Photo Gallery: Who is the More Desirable ‘Girl Next Door’ – Rachel McAdams or Anne Hathaway?

Last night at dinner, my girlfriend and I got into a debate about Anne Hathaway. She loves her while I’m not a big fan.

For some reason, whenever I think about Anne Hathaway the only images my mind conjures up are: a) that annoying Princess Diaries movie (never saw it, but the ads annoyed me) and b) her role in Bride Wars – and let’s be honest, there are few things less attractive or desirable than a Bridezilla.

Despite our differences on Hathaway, my girlfriend and I do agree on Rachel McAdams. I’ve always been a big fan ever since I was duped into watching The Notebook, and then she earned my respect and admiration with her role in Wedding Crashers.

Since these two young women both have movies coming out soon – McAdams stars opposite Harrison Ford in Morning Glory and Hathaway stars opposite Jake Gyllenhal in Love and Other Drugs – I figured the time was right to take a brief foray outside of sports and celebrate the fairer sex. While I have my opinion on which of these “girls next door” I like better, I’m curious to see how many of you agree.

So, just as we did with Julie Bown and Sofia Vergara from Modern Family, let’s let the pictures do the talking and decide which girl next door is more desirable: Rachel McAdams or Anne Hathaway.


The more desirable "girl next door" is...

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Since I can’t vote for my girlfriend, McAdams gets my vote. Until Hathaway does a kickass movie like Wedding Crashers to wipe the Princess Diaries and Bride Wars from my memory, she just can’t compete.

And in case you like to do some side-by-side comparing before you vote, the pictures below are there for your perusal and enjoyment.


























And now, to wrap things up, I’ve chosen two images completely at random.

I swear…they were chosen at random.

I’m not trying to influence the vote with my own personal opinion.

Serious. I promise.



I mean, how would either of these pictures influence the vote anyway. Right?

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  1. gotta be McAdams

  2. I have to agree.

  3. I love Anne Hathaway so much! Devil Wears Prada!! I guess I equally love Rachel, but only as Regina George in Mean Girls. Guess I'm voting for different reasons though, lol

  4. mcadams all the way

  5. whiteknight says:

    I think Hathaway might be a little bit more attractive to me, but if I were dating one, you know McAdams would definitely be more fun, so she got my vote.

  6. McAdams. Not even close

  7. Anne Hathaway for sure

  8. Rachel McAdams has yet to show her tits. Therefore, Hathaway gets my vote.

  9. FunkInPalm Harbor says:

    McAdams by far, look at the a$$ in the video, goodness gracious, There is a God.

  10. McAdams has a man-jaw

  11. McAdams, hands down

  12. hathaway all day

  13. DankStar420 says:

    Hathaway had bigger tits, but I'd gladly stick my dick in both. pile one on top of the other, first the Hathaway pink, then the McAdams stink. While they make out. Hell yes. I could die a happy man

  14. McAdams has that cute innocent face while Hathaway is more on the sultry sexy side. so I guess is depends on mood.

  15. all for H.

  16. The problem I see is that McAdams just plain looks like a bitch (maybe I'm just jaded from Mean Girls though) so I can never be attracted to her.

  17. I have to say that Anne Hathaway isn't really the "girl next door" type, and she totally made an effort to escape the Princess Diaries niche as early as possible in her career- she took off her top within her first 10 minutes on screen in both Havoc and Brokeback Mountain. And seriously, after seeing her play a seriously fucked up recovering drug addict in Rachel Getting Married, I don't think I could ever believe Anne as innocent ever again. For those reasons alone, I voted for Rachel McAdams.

    But I respect Anne more as an actress.

  18. Anne Hathaway is so much classier than Rachel McAdams though. Just look at all those pictures. Anne looks so sultry; Rachel just looks like a ho.

  19. the problem of this gallery is that they've chosen the worst pictures of mcadams and the best ones of anne so that's why it seems that anne is more pretty and classy and stuff which is not true because rachel is truely beautiful and a much better actress than anne without a doubt.
    just watch her in the movie "the notebook", she has incredible talent.

    • I disagree! I am the one who chose these pictures, and I think I picked some great ones of McAdams! Plus, she is who I voted for. And if the last gif and picture don't show that I think more highly of McAdams, I don't know what does.

      However, if you have better pics of McAdams, do feel free to post links. I think we'd all appreciate it…

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