ARod’s New Girlfriend is Hot…and Her Last Name is (Heh, Heh) Spottswood

Attention all Midwest Sports Fans readers who have juvenile, sophomoric senses of humor (yes, KVB, I’m talking to you). Alex Rodriguez has a new girlfriend and there are two things that you should know about her.

First, she’s not bad looking.

Second, her last name is Spottswood.

Quick, let’s see how can get to the comment section first to make everyone laugh by using it in a sentence.

arod-new-girlfriend-elaine-spottswoodAnyway, not as if you really care, but here’s the quick backstory on the ARod-Elaine Spottswood relationship, courtesy of The Big Lead:

According to the Miami Herald, Alex Rodriguez didn’t spend any time moving on from Kate Hudson, and now the Yankees’ third baseman is dating an aspiring model named Elaine Spottswood.

And if that’s not enough for you, the Miami Herald blog “Scene in the Tropics” (see what they did there? Clever, huh?) has even more backstory on ARod’s new girlfriend Elaine Spottswood.

I’m content to just post a picture of Elaine Spottswood, courtesy of TBL, and then move on with the rest of the my day.

arod's new girlfriend - elaine spottswood picture, photo, image

(More: Picture of Elaine Spottswood | Photo of Elaine Spottswood)

And yes, since I know one of you is thinking it, I have considered how funny it would be if the first “t” in her last night was an “r” instead. But come on, get your head out of the gutters.

Nice catch ARod. Well done.

It’s been a nice half year for ARod after all of the steroid controversy kicked off Spring Training last March. He gets healthy, has another strong season, dates Penny Lane, then wins the World Series, dumps Penny Lane, and now starts dating Elaine Spottswood.

Goodness, if that were me, I might hump my own mirror reflection too.

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  1. It'd just be WAY to easy to make a comment on her name and the Tiger…

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