Non-Sports: This Nutrigrain ad is one of the most bizarre commercials I’ve ever seen

I just stumbled upon this old Nutrigrain commercial from 2006 and I’m not really sure what to say about it, other than it is a) incredibly bizarre and b) I think I kind of like it, in a strange at-least-they’re-going-bold kind of way.

One thing is for sure: after watching it, I immediately feel grreeeeeeaaaat. Don’t you?

The most insane part of this commercial is definitely the lady. Her facial expressions are, well, insane.


But at least she’s going to get to make lots of babies. Or something like that.

On second thought, this commercial doesn’t make me feel grrrreeeeeeaaaat. It pretty much just creeps me out. No more Nutrigrain bars.

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  1. lol this commercial is awesome. Nutrigrain ftw

  2. OMG this is awesome

  3. the new mdma nutrigrain bar. so good.

  4. MikePriceWrites says:

    Me and my roommates used to love this back in college, thank you Stumble for bringing it back into my life. Nutrigrain and and Stumble ftw!

  5. wait til the sugar hit wears off – and he realises his chick is ugly and hes just a big dick thats goin a bit flacid. Mind you i gave up sugar 8 months ago and everyone said i would feel great but i don't and haven't since my last choc hit all that time ago. At least this guys got his moment. thats it f- it i'm back on the stuff

  6. Wasn't this the time The Office started running….must have been the same writers …… haha

  7. Met that guy in a Vons in Pasadena, CA. He couldnt believe I recognized him and I showed him that I had the comercial on my ipod!

    I didnt wanna ask him to say I FEEEL GREEEEAAATTTTTT

  8. Of all the product commercials I've seen, this is the only one that made me actually want to go out and buy the product. Purely for the epic WTF factor it gave me. Whatever it is, they're doing it right.

  9. foozlesprite says:

    What….what is this? I don't even…

    The best part is totally the lady. It's not the faces that does it for me though, it's the relentless shoving of random office objects into her shirt to kick-start her 500 babies. Just reminds me of the Powerthirst commercial. FOUR HUNDRED BABIES!!!

  10. MasacruAlex says:

    This comercial made me FEEEEL GREEEAAAAAT!!!!


  12. That is the most retarded commercial earth has ever witnessed

  13. i saw a skit of this at a con one time lol this is the only time in my life i feel like a want a nutrigrain bar

  14. fabulooouuuus!

  15. I've seen this before, but the end was replaced with "ADDERALL" hahaha

  16. I just seen this posted on facebook but it was called "What ADDERALL does to you"

  17. Nutri GRAM not nurtigrain. sigh.

  18. they tried to copy the manergy drink "ads"…

  19. Is that the guy from Chuck?

  20. Reminds me of Nicolas Cage in Bad Lieutenant: Port of call New Orleans.

  21. Hate to break it to you all, but this commercial is not affiliated with Kellogg at all, and is a comedy sketch. I don't remember who, but it is indeed just a comedy bit, and not an actual ad for Nutri-Grain, as many others here seem to believe it is.

    • I did not know that…

    • you're wrong.

    • Hate to break it to you, but this commercial is not affiliated with any comedy show/series at all, and is a commercial. I don't remember who produced it, but it is indeed just a commercial and an actual ad for Nutri-Grain. Many believe this because well… it is.

      Just because it runs longer than 00:30 and it has the word "ass" (oh my!) doesn't mean it's not actually a commercial.

  22. Haha I love when the woman says "Yeah… babies everyyywhere!"

  23. apparently, according to this, women are only good for their looks and making babies. lovely.

    • lol shut up

    • Apparently, according to your comment, you like to find meaning in nothing. It's supposed to be a joke ffs

    • Apparently, according to these replies your opinion is both retarded and dismissable

    • I got five buck that says you're ugly…….. :)

    • Welcome to Earth.

    • Kelly's Dad says:

      Except for you, Kelly. You're not good enough for making babies (god help any you may have produced already) and far too ugly to participate in society.

      Have a Nice Day!

      • I was GOING to tell Kelly to chill out (after all, that guy ALSO wanted to have five hundred of them, and the sketch clearly suggests that marrying a woman for her looks is a bad idea- alongside with quitting your job for no reason and having somebody punch you as hard as they can). But you idiots all just proved her point- most of you only commented on her looks, or her baby-making qualifications, proving that our society is still generally misogynistic.

        In conclusion- Kelly probably should just chill out, because I have a lot of issues with how women are treated in North America, and I thought this was hilarious.
        Everybody else- Congratulations on proving that MOST of you aren't good enough to make babies.

        But you will anyway, won't you. .

        • Cat blenderer says:

          Saying that you proved your point based off of the response of people on comment board is like suggesting to people that you can prove "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" by sticking a cat in a blender briefly. In other words you are laughable and you will be in my blender next when I move on to people.

    • yeah, that's crap. And apparently it's cool to fill the world up with more useless children when we already have 8 billion plus people on earth

      • There's only 6 billion plus, dumb whore. Apparently this commercial is right; all you're good for is your looks and your ovaries.

