NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Players Most Likely to Change Teams

Well everyone, the NBA season is nearing it’s halfway point, which can only mean a few things:

  2. NBA Trade Deadline (FEB.18th)

Now with the All-Star rosters set, and contestants for the 3-point and dunk contests ready, we begin to ask the usual question that everyone asks this time of year:

Who is going to be traded?

I may not know who exactly is going to be moved, but what I can tell you is that the following are the most likely to be moved somewhere, and I’d say there is a good chance that all will be moved before the deadline.


1. Antawn Jamison


Sure, sure, sure. You can tell me all the rumors you want about how bad AJ wants to show his support to the city of DC, and how much the fans deserve a player of his caliber and blah blah blah.

Let’s get things straight. The NBA is a business and the key pieces in this business are simply the players themselves. In this business there are two KEY things that influence all decisions, one being the cash that makes this world go round.

Second, is the ability and capability to win an NBA championship. There is no two ways about it.

With Jamison knowing that the Wizards organization is crashing at a rate much quicker than we realize, he and his agent are quickly looking for a way out of the capitol. According to Cavs beatwriter Brian Windhorst, Jamison and his agent are “looking for ways for Jamison to leave Washington.”

If someone can give me one DECENT reason as to why Antawn should stay, I will give you all the cash I own.

Now that we have established that Jamison wants out, where do the Wizards stand on this position?

Washington isn’t doing anything with their main man Arenas out, excuse me, as a matter of fact the Wiz weren’t doing anything with Arenas in or out, so Wiz President Ernie Grunfeld knows that things need to start changing in DC. It didn’t take long, as numerous reports contain the names of Butler, Arenas and Jamison (and yes, Arenas has been rumored around, but who hasn’t?)

Honestly, I have a BIG feeling Jamison is out, thus beginning the Wizards rebuilding process.

Possible destination(s): Cleveland, Houston, Philadelphia

2. Amar’e Stoudemire

If you haven’t heard about this one, you’ve basically been dead for the past couple weeks.

Amar’e Stoudemire and the Suns share a mutual interest in letting the 6-10, 249 pounder go. Both for the same reason as well, simply due to the fact that they both know Phoenix may not be able to give Amar’e what he wants in the off-season, such as many other teams who will be bathing in the ’10 free agent class. Nor will Phoenix be able to contend for a ring this year. Don’t get me wrong, PHX is a well-rounded team, but trust me, no one in the West is making it out alive, brought to you by number 24.

So with cap issues, and the inability to contend, Stoudemire feels as if there is a team out there who is willing to take on the contract of his, in return for a ring. While Phoenix on the other hand believes that if their efforts this year will not be enough, and Stoudemire ends up opting out by season’s end, they might as well trade for a couple valuable pieces/picks.

Not only is this a smart decision by STAT and Phoenix, but I believe both parties will prosper in the end.

Possible destination(s): New Jersey Nets, Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls

3. Andre Iguodala

Another interesting scenario is regarding the very “confusing” 76ers, who seem to be stuck right smack in the middle. Really, these guys have a decent lineup, decent coach, okay bench, but nothing spectacular. I, like many people, was hoping for a HUGE Iverson comeback, but that seems to have fallen a bit short hasn’t it?

So with the Sixers not going anywhere, it looks as if Philly is headed back into the rebuilding process as they are letting go of their cornerstone man. Many people in the organization feel as if Iguodala has not lived up to the hype, nor the contract he has recieved (Sixers agreed with Iguodala to a six year, $80 million-dollar deal). Iguodala now has four years remaining on the contract, and $40-50 million left. This does not necessarily reflect the stats he has been putting up this year, he has put up 17 ppg, 6.9 rpg, and 5.6 apg. Those numbers are not bad at all, but it’s not easy to see how Iguodala is only making $2 million less than Wade per year.

So rather than waiting for the young Iguodala to mature, the Sixers are reportedly looking to part ways with the guard/forward.

It’ll be interesting to see which teams will bite the bait for Iguodala, due to the fact that not too many teams would like such a long term deal with anyone. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Possible destination(s): Cleveland, Houston, Phoenix

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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  1. Talk about getting to the party late.
    After all the talk of Amar’e not wanting to opt out, and his stellar play of late, how is he still on this list?

    • If you clearly read the report, he said "nothing is set in stone".
      You never know, Phoenix might not want to risk him opting out, so good chance
      a deal is still to be made.

  2. I think Toronto would be foolish to not try to get anything out of Chris Bosh. There is no way he is staying in Canada after this season and they can get a lot of value for him which is way better than getting nothing from his departure. We’ve heard the Bynum-Bosh scenario which is the best they can do if LA pulls the trigger, but I wonder what other options they have if that one cannot go down. Anybody else offering value for Bosh?

    • The Bynum deal has been recently noted as impossible. Bynum’s contract is complicated, so that won’t be allowed.
      Perhaps the Rockets could work a deal with Toronto, so TOR can get McGrady’s $23 the shelf for ’10.

      But TOR would want more talent, so it’s a tricky situation to be in for TOR.

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