Don’t Believe Wikipedia: Hawk Harrelson Does NOT Love Licking Sack

Saw a tweet from Ben Garmoe earlier today that highlighted some shenanigans on Hawk Harrelson’s Wikipedia page.

Because these things can be altered quickly, I got a screenshot of said shenanigans so you can all see what I’m talking about.

Apparently the editors of Hawk’s Wikipedia page don’t like my favorite baseball announcer very much because they fabricated quite a catch phrase for the voice of the White Sox:


(Click on the image to enlarge. Source: Hawk Harrelson Wikipedia page)

So apparently Hawk likes to yell “I love licking sack” when the bases are loaded. As someone who listens to Hawk as much as I can, I can say that I have never once heard head say this.

Now, we all know that Hawk does, from time to time, figuratively licks the sacks of Ted Williams, George Brett, and some of his other favorite former and current players. Some people are annoyed by this; I think it’s part of what makes Hawk entertaining. He is always talking about the good ‘ol days, and I think that’s a nice perspective to have.

So yeah, there is so figurative sack licking going on in the booth, but come on Wikipedia…he doesn’t come right out and say it!

Hawk shouldn’t feel to bad though. Wikipedia got Colorado football coach Dan Hawkins pretty good too:

Hawkins was diagnosed with SUCK on December 16th, 2005, when he took the Colorado job. He has been fighting the disease ever since, but has yet to beat it up until this point.

The takeaway? If your name has “Hawk” anywhere in it, monitor your Wikipedia page with a fine-toothed comb.

Finally, for no good reason at all, I will leave you with a far-too-close-up picture of dear Hawk, who is absolutely my favorite person to listen to when the White Sox are playing.

Unfortunately, this picture makes Hawk look far too much like Sloth from The Goonies. And while Hawk is now Tom Paciorek, he’s better looking that what you see here. Bad lighting. And I think his left ear fell off before the picture.


The source for the above photo is Around the Horn in KC, a Kansas City Royals blog on They did a nice feature on Hawk if you want learn more about the man who invented the batting glove…but who does not love licking sack (literally).

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  1. Hawk should have been put out to pasture years ago. Steve Stone was put in there to help with ratings. Most Sox fans do what I do. That is turn down the TV volume and listen to Ed Farmer on the radio. When Ed Farmer and Steve Stone were on the radio together it was top notch.


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