        • Chloe could be a man in disguise because this is the internet, you wise-one. Apparently this commercial is right; all I'm good for is making stupid mistakes :3

          • lol, I caught your joke there with the "mistake" at the end of your sentence! By the way, I wasn't serious about the previous comment. It was crude and unnecessary, and I apologize, Chloe, but I would like to point out that your comment/statement lacked very much intelligence from my point of view.

      • Who cares if there's 6 billion people. It's not like the U.S. is overpopulated. The middle of the country has a relatively small population density. Hell, we're bigger than China and only have a fourth of the population

    • 7isbetterthan4 says:

      What's your point, hole?

    • Chill, dude.

    • Way to be a dumb cunt Kelly. First of all, that's not why they're getting married. They decided to spend their lives together because he found her attractive and was feeling Greaaaaat. She's the one who said she wanted babies. Lots of them. Everywhere. He happily agreed. I don't see why you can't just be happy for them. JUST BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO MARRY YOU DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO RAIN ON THEIR PARADE KELLY. That being said, you're assuming that it's trying to be sexist. Which makes you semi-sexist. WAY TO BE SEXIST KELLY. You're a disgrace to women everywhere.

    • I bet you've been sterilized at a young age.

    • missing the point much?

    • Rick James says:

      exactly…. You are lucky that you are even allowed to speak in public. Now back to the kitchen with you…

    • I suppose you missed the litany of mistakes he made throughout that entire commercial?

      Learn some comprehension skills, instead of looking for something to moan about.

    • FINALLY!!!!! A woman that understands her purpose on this earth!!

    • lindseytinsey says:

      IT"S A JOKE! Lighten up, will you?

    • oh please, quit being a baby and start making them

    • I disargee, they are also good for making sandwiches. :D

    • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What this is news to you?!?!?

    • that's still more than the men in this ad were good for.

    • crazysquid says:

      Get a bone….A funny bone kelly.

    • nah… there good for making dinner and taking out the trash too…

    • Nono, tthe advert was saying marrying a girl for her looks then having lots of babies, particuarly when you don't have a job, was a bad thing and would make most people miserable, but he still felt GREAT cos he had a nutrigrain bar.
      Or so I understood it.

    • wow that what you fucking took from this?

  24. does anyone know the track playing in the commercial?

  25. Darkwood Archer III says:

    I love that the black guy is just staring at a pair of panties when you first see him

  26. Wow, that commercial made me FEEEEL GREEEEAAAAAT!!!! YEEAAAAAAAHHH!

  27. it looks like a ucb sketch.

  28. This is great.

  29. I think it's actually an ad for cocaine

  30. Too bad by assuming the term black is used as a race issue instead of just simply an adjective you are the one that is actually being racist here.

  31. I have to say the font your comments are written in is rather misogynist.

  32. 2010-1952-2010 says:

    Definitely want to take some xtc now.

  33. Crack Cocaine. It's not just for breakfast!

  34. I should have used preperation H, but I feel great!!!

  35. Did that guy just get a boner from getting punched in the stomach?!

  36. i love how there's a full door on his half wall cubicle.

  37. Kellogg's would not air a commercial with the word "ass" in it, folks. It's a comedy sketch.

    • actually its not, I've seen this commercial quite frequently on most channels…too bad there isn't more like it, commercials that are actually funny.

    • Yup this is a LEGIT commercial. It actually aired on T.V. for several months. It was hilarious.

  38. karl volkenstein says:

    Amazing how consistently lame sports fans are

  39. I think this was done on spec.

  40. hahaha :)

  41. i can relate, i quit my job a couple of weeks ago, i have no income and i'm making babies with a girl i love all day, i feel grrrreeeeeeeeeaat!

  42. who cares if its offensive or a comedy skit or whatever it makes me feel grrrrreeeeaaaaatttttttt

  43. i just ate a whole box of nutrigrain bars. i dont feel so good

  44. i love that!!!

  45. Alfred F. Jones says:


  46. They should bring this one back! Wow that was super funny, and I feel greaaaat!

  47. GGPAnash says:

    Fucking Great

  48. Man, you didn't remember when this commercial was on tv? It was awesome. Babies EVERYWHERE!

  49. Twisted MEtal says:

    Ill Make You Shiver when I Deliverrr

  50. BABIES EVERYWHERE! ha…..yes…500 of them, actually [=

  51. givesgoodemail says:

    This was one of a series of commercials developed by Turnstile Productions on spec. The Nutrigrain people didn't care for theirs, and didn't buy them.

    There were also Turnstile Production ads for Budweiser and Raisin Bran Crunch–everyone of them funny as hell:

    "This is Ted. Ted…is a lunatic."

  52. Bobby Raber says:

    I cant stop watching it .

  53. What's your name says:

    and that's how Linux was founded

  54. SAM!!!!!! says:


  55. givesgoodemail: It’s turnpike, not turnstile

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