License Plate of Cowboys Fan Says it All After Early Games: “F Eli”

The picture in this post was taken earlier today as I left my apartment for the final Browns Backers meetup of the year. As many of you know, I live in Dallas, so seeing such Cowboys license plates is not unusual at all.

However, seeing license plates that specifically disparage another human being, well you don’t see those every day. And as you can see, this particular Cowboys fan does not hold Eli Manning (I assume) in very high regard.

And with the Cowboys up 17-0 at halftime over Philadelphia, after what happened in the Giants-Vikings game earlier this afternoon, something tells me that all of Cowboys Nation probably feels similarly agitated at Eli Manning and his team.

Coming into today, The Cowboys need to beat Philadelphia and have the Cardinals and Vikings lose to capture the #2 seed and a first round bye in the playoffs. With the Packers destroying the Cardinals, the Cowboys certainly would have appreciated the Giants showing up earlier today.

However, the Giants late season collapse continued as they rolled over today like Brett Favre with Michael Strahan rushing around the edge with a certain record in his sights. The Vikings won what can barely be described as a “game” 44-7.

So now, the Cowboys are playing only for the NFC East crown and a first round home game. Not too shabby considering where they were just a few weeks ago after another December loss to San Diego.

But if they end up winning and the Packers end up winning, all Cowboys fans will be able to chant in unison with this man’s license plate: “F— Eli”


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