MSF Podcast w/ Will Leitch: Talking Cardinals, Bartman, Baseball, Books, and Some Whitlock

Yesterday I had the good fortune of getting to spend about 45 minutes on the phone with a true sports blogging pioneer: Will Leitch, the founding editor of Deadspin, author, and currently a contributing editor for New York Magazine.

Will has a new book that recently was published called Are We Winning, which chronicles a Cubs-Cardinals game that he and his father went to. Will uses the game as a vehicle to touch on many bigger issues of baseball, life, and relationships, especially those between fathers and sons.

You can buy the book via Amazon here: Are We Winning [affiliate]

I think you’ll really enjoy our conversation, which is wide ranging on a number of topics related to baseball.

msf-podcast-will-leitch-jerod-morrisHave a listen:

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If you’d like a quick preview of the topics we discuss, here are a few:

  • What it’s like cheering for the great Albert Pujols.
  • How Will became a Cardinals fan.
  • What is the mysterious magic of Dave Duncan? (And is it more perception and than reality?)
  • Why baseball is better today than ever before.
  • How Cubs fans should have reacted to the Steve Bartman situation.
  • What it is about baseball that inherently makes it such a perfect sports for men, especially fathers and sons, to relate to eachother through.
  • Does Will have designs on challenging Bill Simmons for his Amazon-reviewer-awarded throne as “America’s best sportswriter”?
  • And why Jason Whitlock is a big, fat, idiot (okay, Will doesn’t go that far, but he certainly takes exception to me referring to Whitlock as one of America’s most popular sportswriters.)
  • And a lot more.

As for the somewhat freaskish picture over there to your right, that is my goofy head on Bill Simmons’ body. Here is the original picture. As you know, for every article and every subject, I always try to use the funniest, goofiest picture I can find to serve as a humorous accoutrement to whatever post I’m writing. Since Will was nice enough to give me 45 minutes of his Sunday, I figured I’d opt against trotting out some of the funnier images that typically make their way to the front pages of Deadspin. (Like this one.)

In regards to our conversation, I really enjoyed it. I make mention during the podcast that he and I were able to jump right into talking about baseball like we’d spoken many times before. That’s the beauty of sports, and of baseball in particular. It provides an immediate common ground and common interest upon which you can talk and ultimately get to know someone. This is one of the themes of Will’s new book.

Have a listen and enjoy it. I really appreciated the opportunity to conduct the interview and my thanks go out to Will.

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And one more plug for the book. Get it for Father’s Day and read it yourself first. Or get two copies so you have your own. But get it. It’s good.


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  1. Stumbled upon your podcast interview with Will while checking out reviews of his book. Good stuff…thanks for sharing.

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