Facebook Abuse: One of Many Reasons Why Facebook Sucks (Plus Other Tuesday Funnies)

Nestled at the bottom of today’s Hot Clicks (hint: follow @jimmytraina) is an outstanding video that I feel needs to be shared with the masses, mainly because nearly every single person implied by the phrase “the masses” is probably on Facebook.

And in my humble opinion, Facebook sucks.

Yes, Facebook has its positives. At one time it was a nice, organized, relatively private and controlled way to keep in touch with friends and family, share photos and events, and – in a much less garish way than MySpace – create your own little personal shrine to yourself on the web. (Narcissism rules!)

It is not that anymore.

facebook-sucks-man-in-the-boxI, of course, once actively used my Facebook account but deactivated it about a year ago. For those curious, yes, it has made my online life much easier and less cluttered. No, I do not really feel like I’m missing out on anything.

Many of you have asked why MSF does not have an official Facebook page, and it’s a good question. We probably should; but I’ve developed an even more severe disdain for what Facebook has become, thus keeping MSF off of it can be pretty accurately described as my own subconscious, irrational, traffic-debilitating act of petulant social media rebellion.

Anyway, I may or may not get around to getting MSF officially on Facebook at some point. Regardless, I highly doubt I’ll ever use it all that much personally in the future other than logging in once in a great while when I forget someone’s birthday or contact info, and then immediately deactivating again to prevent – among other things – being ‘facebook abused’, as the aforementioned video below sums up perfectly.

Video: Facebook Abuse by Man in the Box (warning: NSFW language)

While I am sure that some will find the snarky, caustic humor of Mike Polk (the “man in the box”) a little off-putting – especially those of you who fall into the Facebook stereotypes he lambastes – I think he’s hilarious. He’s also probably in his late-20s, early-30s, so he and I probably have a lot in common.

Regardless, “Man in the Box” has a pretty prolific YouTube Channel, so the rest of the these videos are embedded for you to enjoy if you want to continue procrastinating at work.

Video: Greg’s Lawsuit by Man in the Box

Video: Blooper Police by Man in the Box

Video: The One Upper by Man in the Box

For more, check out the Man in the Box YouTube channel. I just checked it out for the first time today, and this post was the result. So obviously it’s pretty entertaining.

Thanks for indulging in me in this off-topic respite from the sports world. The truth is, I work in social media…so I’m not sure my boss would appreciate an anti-Facebook rant on any of our other sites. Since he’s not into a Midwest sports, I figure I’m safe here among friends.

Now back to your regularly schedule procrastinating on other websites.

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  1. Justin Whit says:

    Yah, MySPace totally kicks them to the curb!


  2. david wayne osedach says:

    I never thought about Facebook this way.

  3. this is a new angle of viewing FB.

  4. Jeff Bean says:

    Thank you… Same thing I have said from the beginning. Finally people are seeing it for what it is. Really why would you want to talk to people you went to school with for the rest of your life? Why would you want to talk to people after you just left them at work? Pathetic waste of time. The computer now owns you, and your creative likeness, just like you job does when your hired. Everyone has been owned for nothing more than psychological evaluation and statistics. Clap, Clap, Clap ass clowns.

  5. Wow! Totally! Because it is so hard to tell your co-workers: "I am only on Facebook for my family and/or old high school/college friends."
    You guys (AJK) act as if you don't control who you are and aren't friends with.
    You do know thay you can set it up so the stupid game update aren't in your news feed, right?
    Lastly, if this video is indicative of how you feel about facebook (and the fact that he hates his co-workers), what does that mean about your feelings toward your fellow pajama writers on this blog?
    Trust me, I am not a facebook mark, but your guys' (AJK) holier than thou attitude annoys me so much some times. Neither of you even list YOUR personal reasons for not liking facebook, you simply cut and paste the video (of something that I've seen multiple permutations of all over the net). Maybe if either of you guys (AJK) gave a meaningful argument with your concerns and dislikes about the site, I could be swayed to empathise and agree, but instead you both (AJK) write (and I imagine in a whiney, nasally tone), "just watch the video. . . (since I apparently can't think for myself)."

  6. It makes me glad I got rid of my facebook for good too. It isn't so fun as they portray it. People on facebook will either ignore you for good or they can BUG you like a plague at times. Makes you think twice on why you did it, since it never makes sense why you have them on your list. The scary things about community networks is common though. Funny video from facebook abuse, since I went through somehwhat simular times, haha!

  7. maximumfiction says:

    Perhaps of interest is my essay "Long on Face, Short on Book: My Experiences on Facebook and Why I Quit."

  8. Old mypsace was good but facebook is still better, though I can't agree more with these guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Baom-Mloexg


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