Latest Tiger Woods News: New Woman, CG Reenactment Video Surface

I’ve been following the Tiger Woods story very closely since it all broke this past weekend, but have stayed away from posting anything on MSF.

I feel compelled to post something today, well, because the Chinese deserve some major props for doing what no one in this country could do: produce a CG reenactment of that fateful night when Tiger Woods’ world changed forever.

Video, plus new rumors of another woman, after the jump.

tiger-woods-crash-videoVia, the video below aired on a Chinese news broadcast and shows the two different versions of events that have been posited as possibilities for what went down in Tiger’s driveway:

  1. He left the house, lost control of his car, and Elin had to bust out the window with a gold club to get him out.
  2. He left the house being chased by Elin with a golf club and crashed his car due to the commotion.

Whichever version of events you believe, the Chinese deserve a round of applause of this sterling video reenactment of Tiger Woods’ accident:

Video: CG Reenactment of Tiger Woods Car Crash

And for those of you who have clung to the Tiger-wasn’t-cheating story, TMZ has posted a new story today that purports to poke further holes in that theory. Apparently, Rachel Uchitel was not the only woman that Tiger was messing around with.

If you believe TMZ and US Weekly, Woods also was carrying on an affair with some woman named Jaimee Grubbs. The “other woman” Grubbs apparently was a recent guest on the show “Tool Academy.”

You may follow the links to judge the stories on their own merit. I spent this weekend trying to figure this story out, but I think I’m done now. Time to just let the chips fall where they may.

But I echo the sentiment expressed yesterday by one of my favorite writers, Joe Posnanski, who said that while he knows it’s “wrong”, this Tiger Woods story still endlessly fascinates him anyway.

If we’re all honest, I think we can agree on that.

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