Vote: NFL Playoff Predictions (featuring the most entertaining candid pictures of all 32 NFL head coaches)

There are so many reasons why I love the NFL that’s not even worth counting them. Although pretty far down the list, one of the multitudes of reasons I love the NFL is that there seems to be an endless supply of hilarious candid shots of over-serious NFL head coaches.

Other than college basketball coaches, I’m not sure the members of any coaching profession take themselves more seriously than football coaches do, both pro and college. That is what makes mocking funny candid shots of them so entertaining.

So, in this post, we celebrate the most entertaining picture of each NFL team’s current head coach.

jon-grudenThe only parameter I set (even though I didn’t always follow it…you’ll see) is that the coach had to be wearing team gear or at a team press conference.

And I’ll grant that there may be funnier pictures available of these coaches. What you see here is my choice from the first 10 pages of a Google Image search for the coach’s name. If you have better pictures, by all means provide links in the comment section.

Oh, and make sure you click on the links in each division heading for some classic pics from the past.

Now, here is where the playoff predictions come in:

  • Below each division is a poll.
  • You vote for the most entertaining picture, however you want to define it, or just for your favorite team, or for who you actually think will win. I don’t really care. We’re just having some fun here.
  • Before the season starts I will close the voting and figure out the results.
  • The team of the coach that gets the highest percentage of votes in each division wins the division.
  • The two highest non-division winners are the Wild Cards in each conference.
  • Seedings will be based on highest percentage to lowest and then there will be another post so you can vote again for the ultimate winner.

We’ll see how close this matches up to reality…which will probably be not at all. But I figured this was a more entertaining way to do preseason predictions than me giving me mine; this way we involve your input and goofy pictures. What could be better!?

And without further ado, here we go:

The Dave Wannstache AFC East

Buffalo Bills – Chan Gailey

chan-gailey-buffalo-billsPhoto source: David Duprey / The Associated Press via

Caption: How about we get the most boring picture, of the most boring coach, from the most boring team, out of the way right off the bat. Sound good? Cool. Done.

Miami Dolphins – Tony Sparano

tony-sparano-miami-dolphinsPhoto source: Wilfredo Lee/The Associated Press via

Caption: For the 378th time that night, Tony Sparano had to listen to a fan call him “Bill Parcells’ puppet”. He finally snapped. In the next frame, fire begins to emanate from his mouth.

New England Patriots – Bill Belichick

bill-belichick-new-england-patriotsPhoto Source: G. Fiume/Getty Images via

Caption: There were many funny Belicheat pics to choose from. I chose those one because it reminds me of the old lady in Buttercup’s dream sequence from the movie The Princess Brides. “You! YOU!” I bet that while Belichick was videotaping his opponents, he had plenty of paranoid dreams just like that.

Honorable Mention for Bill Belichick: Here and here.

New York Jets – Rex Ryan

rex-ryan-new-york-jetsPhoto Source: AP Photo/Gail Burton, File via

Caption: The man has lost some weight since this picture was taken, and good for him. But fat, jolly Rex Ryan will always be the most entertaining Rex Ryan.

Honorable Mention for Rex Ryan: This classic

Vote for your favorite:

  • Chan Gailey, Buffalo (4%, 54 Votes)
  • Tony Sparano, Miami (10%, 130 Votes)
  • Bill Belichick, New England (34%, 434 Votes)
  • Rex Ryan, New York Jets (52%, 658 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,276

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The Tony Dungy AFC South

Note: Yes, it’s okay to laugh at a picture of Tony Dungy. No, you won’t go to hell for it. (Probably.)

Indianapolis Colts – Jim Caldwell (aka Peyton Manning)

jim-caldwell-indianapolis-coltsPhoto Source: Stampede Blue

Caption: Colts head coach Peyton Manning sits on one knee with his elbow on his thigh. Colts assistant head coach Jim Caldwell mirrors him perfectly, as he is contractually obligated to do with everything Peyton says, does, and wants.

Houston Texans – Gary Kubiak

gary-kubiak-houston-texansPhoto Source:

Caption: Kubiak is either incensed by a replay on the JumboTron that shows the Texans got hosed by the officials…or he’s hungry for a damn hot dog and needs to get a vendor’s attention. Or Superman is flying through Reliant Stadium.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Jack Del Rio

jack-del-rio-jacksonville-jaguarsPhoto Source: Steve Jacobson/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images via

Caption: You think Del Rio is celebration? Nope. He just looked into the stands, saw that only 76 people were in attendance for kickoff, and decided to punch himself in the face.

Tennessee Titans – Jeff Fisher

jeff-fisher-tennessee-titansPhoto Source:

Caption: I know I said I was only going to show coaches wearing the colors of their current team, but when you have the option of Jeff Fisher wearing a Peyton Manning jersey…and apparently attempting to fly…well, you have to use that picture.

