More 0-2 teams have recovered to make the NFL playoffs than you might think


History shows that 0-2 teams advance to the playoffs more often than people might think.  Since the current playoff format was instituted in 1990, 22 teams started 0-2 and still qualified for the postseason.

troy-emmitt-irvinThe 1993 Dallas Cowboys started 0-2 before winning Super Bowl XXVIII.

The 0-2 New England Patriots of 1996 played in Super Bowl XXXI, and in 2001, the 0-2 Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI.

Most recently, the 2007 New York Giants started 0-2 before winning Super Bowl XLII.

The 0-2 teams since 1990 to qualify for the playoffs:

1990 Houston Oilers 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
Philadelphia Eagles 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
New Orleans Saints 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
1991 Atlanta Falcons 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
1992 San Diego Chargers 0-4 Divisional Playoffs
1993 Pittsburgh Steelers 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
Dallas Cowboys 0-2 Won Super Bowl XXVIII
1994 New England Patriots 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
1995 Detroit Lions 0-3 Wild Card Playoffs
1996 New England Patriots 0-2 Lost Super Bowl XXXI
1998 Arizona Cardinals 0-2 Divisional Playoffs
Buffalo Bills 0-3 Wild Card Playoffs
New York Jets 0-2 Championship Game
2001 New England Patriots 0-2 Won Super Bowl XXXVI
2002 Atlanta Falcons 0-2 Divisional Playoffs
Pittsburgh Steelers 0-2 Divisional Playoffs
2003 Philadelphia Eagles 0-2 Championship Game
2006 Kansas City Chiefs 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
2007 New York Giants 0-2 Won Super Bowl XLII
2008 Miami Dolphins 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
Minnesota Vikings 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
San Diego Chargers 0-2 Divisional Playoffs


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