the past two months, Manning is currently suffering through the worst stretch of his career.

Not only has Peyton thrown 11 interceptions over his last three games, a whopping four of which have been returned for TDs, but the Colts have lost all three to fall 1.5 games behind the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC South.

With the Colts having a short week to prepare for a divisional game against Tennessee on Thursday night, Peyton is understandably desperate to find answers to his and the team’s struggles. The photo story below shows the many different and unexpected places that Peyton’s frantic search for answers is taking him.

desperate measures - peyton manning searches for answers

Note: if you can’t see the image above, click to view it here.



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    Absolutely brilliant. Loved it.

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  9. you should add the timeout by caldwell and peytons reaction at the end of the jets game.

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