Favre and Chilly: The Brief History of a Dysfunctional Player-Coach Relationship

Last night, Brett Favre led the Minnesota Vikings to a 28-24 defeat at the hands of division rival Green Bay by throwing three interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown.

As you have undoubtedly already know by now, Favre looked completely despondent, defeated, injured, and oldduring his postgame interview. Meanwhile, his coach Brad Childress threw him under the bus for the aforementioned interceptions and said he considered benching the legendary QB at one point.

This is just the latest instance of things going wrong in Minnesota in 2010, and it provides yet another glimpse into one of the most dysfunctional player-coach relationships we’ve seen in sports in quite some time.

Other writers and bloggers will analyze the Favre/Childress dynamic today with words, insight, and coherent thoughts. We, on the other hand, will do it with funny pictures and large typeface.

Because just like Brett Favre throws bad interceptions and Brad Childress rocks the ‘stache, we like to play with pictures. So here you go:



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