NBA Finals Recap (Game 1): Battle in the Trenches

NBA Finals 2010 (Game 1): Celtics – 89/Lakers – 102

So, what can I say from watching this game last night?

Well, I was right when I said that the Lakers big men are the key in this series.

Second;  Kobe Bryant may be one of the most unstoppable offensive performers of all-time. Third, the Lakers defense has definitely improved from the ’08 showdown, and that just could be the difference.


First off, the Lakers did what they wanted to do. They came out booming! From the get-go, as I was sitting down at a bar, watching the first quarter, I said to myself, “Lakers are taking this one.” But not because of how well the Lakers were playing, but because of the lack of spirits the Celtics were showing. The only spirit I saw the entire game from the Celtics, was about the only time Boston had the lead, when Ron and Pierce got into it to start the game. Not a bad start, eh?

But let’s be honest things always have to start off and end with Kobe Bryant. The guy finished with a very, very strong 30 points, and by the way, the guy can do more than scoring as he also added in 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Then for his defensive effort he had his occasional steal, but then stuffed Tony Allen after learning his first-time around that Allen has hops, for his only block of the game. When you have Kobe putting up +5 in the rebounds and assists categories, you know he’s doing more than just scoring, and when that’s the case, you have a great shot at winning.

And the main reason the Lakers won…?

Pau Gasol came out gunning, and took it to the Celtics interior, probably just as Phil Jackson wrote it out. And how could that not have been a smart call? When you have KG coming fresh off a knee injury from last-season, Kendrick Perkins one tech away from being suspended a game, why wouldn’t you attack that hole?

Then probably one of the more beautiful parts of the game that truly showed if the Lakers played at full potential,they can win anything, was when Derek Fisher saw the mismatch between he and KG, so Fish decided to take it to the rack, go up with the left hand, then flick to Bynum, whom was rolling on the left side, then jammed it right inside of the Celtics defense.

So, what about that Celtics defense? You know, the one that brought them right into these Finals? Well, it was nonchalant and not-showing. The Celtics had the Lakers shooting 40% from three, and nearly 50% from the field. As for the Celtics, well KG and Perk only finished with a combined 24 points, which is only 1 point more than Gasol’s 23 points. Then that kid Rondo, who showed so much promise, only gave in 13 points and seemed like a non-factor this game to me. Let’s not forget Ray and Pierce! Allen came up poor as well in the stat-box, as he finished with 13 points, on 3/8 shooting, and 0 rebounds or assists. As for Paul, he was the only fighting Celtic out there, as he finished with a solid 24 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists. Then there’s the  Celtics horrible 1/10 3-point shooting, but I can go on and on bashing the Celtics.

In the end, LA showed up and Boston didn’t. Much work is needed for Game 2, and if Boston continues this poor play, I’m calling Lakers in 5.


  1. The big men may yet be the key to series victory, but the reason I believe LA can win are guys like Farmar and Brown. Boston does not have players like this, and it shows. They did in 2008, not in 2010. Otherwise, yes, LA has better big men — augmented by the fact Garnett is a vastly overrated player, always has been. Let's just hope for a decent series after the most predictable and abysmal NBA playoffs in my 30 years watching the NBA (not to mention all the incessant and unnecessary days off)

    • Without a doubt, the Lakers have the edge in the big man department. But I wont got as far as saying,KG is overrated. That's just not riight, IMO.

      The Celtics are better at the PG spot, so I look for them to exploit Fisher and co. with Nate & Rondo.

  2. He's a great player, just overrated. No way he is the top echelon with the Kobes, Lebrons, Wades, etc. He is one of three guys that leads the team. He is not a leader in the Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kobe, Shaq, Wade, Duncan sense.

    He did nothing — absolutely NOTHING — in Game 4 down the stretch and the team won. Enough said.

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