Attn Young Ballers: Think Before You Ink

Before I get into my recap of Cleveland State’s one point win over the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin on Sunday afternoon, I have to first revisit something from Friday.

Vikings Coach Gary Waters made a comment Friday night in talking about new Cavalier Cedric Jackson (who played two minutes in Saturday’s 100-99 win over the Thunder on Saturday – pictured below) that I found particular interesting, and didn’t quite get to in my previous post.

Cleveland Cavaliers beat Oklahoma City Thunder, 100-99

Photo Credit: Tracy Boulian

In talking about a number of reasons why his former PG was able to get a good look from the Cavaliers, and given an opportunity in the NBA recently by way of a 10-day contract,  Coach Waters offered this in addition to the other reasons I posted Saturday:

“You have a chance at something, if go out,  you do well, work hard, and keep yourself clean, that’s one thing about Cedric.  They [NBA Personnel] love that he doesn’t have tattoos, he doesn’t have earrings, he doesn’t have any of that stuff, and they love him for it.   You see, when I was at Eastern Michigan, I coached three pros there, and those pros understood the same thing.  And what happened was, all three of them got a chance, and all three of them made it.  Because, they looked at them, and saw all the postive things about them.”

Now you have to have the talent for sure, that’s a given, and Waters obviously knows that.  But what’s interesting about his comments, and true I’d argue, that contrary to what looks sometimes to be part of the uniform in today’s NBA, you don’t need tatts to get in.  And if you don’t have them, it might help you more than you’d think.

Sunday recap: CSU 73 – Milwaukee 72

Cleveland State was down 72-70 with seven seconds left when PG Norris Cole (team highs 22 points, 5 assists) hit a monster three to take the lead 73-72, which proved to be the final.  That’s not to say nothing happened in the final seconds though.  Off the make, Milwaukee’s Ja’Rob McCallum (15 points) raced down the court and took what looked to be the game winning lay-up.  And it may have been if CSU’s Tim Kamczyc wouldn’t have caught up with him and did his best LeBron James come-from-behind-block impersonation.

Kamczyc on the block:

“During the stop possession, coach said that they would drive all the way to the hoop so I followed him all the way to the basket and I was in the right place at the right time to make the block.”

That play looked like it would seal it, as it went out of bounds with the clock initially showing 0.8 seconds left.  The officials ended up putting a few tenths back on though, and with 1.1 seconds left Milwaukee inbounded the ball for one last chance, but the play was defended well by CSU’s Aaron Pogue (7 points), and they didn’t get a shot off.

Only fitting for CSU to confirm this victory on the defensive end too.  Trailing by as many as 14 early in the second half, the Vikings guards rolled out their signature full court pressure again, and turned the Panthers over one time after another to come all the way back and make for an exciting finish.

Milwaukee Head Coach Rob Jeter:

“There were things during this game that could have gone our way, but they just didn’t, and thats just how it happens.  I knew they would make a run after halftime, and I told my guys that we just had to get through it and push through.”

But in the end it was CSU that pushed harder, pushing all the way back, before Norris Cole put his Vikings squad on top for good.  Jeremy Montgomery finished with 18 points and D’Aundray Brown chipped in 12 as well for CSU.  Milwaukee’s Ricky Franklin lead all scorers with 23.

Up next for Cleveland State 9-12 (5-4) is a home game on Saturday against Youngstown State.  Milwaukee moves to 12-9 (4-5) with the loss.


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