Lane Kiffin’s Press Conference: The Most Insincere 61 Seconds of Video You’ll Ever See

Lane Kiffin’s hastily called press conference last evening that formally announced his move from Tennessee to USC was one of the most insincere pieces of garbage I have ever seen.

Kiffin works in a profession littered with insincere men who hop from one school to another, but ‘ol Lane stoooped a new low yesterday.

In 61 pathetic seconds, Kiffin verbally defecates on the school and fan base that hailed his arrival with such fanfare 14 months ago. And if you haven’t seen the video of Kiffin’s press conference, it really is priceless.

Here you go:

Video: Lane Kiffin Press Conference Announcing He Is Leaving Tennessee for USC (MSF’s Animated Interpretation)

Okay, so you might have guessed that the above video is not actually Lane Kiffin. (And yes, I did take a slight creative license at the very end of the video as Kiffin neither danced nor passed gas after he was done speaking at the press conference, at least not that I saw.)

There is, however, a striking figurative resemblance between the Kiffin we saw at last night’s press conference and the actor playing him in the video above. The fact that the clown sounds so much more sincere though should give away the difference.

Just in case you haven’t seen the actual video of Kiffin’s press conference and would like to compare, here it is:

Video: Lane Kiffin Press Conference Announcing He Is Leaving Tennessee for USC (Actual Footage)

(Note: The above video is from and they sometimes pull their videos down after initially making them available for embed. Please alert me,, if you come here and there is no video.)

Notice the similarities?

I didn’t create the animated video and call out Kiffin simply because he left Knoxville. USC is his dream job and college football coach movement is what it is, so ultimately I don’t think too many people would hold a long-lasting grudge against him for the move.

What I will always personally hold against Kiffin, and I’m sure many other Volunteer fans will as well, is him not even having the decency to sincerely thank Tennessee and its fans for giving him a lot of money and a lot of faith when his 5-15 career record as a head coach (in Oakland) should have inspired very little of either without some results first.

Look at this quote:

I really believe that this was probably the only place that I would have left here to go, uh, was to go to Southern Cal.

Way to throw the word “probably” in there Lane. So what it is? Do you really believe that USC was the only place you’d go, or do you probably, maybe, kinda sorta think that it was? You can’t really believe something and then consider it probable. Kind of goes against the definition of both words.

And how about this quote:

There’s so many people to thank so I’m just going to leave it real generic and say, um, I’m very thankful to all our Tennessee people and the way they welcomed myself and my family

Gosh, Lane. Be careful just how much appreciation you show to people who helped you out. Wouldn’t want to overdo it or anything.

video-lane-kiffin-press-conferenceI mean really? Why say anything at all if you’re just going to say that? Essentially what he’s saying is that he knows there are lots and lots of people who he owes a debt of gratitude to – so many, in fact – yet it is either not important enough to him or beneath him to actually take some time out of his busy schedule of lying-and-leaving to thank them.

Please Lane, stop with the sincerity. Honestly, it’s too much.

Anyway, what’s done is done and Lane Kiffin leaves one school in a cloud of NCAA trouble for another school in a cloud of NCAA trouble. At least he’ll feel at home. In the long run – though certainly not in the short-term – Tennessee will probably be better off finding a guy who doesn’t view Knoxville as a stepping stone to his dream job.

At one time, Tennessee was a destination job. It will be again, perhaps even for the next guy (Will Muschamp? Gary Patterson? Mike Leach?) to take the reins at Neyland Stadium.

But Tennessee fans don’t owe one iota of goodwill towards Lane Kiffin. He’s the one who got what he wanted and is apparently content to leave town without showing much gratitude to the school and fans that welcomed he and his family and his questionable methods with open arms.

Congrats on getting your dream job Lane. There was a way to take it and move on without shoving it in Tennessee’s face how little you care about their program and people. You just didn’t do it that way.

So don’t let the door hit you too hard on the backside as you scurry off to SoCal.

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