Meet Little Ron Washington

Everyone’s favorite 7-year old Ron Washington doppelganger Liam Roybal spent all day yesterday becoming a viral sensation on the Internet.

Click right now if you haven’t seen Little Ron Washington because he has the best sports-related Halloween costume you’ll see this year.

And today, Liam moves from the computer screen to the TV screen, as he and his mom were featured on FOX 4 here in Dallas today. So if you want meet Liam/Little Ron, check out the video below.

He was also featured in studio this morning on FOX 4. My girlfriend just relayed to me that part of the reason they created the Little Ron Washington costume was because Liam was supposed to dress up as someone he wanted to be for Career Day at school.

Hopefully Liam and his family can get tickets to the World Series, which moves to Arlington starting tomorrow. Who knows, if the real Ron Washington can’t start managing his bullpen better, Liam may be pressed into managerial duty. If so, he’s already got the seed spitting down. What else is there to know?



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