Fantasy Football 3-2-1: More Week 1 Advice on Potential Buy Low/Sell High Candidates

Some of the toughest decisions of the fantasy football season come during the season’s first few weeks. There is a high amount of volatility in the perceived value of players during this time period, making it a perfect time to execute buy low/sell high maneuvers.

If you’re right, of course.

There is nothing greater than making a trade for a struggling player who you just know will turn it around…and then see him turn around. On the contrary, there is nothing worse than trading away a player you think has peaked, only to see him kick it into another gear, but for someone else in your league.

So I decided to a video about it.

fantasy football week 1 buy low sell high candidates spiller brown cadillacIn the second edition of Fantasy Football 3-2-1 I analyze three running backs who I think could have huge first weeks but for whom trouble could be around the corner. This makes them sell high candidates if you can find someone willing to part with a stud in return.

Take note: Just because I say that CJ Spiller is a potential sell high candidate does not mean that I’d trade him for Rashad Jennings. Spiller still has a lot of value. But what if Jamaal Charles’ owner became enamored with Spiller after a terrific Week 1 against Miami? I’d do that without thinking twice.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to sell anyone high or buy anyone low; it all depends on your league, and how the owners in your league value particular players. But there are some things to look for when you’re targeting buy low/sell high guys.

Without further ado, let’s go to the video and discuss it in more depth.

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