Video: Mike Singletary and his steely gaze do not appreciate “dad-gum Yahoo commercials”

Last week, the San Francisco 49ers were demolished by the Seattle Seahawks. It was ugly, it was thorough, it was surprising, and it was embarrassing.

To make matters worse for the preseason NFC West darlings, there was a lot of fallout in the media (a microcosm here) that made it look like head coach Mike Singletary and offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye might not be on the same page with QB Alex Smith.

Such is life in a league where the regular season is comprised of 16 one-week seasons.

And in case you were wondering how Mike Singletary was dealing with it all, well, he would like you to know that HE’S NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT A DAD-GUM YAHOO COMMERCIAL!

Just watch. It’s worth it. Trust me.

(Note: video will take 5-10 seconds to pop up. Be patient. It’s coming. I promise.)

Update: Or…maybe not. Looks like they pulled the video down. Dad-gum-it.

Source: CBS San Francisco (hat tip: Pro Football Talk)

My favorite line (other than, of course, him referring to the Yahoo article as a “commercial”):

We will not try to stop Drew Brees. We will stop Drew Brees.

Yeah baby! That’s the fearsome middle linebacker we all know and love.

Singletary definitely has the 49ers headed in the right direction. They are not an elite team yet, but they are certainly better than they were when he got there. And you can best believe the 49ers will leave their locker room Monday night believing they WILL stop Drew Brees. Will they stop him? We’ll see. It’s certainly easier said than done.

It will be interesting to see this year and next if Singletary has what it takes to get the team over the hump. In case you didn’t realize it, Singletary is from the Mike Ditka Old School of Coaching, which purportedly is not supposed to work anyone. So far though, Singletary has made the 49ers competitive playing old school style football and, with a little tough love, has helped turn Vernon Davis from an underachieving malcontent into the highest paid tight end in NFL history.

As anyone in Chicago will tell you, never bet against Mike Singletary. The face may be a little bit aged and a little more worn, and the body no longer as physically imposing, but the winning attitude, the intensity, and the stare all remain.




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  1. The 49ers are about to get thrashed again.

  2. I wanna go hit somebody right now!!

  3. This guy is a head coach? Heaven help the 49ers…..

  4. dennis is classy, total pro

  5. I dont want to talk about YAHOO, Ask me about New Orleans.

  6. Alex doesn't have anything to prove, the O-line doesn't have anything to prove? They need to go out and PROVE they can play in the NFL coach! They don't just need to go out and play. They've done that and were AWFUL.

  7. Man Sing seems to be showing his true colors. What a jerk.

  8. WHO DAT

  9. Singletary knows what its like to win, how to win as a TEAM and if you read his BIO, he wasnt the biggest guy on the team yet he had heart and determination. People need to give him time to work this team out and his efforts are showing. One game in the season is not going to predict the future people.

    His no nonsense approach to coaching and treatment of players is needed. All the players are overpaid pre-madonna's anyways. Its time, like old school football days when Mike Dikta was in the league, that coach was respected and the players followed the script.

  10. Next year at this time the 49rs will have a different coach. This man, a great player, has no head coaching ability. He would make a good D-Coordinator for a college team that needs "rah-rah".

  11. livegrassvalley says:

    I wouldn't call this a rant by any means. O'Donnell had a big grin on his face, so he was enjoying this. Dennis Green and Jim Mora had rants…this won't be on a Coors Light commercial anytime soon.

  12. There is more to "old school" than being a grouch. "Old School" Ditka's record is nothing to write home about either. Take away a Buddy Ryan defense and Old School Ditka would have been a failure. Just look at his record in New Orleans.

  13. 49ers 18 NO 21

  14. I have never liked O'donnell for his constant Raiders bashing, but I will give credit where credit is due – he handled this with class.

  15. NinerNation says:

    By reading some of the above comments I assume none of you have ever actually played football. Its a violent game not meant for PC sissies who are easily offended. Why dont you guys do us real fans a favor and follow tennis or curling.

  16. You showed him Singetary! How dare he ask you questions during an interview!

  17. singletary just cause about football. He has no need to have to suck up to the media. He is a football coach. That is what they do, coach football. If you want him to be a media doll, then he should have taken journalism and be on the nightly news. Or he could have been a bone crushing linebacker for the bears on one of the greatest teams ever. 9ers are improving every year, every game. Had a litttle to much hype in preseason and it went to their heads. If you have ever played a division 1 sport or pros (which i did college and my dad was an Nfl linebacker for seattle and buffalo), you'd know this is how coaches should be. Telling people your players don't need to prove stuff cause they are good and when they get a tad cocky and play a game like last week, you tear them a new one and move on. Singletary is the answer to all the 49ers problems. Good man and good coach. If you don't see that, then you need to watch the games, and not think CNN and Sportscenter are the truth. Go Mike, Go 49ers! Bleed Gold and Red!

    • Hey, I agree with you in general. I thought he could have been a bit more diplomatic here, simply out of respect, but his fire and determination are what SF needs. Now hopefully they can play better tonight.

    • aaron copes says:

      iam a huge bears fan and that is the reason i watch the 9ers. You are right in so many ways. mike is a no nonsense player and coach. he also wears his heart on his sleeve, the intensity is shown on and off the feild, he cant help it. after week 1 the team left the the locker room wearing 3 shoes (2 on there feet and 1 in there ass) they will come out as the team they should be. if not because they have the talent; but because the fear in big mike. bless big mike and now bless the 9ers. Unless they play the bears.

  18. and plus this is a website called midwest sport fans. How many of you actually watch Niner games? I just wanted to see the interview and just noticed the sites name. Geez

  19. Mike Has a proven track record of leadership..He lead a bears defense to a Super Bowl victory. Defense is key in victory..Look what the Saints Defense did to to Farvre and Manning to win.
    Mike had alot to do with the Super Bowl ring on his hand. 1 more ring would be nice

  20. This is a man who will be out-coached in 16 games this year.

  21. You can't do interviews like that unless you win. If a coach doesn't have self-control, he's not going to manage a team.

  22. Mike Singletary is more of a MAN than any of you negitive morons,[Probley Aggies]Who are you to question his beleifs.He is a very positive guy….If given time he will win at SANFRAN.HE is a winner,period…..One of THE GREAT LINEBACKERS OF ALL TIME>>>GO MIKE,KICK SOME BUTT…………..Would make a GREAT college coach/BAYLOR…HIS GLASS IS HALF FULL

  23. 48% winning percentage as a head coach. Can't win on the road and can't beat any good teams. WOW what a great coach!!!

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