Epic Battle: The Two Worst Sportscasts of All Time

As usual, today’s Hot Clicks was full of tasty morsels of sporting goodness, with the video below being the highlight.

The video features Matt Lorch (hence the name “Lorchcast”) and is quite possibly the worst sportscast of all time when you consider the host’s failures and the numerous production mishaps.

It was uploaded to YouTube on August 18th of 2006, so it’s not new. But it is funny…very funny…because, well, you just don’t get to see this kind of ineptitude on television very often.

As Jimmy Traina says in his Hot Clicks introduction to the video “sit back, relax and enjoy it.”


lorchast v boom goes the dynamite - brian collins and matt lorchWatching this video got me thinking about whether this is, in fact, the worst sportscast of all time. If you watched even a minute of it, you’ll no doubt agree that it’s in the discussion.

So this seemed like the perfect excuse to trot out an old favorite: the infamous “Boom goes the dynamite” sportscast, which spawned a new catchphrase for dorky, sports-obsessed, 20-somethings like me to use over and over and at completely unnecessary times.

If you haven’t seen it, you have to watch the video below. Chances are good that you have seen it, but then you’ll agree that it’s definitely worth another viewing.

“Boom Goes the Dynamite”

It goes without saying Brian Collins is my all-time favorite sportscaster. And he should be yours too.

Now the obvious question is: which of these two epically bad sportscast is worse? (or, in a strange, ironic way – because of how much pure, unintentional comedic enjoyment they provide – maybe I should say…better?)

Which of these infamously bad sportscasts is worse?

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I voted for the Lorchcast.

Sorry, but I have to support Brian Collins. He actually apologizes to someone off camera in the middle of his sportscast, and while his performance is an absolute one-man trainwreck – whereas the Lorchcast combines Matt’s ineptitude with several technical and production miscues – the Collins video gave us “Boom goes the dynamite”, a catchphrase for which we are all forever in his debt.

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  1. I gotta go with Boom Goes the Dynamie…all time favorite.

  2. I actually feel slightly bad for Collins, as painful as it was to watch it. Lorch, though… wow.

  3. Gotta go with Lorch; his is supposed to be a professional deal…Collins is just a college kid in way over his head…………boom goes the dynamite.

  4. Lorchcast just made me fee sooooo much more uncomfortable. Collins was just geeky.

  5. passes to "the man" :-)

  6. As a former TV sportscaster (who used to work for one of Lorch’s competing stations), I can vouch that most anchors who have worked in small markets have had shows just as bad as the Lorchcast. The majority of people rolling tapes, running audio, operating cameras, and even directing these newscasts are high school kids who could give a crap if the show looks horrible. There is no worse feeling than seeing the show crumble around you. Thankfully, most of those videos don’t make it to YouTube.

    • That is true. And thankfully for most of those stations and anchors, jackass sports bloggers don’t post about them so they are on SI.com and the front page of Digg. Unfortunately for Lorch, he was not so lucky. Collins, of course, was already infamous.

  7. Can't put too much blame on Lorch. Every time he tried to cut to something else, it messed up. Not his fault. And of course that will throw somebody off. Even a professional. The other guy can't even read simple words like "preseason" correctly. But i DO love his.. "passes it to the man and boom goes the dynamite" comment. lol.

    • Good points. The thing is, Collins’ is more entertaining and epic because of that one line. It almost makes it all worth it. I felt myself sympathizing with him because he really did seem like a man on an island screwing everything up, whereas Lorch was obviously just the figurehead for a complete production collapse.

  8. I actually thought Lorch handled himself quite well with the clusterfuck of technical issues. The dynamite guy just fell apart at the seems completely by himself.

  9. I worked with Matt at WPLG in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. I was the IT support guy for the station at the time. He is a really nice guy. Whenever I had to do work on his computer he always thanked me and was sincere.

    He’ a good person. Given the situation I think he handled all the technical difficulties in that broadcast very well. It’s obvious that everything went to hell. I respect his ability to handle it all and remain composed.

    • That’s nice to know. And I’m sure most people realize that many of the issues were out of his control. The two videos are vastly different in that way.

  10. While Lorch could have handled it a bit better, he didn’t do all that bad considering production dropped the ball on EVERYTHING. Brian Collins, though…if anyone on the internet has EVER needed a Web Redemption on Tosh.0, it’s him.

  11. hopefully we’ll have more news for you tomorrow…on this station.

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