Photo Story: Extending the Albatross – The Inside Story of the Donovan McNabb Contract Extension

Two weeks ago, Mike Shanahan benched Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman in the closing minutes of a winnable game. What ensued was a comedy of fumbled explanations, backtracking, and hurt feelings that made the Dallas Cowboys (for at least a week anyway) seem stable.

Incredibly, without a game occurring in between, it was announced today that Donovan McNabb has been given a contract extension by the Redskins for…get this…5 years, $78 million.

Take a quick breath while the details of McNabb’s extension sink in.

To recap: Donovan McNabb was benched for Rex Grossman in the 4th quarter of a close game, and without doing anything else on the field, was awarded with a gargantuan contract extension that even his own mother couldn’t explain. (Okay, fine, I’m convinced. No matter how I type it, it doesn’t stop sounding completely ludicrous.)

Anyway, as we often do here at MSF, we were able to get the inside story of how McNabb’s contract extension came about and how he and Shanahan are dealing with it. And I promise you: even the extraordinary details you’re about to learn are not in any way more ridiculous than the reality of the extension itself.

donovan mcnabb contract extension - details - mike shanahan, daniel snyder

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  1. Well done sir!

  2. Jerod – These get better each week.

  3. As a Dallas fan, I love this story!

  4. LMAO in Maryland says:

    this was epic. well done

  5. Haha, I figured you would!

  6. Doesn't seem like that big a deal considering McNabb only gets 3.75 million if they release him before next year.

  7. awesome breakdown. Hey, check out my video referencing conversation between Shanahan and Daniel Snider. Pretty funny.

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