March MADness: 22 Pictures of the Angriest College Basketball Coaches in America

March Madness is upon us, so as part of our continuing coverage here at MSF I thought it might be fun to do something a little different.

Lacking any motivation to do serious bubble or conference tournament analysis, I decided to spend a half hour with Google Images and find some of the funniest pictures of college basketball coaches that were available.

The result is what follows, a pictorial celebration of the MAD in March Madness, featuring the coaches of the current top 16 teams in America, as well as five others thrown in for good (see: hilarious) measure.

There are captions…so it’s not like I totally shirked my responsibility for analysis…(and trust me, you’ll see plenty of serious analysis here once the tourney actually starts.)

[Note: Click on the thumbnail to enlarge; click again on the enlarged picture to shrink it and choose another.]

[nggallery id=10]

Make sure you click next for the right arrow or right here for the bonus picture. It’s the best one of them all.

Now that you’re done laughing at the most successful college basketball coaches in America, get ready for March Madness 2010. As always, should be a thrilling three weeks.

Or not…if you ask Jim Calhoun.

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  1. Jess Woods says:

    Wow, they need to get over it dude.


  2. Picture 10/20:

    "What do you mean you lost the key to the bathroom?! I'm kicking down the f*cking door!"


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