This Is How Little Ron Washington Go

By now you’ve surely seen the greatest sports Halloween costume (ever!) of 2010. Little Ron Washington is the sensation currently sweeping virally across the Internet nation.

But did you know that Little Ron Washington – he’s 7 years old – plays baseball like Big Ron Washington? That’s right. Little Ron drops the antlers on ’em, and drops the claw on ’em just like Big Ron would tell him would want him to.

And I’ve got the pictures and email from his proud papa to prove it!

A few hours and 20,000 or so pageviews after I initially posted the Little Ron picture (with a major hat tip to @GordonKeith of 1310 The Ticket here in Dallas) I received an email from Little Ron’s dad that said the following:

This is my son [name redacted] . Here’s some pictures of him playing on his coach-pitch team. He’s got a great arm and bat.


Hey, who knows. Maybe Little Ron will someday take over for Elvis Andrus at short up at The Ballpark. For now, he and his family are just enjoying the ride right along with the Rangers. They will be on the local FOX station here in Dallas tonight.

If anyone reading this has the power, let’s help get these folks to Game 3 in Arlington, shall we? Maybe Little Ron can bring Big Ron and the Rangers some good luck after falling short in Game 1.

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