Vote for your favorite:

  • Jim Caldwell, Indianapolis (7%, 86 Votes)
  • Gary Kubiak, Houston (4%, 56 Votes)
  • Jack Del Rio, Jacksonville (13%, 164 Votes)
  • Jeff Fisher, Tennessee (76%, 962 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,268

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The Bill Cowher AFC North

Baltimore Ravens – John Harbaugh

john-harbaugh-baltimore-ravensPhoto Source: Rob Carr, AP via

Caption: Mid-practice, John Harbaugh went crazy and thought he was on the set of 24. He just pulled the black air cap out of a football, hoping he had diffused a bomb, and is now sprinting away from it before it “explodes”.

Cincinnati Bengals – Marvin Lewis

marvin-lewis-cincinnati-bengalsPhoto Source:

Caption: When a third Bengals player was arrested, mid-game, Lewis decided that he needed some Hulk Hogan-style intimidation to get his team to toe the line. This picture was taken right before he ripped his shirt off.

Cleveland Browns – Eric Mangini

eric-mangini-cleveland-brownsPhoto Source: tziller via PhotoBucket

No caption necessary. This picture is incredible.

Honorable Mention: Here and here.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Tomlin

mike-tomlin-pittsburgh-steelersPhoto Source: Lake Fong/Post-Gazette via

Caption: Curiously, I couldn’t find any pictures of Mike Tomlin; however, there were plenty of picture of actor Omar Epps wearing Steelers gear. Here is one of Epps celebrating the Steelers’ most recent Super Bowl.

Honorable Mention: Here

Vote for your favorite:

  • John Harbaugh, Baltimore (27%, 359 Votes)
  • Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati (6%, 76 Votes)
  • Eric Mangini, Cleveland (54%, 717 Votes)
  • Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh (13%, 169 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,321

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The Marty Schottenheimer AFC West

Note: Hey coaches, this is how you react to a Gatorade bath. Ken Whisenhunt (see end of post) could learn a little something.

Denver Broncos – Josh McDaniels

josh-mcdaniels-denver-broncosPhoto Source: Deadspin

Caption: Let’s just hope that Josh McDaniels never gets fired because he is the most photogenic of all NFL coaches. No one has more unintentionally hilarious candid shots than McDaniels.

Honorable Mention: Here and here and here and here

Kansas City Chiefs – Todd Haley

todd-haley-kansas-city-chiefsPhoto Source: Ed Zurga/AP via

Caption: During yet another Chiefs loss, Todd Haley decided to participate in a game of “Popcorn Toss” being played by fans. Here, he awaits his opportunity to catch a piece of popcorn in his mouth.

Oakland Raiders – Tom Cable

tom-cable-oakland-raidersPhoto Source:

Caption: Hey, that’s not Tom Cable! No, it’s not. It’s the star of Tales From the Crypt.

San Diego Chargers – Norv Turner

norv-turner-san-diego-chargersPhoto Source: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images) via Bleacher Report

Caption: During the playoffs, Norv Turner likes to do what fans of any team he is coaching like to do: shield his eyes from the inevitable disappointment by not watching.

Vote for your favorite:

  • Josh McDaniels, Denver (26%, 310 Votes)
  • Todd Haley, Kansas City (5%, 59 Votes)
  • Tom Cable, Oakland (66%, 787 Votes)
  • Norv Turner, San Diego (3%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,191

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The Bill Parcells NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – Wade Phillips (aka Jerry Jones)

jerry-jones-dallas-cowboysPhoto Source:

Caption: We know who calls the shots in Big D, and it’s not the guy in the puffy jacket.

New York Giants – Tom Coughlin

tom-coughlin-new-york-giantsPhoto Source: John Iacono/SI via

Caption: Tom Coughlin – coach, taskmaster, time Nazi…and graceful ballerina.

Honorable Mention: Here and here and here

Philadelphia Eagles – Andy Reid

andy-reid-philadelphia-eaglesPhoto Source: Carolyn Caster, AP via Lehigh Valley Live

Caption: DeSean Jackson weighs 97 pounds. Andy Reid takes dumps that weigh more than that. Yet, Reid looks like he’s getting the difficult end of this collision. Come on Andy, man up.

Washington Redskins – Mike Shanahan

mike-shanahan-washingtonPhoto Source:

Caption: There aren’t enough pictures of Shanahan in Redskins gear yet, so I went with this classic picture of Creepy Mike Shanahan creepin’ at a wedding. (Caution: don’t stare directly into the eyes; they will steal a piece of your soul.)

