OT: “Embrace Life” Video Perhaps the Greatest PSA Ever

This has been out for a couple of weeks and I know that I saw it somewhere a few days ago, but I didn’t really see it. I just kind of glazed over it without really watching. Boy was that ever a mistake.

Thanks to Alyssa Gardina (via LaDonna Coy) I came across Osocio.org, a website that highlights social advertising and non-profit campaigns from across the web, like the one for Embrace Life that is the subject of this post.

I think the video below just might be the greatest public service announcement that I have ever seen.

It is pitch and tone appropriate, it is incredibly well produced, and it is profoundly impactful, especially if you have a family or are old enough to know that you aren’t actually invincible. I cannot possibly fathom a more effective “wear your safety belt” PSA than this one.

embrace-life-psa-videoI realize this is off-topic, but it was too awesome not to pass along to you, the readers I love and appreciate.

If you know someone who doesn’t wear their seat belt, or especially if you have young drivers, this would be a great video to forward to them. I realize that young drivers who think they are invincible may not be impacted by the family motif of the video, but it can’t hurt right?

BTW…if you know of any other PSA videos that might compete with this one, please provide links in the comment section or just paste the embed code. I’m sure someone will accuse me of hyperbole for saying this is the greatest PSA ever, so I’m open to weighing it against other nominees.

Have a great afternoon everyone; and remember, buckle your safety belts!

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  1. Outstanding find Jerod.

  2. one of the best add , but the music is big part of it..

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