10 Reasons Dwight Howard Could and Should be an Actor

Dwight Howard.

Some call him the new Superman. Some – like Shaq – call him the fake Superman. But one word that everyone uses to describe Dwight Howard is fun.

Among personalities and characters in the NBA, few are on the level of the Orlando Magic’s fun loving center.

That’s why I decided to count down the 10 most compelling reasons why Dwight Howard could and should have a post-NBA career as an actor, which is exactly what he wants to do when he hangs up his high tops.

And you know what? Hopefully he wouldn’t make a movie as bad as that other former Magic center who liked to act did…

The fact is, if Howard does end up as an actor, he’ll be following in one of the greatest time-honored traditions of NBA centers. There was Shaq in Blue Chips (and, yes, the unfortunate Kazaam); there was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Airplane and Bruce Lee’s Game of Death, and then there was even mammoth Greg Ostertag in Eddie.

So will Dwight follow in their foot steps? I think he should; he certainly has the talent. And after seeing these 10 reasons, you will too!

1. Acting as a bully against grade school kids; at least, I think he’s acting…

2. He’s not scared to impersonate the BIGGEST man in America

3. Screw the Kobe & LeBron puppets!

Image source: Slam Online

4. Anyone that can dunk better than MJ and ‘Bron gets my vote!

5. Just your friendly neighborhood..Oh wait! Wrong super hero..

6. It’s a bird…it’s a plane..Oh no, wait…it’s (SHH! Shaq might hear you…)

Image source: CounterKicks.com

7. He can impersonate Chuck…

8. …and Stan Van Gundy…

9. …Arnold Schwarzenegger…

10. …and Kobe & LeBron! ( see here: http://bit.ly/9X7zk7)

So there are 10 pretty compelling reasons right? And after seeing all of that you might think that Howard is simply goofing his way all the way through the playoffs.


Not so much.

One thing is for sure: as of late, this guy is has sure been walking around with his superhero cape off, and his attitude at and all new level that is, dare I say, serious.

But I think by now we’ve seen enough of Dwight Howard to know what his real personality is and what’s an act.

So I guess there are actually 11 reasons why Dwight Howard could and should be an actor after his ballin’ days are done.

He’s doing a pretty good job of it right now, and Intense Dwight has his Magic now just two wins away from pulling off the great comeback in NBA history.


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