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Shaun Smith, Chief Package Handler (Updated w/ Video!)

Shaun Smith, formerly of the Cleveland Browns and now with the Kansas City Chiefs, has been accused of major violations of guy code. The details of the accusations can be found here, via Chuck Yarborough of The Plain Dealer.

Smith is not being accused of asking out a girl that he knew one of his friends liked without first seeking permission from said friend (aka the “Bros Before Hos” principle). As egregious a guy code violation as that would be, what Smith is actually being accused of is much, much worse.

Shaun Smith has been accused of sneak scrotal attacks against his fellow man. That’s right, Smith is going after other dudes below the belt where it really hurts. And it’s not an isolated incident. Two straight weeks now, Smith’s opponents have accused him of unnecessary, unsportsmanlike, and code violating genital hijinks.

shaun-smith-ball-grabbingFirst, Browns center Alex Mack got into an on-field altercation with Smith in Week 2. Smith allegedly grabbed Mack on or around the twig-n-bits area, which subsequently led to an enraged Mack getting a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty a few plays later.

Then, just last week, 49ers rookie tackle Anthony Davis accused Smith of trying to “feel” him, asking, “That’s weird, right?”

Yes Anthony. Yes it is. Unless you’re Shaun Smith. And then it seems it’s par for the course.

Browns fans might remember that Smith was once accused of punching Brady Quinn in the face during a weight room altercation. So whether he goes high or low, Smith clearly wants to leave a mark that his targets will remember.

Update: There is now video of Shaun Smith going after the cocknballs of Anthony Davis.


It sounds to me like Shaun Smith is just a big, immature, idiot, and something tells me he’ll get some payback the next time he’s stuck in a pile, especially if he ever crosses paths with Mack or Davis again. If Smith wants to avoid endangering his own package further and get out of the NFL, I know just the place where he can work:

Sounds like Shaun Smith’s kinda job, doesn’t it?

Screenshot via: w/ hat tip to Reddit

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