Sophomoric Shirt or the NHL’s New Slogan?

On October 23rd, 2010, a man attended the St. Louis Blues-Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game wearing a shirt that not even his own mother could love.

Luckily, this man and his magnificent shirt were captured by Getty Images and then broadcast to the world via

In so doing, this man, Getty, and ESPN have joined forces to sum up what all non-hockey fans think of the NHL.

shaved-my-balls-for-this-shirtImage source: Mark Buckner/NHLI via Getty Images via

And is it just me, does the shadow on the glass have a conspicuously phallic shape? Just sayin…

Anyway, when I showed Matt here at the office, his first reaction was, “That’s photoshopped.” Well, no Matt, no it wasn’t, unless ESPN goes around photoshopping the pictures it puts alongside its game recaps. Here is the picture live on and Brooks nabbed a screenshot of it earlier in case the powers that be at the Worldwide Leader take it down when this man and his T-shirt go viral.

The moral of the story? The next time you attend an NHL game, ask yourself if it was worth shaving your balls. If not, come back to us in the NFL, MLB, and NBA. It’s okay. We’ll take you, shorn and all.

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  1. Curltastrophe says:

    First of all, we can't see the rest of the shirt. Second of all, you cannot positively ID the context of his shirt through this picture alone. Third, you failed to proofread a pathetic eleven sentence fluff piece. Fourth, you are finding dicks in shadows. My hierarchy of hate goes like this : The Penguins < This Article < The Way You Spell "Jerod".

    • First of all, the rest of the shirt doesn't matter for it to be funny. Second of all, I don't care about the actual context of the shirt. The slogan itself is funny, made even funnier by the fact that I'm sure that whoever allowed it to be posted on ESPN didn't realize it. Third, this post is meant for a quick laugh, nothing more. I can live with a typo here and there. When you are the publisher/editor/head writer of a blog that posts 4-6 articles a day and you never have an error, feel free to come criticize. Fourth, it looks like a penis. just pointing that out. Considering that he shirt references shaved balls, it's relevant.

      I will not point out where overly serious commenters on non-serious joke posts go, but it's somewhere behind people who misspell my name.

      I do appreciate your comment, despite the tone of my reply. But seriously dude, lighten up.

    • Curl, that's all there is to the shirt. It's been for sale on 't-shirt hell' for years.

      And, no, that's not Michael J Fox on the left.

  2. He Hate Me says:

    ask yourself*


  3. not sure if anyone noticed, but the gentleman seated at the left of the picture. is that Michael j. fox?

  4. Hey, "Jerod." My advice for you would be to delete the entire first paragrah of your response. When a douchey commenter's comment is shorter than the blogger's response to it, the balance is askew. If you have to spell out all that nonsense, you're preaching to a pretty low-wattage choir. Your concluding two sentences were all that was needed; if you'd just stuck with those, you wouldn't have come off as a defensive, uptight, finicky, superficial whiner.

    Sure I'm drunk; what do you think, I give a crap about a hockey photo?

    • Andrew, good point. And you're right about how I came off. I'll leave it up there though as an example of a poor response to a poor comment. I'm usually better than that. He caught me in a weak moment. I appreciate your candor though. And you're right.


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