Blogging Fitness Video Diary & Contest: Heat Up Your Workouts in 2010 with Jay Johnson’s Boot Camp Fitness

[Editor’s note: make sure you check out the end of Kimberly’s article, where we announce a special Jay Johnson Boot Camp Fitness giveaway for MSF readers.]

Flab and drab are getting the boot in 2010. So heat up your workouts in 2010 by trying something new: Boot Camp Fitness.

The holiday season is over. Our pocketbooks may be a bit lighter, but how ‘bout the bod? It is common and quite often expected to have a chub-tastic holiday and treat ourselves a little too much to the cookies and delectable delights that come with the territory. However, it’s time to whip into shape and take it off; I am talking about the lb’s of course.

Now, let’s not focus just on how we want to look. Instead, let’s focus on how we want to feel: endorphins flowing and energy levels rising.

You don’t need to hear me harp on and on my love for group fitness; however, I just experienced the ultimate group fitness program that seriously left me gasping for air. By my measure, it has proven to be the ultimate workout that I’ve encountered in the last few years.

I am sure a lot of you are searching for that one golden fitness routine that will be the real deal, the one that is going to help you become more inspired, fit, and energized. And I may have encountered exactly what you are searching for.

Whenever you are looking to shake things up and transform your physique, you literally need a change-up. Otherwise, your body will simply maintain and your shape will not change. Looking for my own “shock to the system” I called upon the team from Jay Johnson’s Boot Camp.

Here is a video diary of my first ever Boot Camp Fitness experience:

I remember hearing about boot camp fitness about ten or fifteen years ago as it was making its debut on the coasts. As a child, I imagined men and women traipsing through mud and being thrashed by barbed wire. Many years later, I now realize that the callisthenic exercises are implemented into Boot Camp Fitness, minus the mud. (Although blood, sweat, and tears still remain.)


I have had my share of boot camp classes at several gyms and they are indeed challenging, but I always found myself at the front of the pack and was able to keep up with all the exercises. With Jay Johnson’s Boot Camp Fitness, that simply was not the case at all.

I am literally laughing out loud as I type this and think back to my 5:30 am face-to-face with Jay Johnson and his crew. I was chatting it up with the lads, laughing and smiling before the interview, being as chipper as I could be at 5:30 am in the blistering cold. They asked me if I was going to do the boot camp and I told them, “of course!”

The mood quickly changed, however, when I was commanded to get in line with the rest of the campers and hit some laps.

I must admit I was intimidated and followed their cue without skipping a beat. I joined everyone else, hoping the running would bring some warmth to my body. As I was running I thought how crazy we all were for leaving our warm beds and running against the cold concrete with the moon still shining down.

But as my heart rate rose, so too did my body temperature. That craziness soon felt like inspiration and gratitude.

Once we got back to our mats and begin stretching, I thought, “This isn’t so bad. What’s the big fuss about?”

Yeah, that lasted for about one and a half minutes.

Soon we were doing squat-thrusts, high kicks, leap frogs, and more calisthenics than I could even name. All I can tell you is that they worked and it’s hard to walk as I write this post immediately afterwards. My entire body is aching. When I turn my shoulder, I feel my abdominals scream with pain.

So, of course, I love it! I am getting some bang for my buck indeed – and then some.

Back to the workout. After the warm up, the stations were outlined quickly for us. I was trying to be a front row diva and get in the first group as I am all smiles and eager for the challenge.

The first station required us to run around the parking garage holding a body bar. After our stint around the block three times, we were to do squats and overhead raises with a jump fifty times. I didn’t think this sounded too intense as I don’t mind running at all. Once again, I underestimated the intensity of the drill.

Gripping that heavy body bar tuckered me out and I was spent. After a few minutes I wanted to chuck that body bar out the window and break free. Instead it just kept getting heavier and heavier and I was actually grateful when it was finally time for squats. My heart rate was soaring and I was huffing and puffing. Just when I thought I was in great shape and my endurance was the best its ever been, I got knocked down a few pegs.

The next round of joyous torture included ladder jumps, ab rollers, and many more intense drills. I soon realized the main reason my heart rate was soaring was because the exercises involved level changes. Whether they were jump squats or leap frogs, the level change pumped up the heart rate and provided me with a complete body workout. (Note: on some of the workouts, I worked at a low impact level, which means I nixed the jumping. I simply bent my knees and involved the level changes, which in turn kept me working at a high intensity, low impact level.)

Others around me also modified their workout to suit their level of fitness. Regardless, everyone was kicking it, and sweat was pouring left and right. If you’re not sweating, you aren’t working hard enough!

Clearly, Jay Johnson’s boot camp style is rubbing off on me.

I must admit I am grateful for the fitness revelation I had at Jay Johnson’s Boot Camp. As painful and miserable as it might have felt in the moment, I wanted to go back for more. I know I need the endless push-ups, ladder jumping, and pain-piercing abdominal exercises. This is going to be my ticket for a transformation of the body!

The current Boot Camp Fitness campers are living proof of the effects this specific boot camp can have on your body. Johnson said it is remarkable the amount of weight loss participants see with his boot camp. People will come, and within several weeks both pounds and inches have been shed. While improving their physique is often a prime motivation for people to workout, let’s not forget the most important benefit: our health. Endurance, strength and agility increase with the military-inspired exercises performed.

With 2010 here, I am sure the majority of us have some extra motivation to boost up those workouts and trim up the tummy. As I was reminded at the boot camp, “no pain no gain.”

jay-johnson-boot-camp-fitness-dvdsIf you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, give it a whirl yourself by visiting There are many locations in the Dallas Metroplex where you can join a group. Not from Dallas but still want the live Jay Johnson Boot Camp Fitness experience? No problem. You buy, they fly. Really. Jay Johnson and his team will pack up their boot camp supplies and whip you and your gang into shape.

