Epidemic of Crappy College Promo Videos Infests Hoosier State

At some point I’ll stop shaking my head so I can actually type.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with the major universities in my home state?

Over the course of the last year, promotional videos have been released for Purdue and Notre Dame that are so lame, so pathetic, and so utterly turdly, that they defy description.

I’m damn near speechless.

Here is the Notre Dame video. If I said it sucks I would be guilty of severely understating its suckiness.

So just watch it.

Totally Lame Notre Dame Promo Video

notre-dame-promo-videoGive Notre Dame credit for creativity and writing ability though. “We are N-D, We are Notre Dame.” Those are some pretty awesome, catchy lyrics there…(as a certain Conan O’Brien character might say) for me to poop on!

And now, here is the aforementioned Purdue video.

Turdly Purdue Promo Video

Nooooo!!!!! They took it down! That sucks!

If you don’t believe me that the Purdue video was awful, read this and read this.

And now it’s even worse in my mind. What Boilers, one IU fan makes fun of your video so you take your ball and go home? I had so much fun pointing people to that video and laughing hysterically with them while they watched it.

I didn’t think I could hate Purdue any more. I was wrong.

Anyway, since Purdue’s “Give Back” promo video is no longer available for pointing and laughing, here is video of Ron Dayne making a Purdue football player his bitch back in the day:

I mean, if you really want to promote Purdue accurately, you might as well just show people this video with the following slogan: “Purdue: where all that’s worthy of getting banged is the giant drum.”

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  1. Sounds pretty reasonable to me dude.

    Lou http://www.anonymous-vpn.tk

  2. I believe that's Freekbass in the Notre Dame video. One hell of a bass player.

  3. JoeMoe says:

    This video does capture all the excitement that is south bend in winter

  4. I hate Notre Dame.

  5. NicholasGerlach says:

    That is Freekbass….proud to say I've jammed with him before. Pretty weird to see him in a Notre Dame video. I'm pretty sure that he's an OSU fan since he's from Cincinnati.

  6. Ok, someone show me an example a good promo video. I'm pretty sure they all have washed up bands with cheesy lyrics.

  7. Conservative Mark says:

    They must use artificial turf during football season so their cheer leaders don't graze.

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