Hey LeBron, make sure you watch this video: “Welcome to Newark”

Hat tip to The Big Lead for posting the below video in his roundup today.

I agree: of all the Empire State of Mind parodies, this is clearly the best one…and the choruses are cleverly hilarious.

welcome-to-newarkSo yeah, LeBron, as you’re deciding where to go this month just remember that if you go to the Nets, despite how well done the song is from a production standpoint, this is New Jersey’s capital.

I know Cleveland and Akron aren’t exactly the lost cities of Atlantis, but would this really be much of an upgrade? (Not to mention, the team won 12 games all year!!!)

And before anyone says, “Well that’s just Newark, the team is moving to Brooklyn soon anyway.” Yes, that’s true, but not right away.

And for others who will say, “Well forget about the Nets! He’s coming to the Knicks anyway.” Oh yeah? You sure about that?

I find it a little hard to believe that LeBron would want to associate himself with this kind of “winning” history:

Before too long, even the great LeBron would probably start playing like this once the debilitating osmosis of the Knicks uniform took over:

Anyway, just a couple of random thoughts for LeBron to keep in mind while he watches Game 7 tonight and dreams of someday winning one of them.

This whole post was probably pointless though…you know, since he’s just going to end up in Chicago anyway.

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