You can also have Jay Johnson in your home every day with his fitness DVD’s. There is a 9-week box set you can order from Enter in the promo code JJBCXMAS10 and save 10% during the month of January. (I just have to tell you the bargains – I am notorious for keeping my eyes peeled for them.)

Speaking of Jay Johnson, you may recognize him from CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. He is notorious for putting the training camp candidates through grueling workouts in hopes that they will receive a Power Squad shirt. I asked Johnson how I could attain one of those tops and he informed me I had to complete a 300 on the military performance test. No cutting corners with this guy!

Good luck making 2010 your year to take it to the next level in your fitness journey. We all are looking for that next challenge, whether it is to start walking three times a week or to run a marathon. The hardest part is getting your bum off the couch and getting into a routine.

And regardless of what workout routine you choose, make sure that you do something that’s fun, that makes you happy, and that re-charges you!

Boot Camp Fitness Video Giveaway

Now, here comes the really exciting part: MSF and Jay Johnson’s Boot Camp Fitness are teaming up to give you an opportunity to participate in a Boot Camp Fitness Video Giveaway.

By entering, you will be eligible to receive free Jay Johnson Boot Camp Fitness DVDs, or possibly even the first fitness Blu-Ray Discs ever!

Here is all you need to do and know:

  • Email your name, address, and phone number to
  • A winner will be chosen every day to receive on one of the follow Jay Johnson Boot Camp Fitness videos while supplies last through the end of January: Ultimate Abs; Ultimate Cardio; Ultimate 3X30; Ultimate Body Vol. 1.
  • The four videos available for daily winners are also available on Blu-Ray Disc. Once a winner is selected they will be given their choice of either Blu Ray or DVD and title.
  • Prizes will be sent out once a week to all the winners for that week.
  • The daily winners are still eligible to win the weekly grand prize, which is the complete 9-week Jay Johnson Boot Camp Fitness system! (Note: since there are four different single DVDs available, the daily winners can win more than once, but there will only be one weekly grand prize per winner.)
  • Please email questions to:


About Jay Johnson – Fitness Trainer of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

jay-johnson-bootcamp-fitnesAfter serving his country in the United States Army for over two decades, Jay Johnson emerged a man of intense focus, desire, drive and energy. He has combined these qualities to develop one of the nation’s most effective and talked about boot camp fitness programs. His boot camp fitness program takes a streamlined, common sense approach to health and fitness. He uses his unique motivational techniques to help individuals attain their highest level of fitness. He does this the old fashioned way, by pushing boot campers — hard!

Over the years, he has helped thousands of individuals to sculpt their bodies, minds and spirits into top condition.

Boot Camp Fitness, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Johnson on the same principles of faith and character that he lives by. His commitment to excellence has garnered him a fiercely loyal following comprised of both elite athletic individuals and fitness novices working to better their overall physical strength and endurance. His experience as a combat infantryman, where he received and imparted rigorous physical training, uniquely qualifies him to know exactly how the human body will respond to military style techniques.

Johnson’s reputation as one of the country’s premiere experts in health and fitness has been highlighted by a number of print and television outlets including: Muscle and Fitness magazine, Bloomberg News and ABC’s Evening News. He has also been featured on several prime-time programs including: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Wife Swap, Judge Hachett, HBO’s Hard Knocks, CMT’s Making of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and many others. He is also a featured monthly fitness contributor to WFAA-TV 8’s (Dallas ABC Affiliate) Good Morning Texas. Johnson is also the official trainer of the world famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. In March of 2007, he and wife Lin were invited to speak at the After-School All-Stars Annual Fundraiser in Columbus, Ohio, with featured guests Jack LaLanne, bodybuilding star Ronnie Coleman and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In June, Boot Camp Fitness was selected as the official fitness sponsor for the Mrs. Texas Pageant. Johnson was also elected to serve on the first US Army DFW Advisory Board along with other leaders such Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief, Hillwood Chief of Staff Marc Hildenbrand, LULAC District III Director Coty Rodriguez-Anderson and former DISD Superintendent Dr. Mike Moses. Johnson and Lin also look forward to the launch of their new clothing line, Eternal Bling, and workout programs called Sweat Tunes. They will also star in their own CMT reality television program, I Want to Look Like a Cheerleader, in the fall of 2007.

Most importantly, Jay Johnson and his family are followers of Christ. He is a dedicated husband, soldier, entrepreneur and father to the couple’s 13-year-old daughter, Sydney.

*- Jay Johnson photo credit:

About the Author

kimberly-westphallKimberly Westphall is the author of Blogging Fitness and a regular contributor to Midwest Sports Fans. She is a recent graduate of the University of Kansas where she majored in Journalism. She participated in a podcast with Jerod, which will help you get to know her even better.

While at KU, she was an anchor and online web producer for Jayhawk Sports Talk. Kimberly made her MSF debut in 2009 discussing the fight between Kansas’ basketball and football teams and also had her column about the Dallas Stars Ice Girls featured at Dallas Sports Fans.

She has a passion for fitness and is on the lookout for emerging fitness trends and workouts. Her favorite group exercise format is kickboxing, which she discusses in her first Blogging Fitness post today.

When she’s not hitting up the aerobics studio both as a participant and instructor, Kimberly is training for the 2010 Washington D.C. Marathon with her best friend Jackie.


[Editor’s note (updated): Originally when I published this post, I said that Kimberly received no compensation nor incentives for writing/posting it. That is not entirely true. The idea to write this article came from Kimberly herself in her endless quest to provide readers here at MSF with valuable health and fitness information, but she did receive free entry in the class that you see featured in the video above, as well as a free Jay Johnson Boot Camp Fitness workout DVD after the fact. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”]


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