Vote for your favorite:

  • Wade Phillips, Dallas (27%, 328 Votes)
  • Tom Couglin, New York (17%, 210 Votes)
  • Andy Reid, Philadelphia (34%, 406 Votes)
  • Mike Shanahan, Washington (22%, 263 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,207

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The Jim Mora Diddely Poo NFC South

Atlanta Falcons – Mike Smith

mike-smith-atlanta-falconsPhoto Source: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images via

Caption: I’m drawing a blank here. There isn’t too much funny about Mike Smith or this picture. Just move along. Nothing to see here.

Carolina Panthers – John Fox

john-fox-carolina-panthersPhoto Source: Doug Benc/Getty Images via

Caption: John Fox hasn’t pooped in two weeks. Poor guy. And Jake Delhomme’s fourth interception of the quarter isn’t helping matters.

New Orleans Saints – Sean Payton

sean-payton-new-orleans-saintsPhoto Source:

Caption: A probably drunk Sean Payton considers throwing the Lombardi Trophy while appreciating his firm glutes through decades-old blue jeans. Killer sweatshirt dude.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Raheem Morris

raheem-morris-tampa-bay-buccaneersPhoto Source:

Caption: Young Raheem had begun this particular Sunday morning with a bowl of Alphabits and an Inspector Gadget marathon. Here, he is showing off his affection for Dr. Claw.

Vote for your favorite:

  • Mike Smith, Atlanta (6%, 64 Votes)
  • John Fox, Carolina (38%, 411 Votes)
  • Sean Payton, New Orleans (22%, 237 Votes)
  • Raheem Morris, Tampa Bay (35%, 376 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,088

Loading ... Loading ...

The Mike Ditka NFC North

Chicago Bears – Lovie Smith

lovie-smith-chicago-bearsPhoto Source:

Caption: Lovie is as unexpressive as it gets on the sidelines, so I had to break my rules and go with this pimptastic picture of a young, surely lady-killing Lovie in a badass white suit that no white guy could ever pull off. Well done sir.

Detroit Lions – Jim Schwartz

jim-schwartz-detroit-lionsPhoto Source: Philip Zaroo via

Caption: These two clearly enjoy the movie Dumb & Dumber. Here, the guy on the left says, “So he said, do you love me? And she says …” And then in unison, as this picture is snapped, they complete the joke: “…No, but that’s a real nice ski mask!”

Green Bay Packers – Mike McCarthy

mike-mccarthy-green-bay-packersPhoto Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images via

Caption: I think Mike McCarthy’s mom dressed him before this ostensibly cold night in Packerland.

Minnesota Vikings – Brad Childress

brad-childress-minnesota-vikingsPhoto Source: Scott Boehm/Getty Images via

Caption: Surprisingly, there aren’t that many funny pictures of Brad Childress that come up in Google Images. So I chose one that features the goofiest aspect of Childress’ gameday attire: his telemarketer’s headset. This picture was actually taken right as someone is requesting that he not call during dinner hours.

Vote for your favorite:

  • Lovie Smith, Chicago (35%, 385 Votes)
  • Jim Schwartz, Detroit (36%, 388 Votes)
  • Mike McCarthy, Green Bay (22%, 243 Votes)
  • Brad Childress, Minnesota (7%, 72 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,088

Loading ... Loading ...

The Mike Holmgren NFC West

Arizona Cardinals – Ken Whisenhunt

ken-whisenhunt-arizona-cardinalsPhoto Source: Michael Chow/The Arizona Republic via

Caption: Apparently when you shower Ken Whisenhunt with Gatorade he immediately starts sleepwalking. Nice.

San Francisco 49ers – Mike Singletary

mike-singletary-san-francisco-49ersPhoto Source: Bleacher Report

Caption: There were some funny on-field shots of Singletary, but this one wins for three reasons: 1) the superbly buttoned top button; 2) the wry smile; 3) the incredible mustache. Remember, when trying to find funny/entertaining pictures, mustaches break all ties.

Seattle Seahawks – Pete Carroll

pete-carroll-seattle-seahawksPhoto Source: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images via

Caption: I don’t know what Pete Carroll is trying to explain here, but I guarantee he’s being smug and lying. (Oh, and Pete, might want to have surgery on that jacked up ring finger. It’s as crooked as your personality.)

St. Louis Rams – Steve Spagnuolo

steve-spagnuolo-ramsPhoto Source: Bleacher Report


Vote for your favorite:

  • Ken Whisenhunt, Arizona (17%, 173 Votes)
  • Mike Singletary, San Francisco (40%, 402 Votes)
  • Pete Carroll, Seattle (24%, 242 Votes)
  • Steve Spagnuolo, St. Louis (18%, 185 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,002

Loading ... Loading ...

Voting will close Sunday, August 29th, and 11:59:59 so check back then for results.

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I love words. I write for Copyblogger and founded MSF, The Assembly Call, & Primility. I practice yoga, eat well, & strive for balance. I love life. Namaste. Say hi on Twitter, Facebook, & G+.


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