Chris Berman May Leave ESPN…but He’ll Never Escape YouTube

Reports started popping up yesterday all over the Interwebs on various blog posting sites that ESPN legend Chris Berman might leave the network that he helped build into the “Worldwide Leader”.

Boomer is reportedly mulling over offers from the NFL Network and DirectTV right now (in between healthy bites of ham sandwiches smothered in pickle relish…but that’s merely speculation on my part.)

What would Berman’s departure mean for ESPN and the landscape of sports media? Who cares!? This is the perfect opportunity to show you leaked ESPN video of Berman being a complete jerk.

chris-berman-leave-espnNow, before we get to the videos, let’s be serious for one paragraph.

Several bloggers have filed reports from their mom’s basement about Berman’s potential departure from ESPN, which – let’s be honest – would be akin to Brett Favre leaving the Green Bay Packers.

The Big Lead wondered whether Berman’s love for baseball would keep him at ESPN while Sports by Brooks looked at the possibility of DirectTV teaming Berman up with old pal Dan Patrick in the launch of a new sports network.

I have nothing new to add to the Berman speculation, other than to reiterate the obvious fact that losing Berman would be devastating blow to ESPN. These rumors of his potential departure also could be a ploy by Berman to get a new contract from ESPN. But, like with the ham sandwiches that Berman may or may not be eating right this very second, that is just speculation on my part.

In lieu of any additional insight or commentary, I have decided to run down Chris Berman’s greatest hits from a network that he will never leave (and Halelujah for that!): YouTube.

Video: Chris Berman’s crazy rant when his minions won’t let him concentrate (NSFW language)

Video: Chris Berman discusses how to smuggle Canadian drugs (Duh-duh-duhs)

Video: Chris Berman shows his appreciation for the F-word

Video: Chris Berman gets a little flirty with a staffer

Bonus! Video: Emmitt Smith annoys Chris Berman

Bonus! Video: Remix of Chris Berman’s angry rant

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  1. I disagree that it would be a devastating blow to ESPN. As a former ESPN employee I can tell you that he's a complete ass and not well liked. Plus, he makes a boatload of money for essentially a half a years worth of work. Just watch. You won't see him on ESPN for the next two months now that football is over. Yes, he's been there since 1979 but he definitely does not skew young or appeal to younger fans.

    • Interesting perspective Joe. Thanks for sharing.

      I have to admit that when I first saw the videos above, I was surprised. The candid Berman is obviously a lot different from the on-camera Berman, although I'm sure many TV personalities act similarly different on- and off-camera.

      I have always been a traditionalist in a lot of ways, and even though my opinion of Berman has deteriorated over the last few years, he is still a vestige of what ESPN once was when they were truly all about sports (and not, you know, all about $$$). I agree with the sentiment that with Patrick gone, K.O gone, Gammons gone, etc., there is Bob Ley and Chris Berman and then a bunch of new guys that are okay, but all kind of blend together. I like guys like Trey Wingo, but there is still something about seeing a report by Bob Ley or a show hosted by Berman that gives it an extra sense of gravitas. As with anything, new blood needs to be introduced and developed, and I'm sure ESPN is capable, but I do think that losing Berman would hurt ESPN, even if it is in a way that is hard to quantify.

      But if he's really an ass – and it certainly seems like he is – then I'm sure a lot of people at ESPN are probably hoping he jets.

    • It's good to hear an opinion from someone who has worked with him. Though the biggest thing that might struggle if he leaves is stuff like two-three minute drill highlight calls. Those have stayed consistent fast and funny. I guess you could say he's still great in small doses.

  2. I agree with Joe that this wouldn't be "devastating" to ESPN. No sports fan I know actually likes or enjoys Berman and most of them despise him. He has a limited bag of schtick and he's been beating the same gags to death for over 20 years. He might know a lot about sports but that doesn't transcend his one trick pony persona.

    • Joab, thanks for sharing. See my response to Joe. His schtick has gotten old, but I do think there is a certain level of trust that sports place in the words Berman says and the shows he hosts. If Berman is doing it, it's big, and that's a kind of subtle, visceral kind of promotion that ESPN simply cannot replace. Is there a part of me that would love to move on from Berman's back-back-back nonsense? Sure. But from ESPN's perspective, it would be impossible for there not to be a dropoff losing Berman and Gammons so close together. Both can ultimately be replaced (you would think) simply because of ESPN's stature in the sports world, but love him or hate him Berman is still an integral part of the network's on-air personality.

  3. Like him or not, Berman provides an "authority" if you will to the team of ESPN broadcasters, though I don't care for him either way, the biggest loss was when DP left. But with these "higher ups" leaving, perhaps it can open the door (even more) for some of my favorites on ESPN like Michelle Beadle & Colin Cowherd. Plus with Bob Ley there, ESPN will still have the "grandfather cred" that every news network needs.

    • Good point. Sometimes the old anchors need to be lifted for there to be movement and progression. And ESPN does have some talented younger people it could transition to. In fact, now that I think about it, Trey Wingo hosts NFL Live and does a damn fine job. It would be weird for about half a season, but he could step in and do the Sunday Countdown show.

  4. I would be sad to see Boomer go. I always liked Chris and I think his rants off camera are rather hilarious. I never took him too seriously and I think that's why I can still watch him. His classic "whoop" and his "back back back back" call at the Home Run Derby would be sorely missed. He was one of those sportscasters you just shake your head at…

  5. ESPN will survive of course; they are far more than a network of personalities any more. The departure of Keith Olbermann and then Dan Patrick was of greater impact because of what the network was then. That is a channel that both reported on sports but, importantly, had an edge to it's reporting. Now? They are the go to place for the games themselves, not the analysis of the games. NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA hoops and football, all have a ton of games on the Network. Berman is a vestige of the old ESPN, where the reporting about the games–the recaps, the highlights, the analysis…you know, SportsCenter–were the meat and potatoes of the network. Sure, they still do these things but with ESPN News, the Deuce, Classic, the offerings are more diffuse and ESPN itself can focus on delivering games, and Berman is no play-by-play guy.

  6. Milton Zygnewski says:

    Joab nails it: Berman's schtick is tired. Add to it that he appears to be a jerk in "real life," and the only think you can say is that he does stand out from a crowd of fairly bland anchors and reporters. Part of ESPNs problem is that there's just too dang much of it– a problem they probably laugh about all the way to the bank. To me, this waters down the personalities, as Guy points out, that used to make SportCenter almost a much-watch show. (Especially with Olbermann and Patrick.) No one really stands out anymore. Could be they want it that way as not to overshadow the games which probably command bigger ad dollars than all the SC, PTI, SportsNations and such. I don't know. Bottom line: Good luck with where ever you wind up Berman. Don't let the door hit you in the a55 on your way out.

  7. I’m glad that I possibly won’t have to hear Rumblin Bumblin or nice spread again on ESPN!

  8. I'm glad that I possibly won't have to hear Rumblin Bumblin or nice spread again on ESPN!

  9. AJ Kaufman says:

    I hope ESPN goes away and each sport has their own network, as we see now. Maybe this is just the start.
    Berman had his day but he is a bitter, grumpy man. Ask those who’ve met him, as I have. He surely hates blogs like most of the MSM.


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