Witnessing the Fall of the Cavaliers Empire

May 13, 2010.

The date which could be known as the final day of the Cavaliers as an elite.

The day that hell broke loose in every media outlet, and the day that Twitter had sprung at least 3 types of trending topics which included either LeBron, Cavs, Cavs suck, and plenty of others surrounding the LeBron/2010 hoopla.

But since then, basketball has been played. The Magic were vanquished, as were the Suns, and the Finals was set. Set in great fashion it was, with the two most historic franchises in NBA history; the Lakers and Celtics.

But this is not about that, this is about how the Cleveland Cavaliers are falling apart. In a way, it much resembles the Roman Empire.

Led by a strong leader, Caesar, which in Cleveland’s case is LeBron James, began a strong start to a season, as they sold out practically every game imaginable, then were leading the way at the All-Star break.

Things didn’t change in the second-half of the season, as the Cavs remained in the lead until the last day of the 82-game season, and finished strong with a 61-21 season. Not as good as last season’s 66-18 record, but still a great plateau.

Then came the playoffs, the city of Cleveland was in complete euphoria, with the feeling the Cavs had the strongest argument to win the title; I mean, they had the best player in the NBA, they had one of the better benches in the league, and had newly acquired Antawn Jamison from the Wizards in a snag deal. Thing were pretty much rolling in Ohio.


The first round matchup was pretty much an ease for Cleveland, as they took on the very young, but athletic Chicago Bulls. Heck, LeBron at one point thought of it just testing his team out, testing the rotations and testing out the team’s tenacity. The most excitement in the series, was Joakim Noah’s rants, but other than that..it was bland. The series was quickly over in 5 games.

lebron-james-kevin-garnettThen came the long awaited rematch with the Celtics. The last time these two teams met in the playoffs, was in 2008 when LeBron and co. were not nearly as prepared for a Finals run, as they were this time around. So, the Cavs, Cleveland and even some Boston fans I knew were prepared for a Cavs/Magic Eastern Conference Finals. But then..things took a turn for the worse, as Cleveland picked up a loss at home in Game 2. But, the Cavs redeemed themselves, and stole a victory from Boston on the road, and things began to go back to normal…sadly, it was the last time things would be that way.

Boston quickly won a home game against Cleveland, and knotted the series up. They were on a roll, and then demolished Cleveland in possibly their most embarrassing playoff loss ever.

The rumors began to fly, whether it was LeBron’s elbow, Delonte West with LeBron’s mom or plenty others. Things were not looking good on the Cavs side of things. So how would they respond?

The Cavs would end up losing the decisive Game 6 in Cleveland, as the Celtics look like they had awoken from a long slumber, leaving LeBron, the Cavs, the city of Cleveland and Ohio in utter disgust. Again, the Cavs would reach another early offseason.

Things at this point are very bitter and confusing in Cleveland. The Cavs were just taken out by what looked like a washed up C’s team, and LeBron might have played his last game with a Cavs jersey on. Clear reason to be bitter.

As the offseason arrived, the Cavs had numerous questions; who would the Cavs fire? What changed were to come? Any trades? Would they even attempt to resign LeBron?

Well the first major move came not too long ago, as the Cavs decided to fire head coach Mike Brown, on May 25th whom had the most wins, and highest winning percentage in the past two season combined. Just goes to show how bad Cleveland wants a championship.

Then today, as I was exploring the Twitterverse, a surprising tweet came along from Cavs insider, Brian Windhorst:

“Danny Ferry tells the Plain Dealer he has resigned as general manager of the Cavs”

Hearing this solidified one thing in my mind: The Cavaliers are definitely moving in another direction.

Danny Ferry who practically stole Mo Williams from the Bucks, Shaq from the Suns, and Antawn Jamsion from the Wizards, was announced to have parted ways with the organization around 2:00 PM ET, on June 4th.


Now with the two key figures in Cavaliers management, and tactical approach long gone, where do the Cavs go from here? Will there be a whole roster change? Does Dan Gilbert have something up his sleeve?

Does LeBron change ways with the Cavs, or take his own direction? Maybe, maybe not. But maybe on last Tuesday’s interview with Larry King on CNN, LeBron might have been honest, when saying Cleveland has the edge.


Might I add, there is the rumor flying that  Mo Williams and Delonte are on the trade block for the Cavs.

What’s next? Tom Izzo to coach the Cavaliers?

Who knows….

…no one knows, but I can guarantee all of you fans out there, that this summer will be hellish, so stick along for the ride, and I promise I will as well.

More to come…


* – Quick Loans Arena image source

* – LeBron & KG image source

* – Mike and Ferry image source


  1. I agree that sadly, the Cavs are disintegrating. I watched LeBron's interview with Larry King, and he seemed sincere about Cleveland having sentimental value for him, but I don't think that will be his deciding factor come July 1. It's just a mess, and nobody seems to know why. I'll definitely keep watching and wondering, right along with everyone else.

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