Candice Swanepoel Makes Shannon Sharpe Stare, Bill Cowher Stutter, and Dan Marino Forget

Just stumbled across the video from the CBS NFL pregame show from this past Sunday where the hosts provide their picks for a selection of games.

Why is this interesting?

Because Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel joined JB, Dan, Bill, Shannon, and Boomer to promote the upcoming Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

What ensued was…well…pretty much exactly what you’d expect when a beautiful woman is placed right between four former football players: stupid questions, staring, stuttering, mocking, and heartier-than-normal guffawing.

Video after the jump.

video: Candice Swanepoel appearance on CBS NFL TodayThe highlights for me:

  • Boomer Esiason asking Candice what it’s like to be on the runway, as if this burning question had been gnawing at him. I’ll at least give him credit for trying.
  • As pointed out by Sports, Crackle, Pop, Shannon Sharpe’s uncomfortable staring.
  • Bill Cowher becoming completely tongue-tied when it is his turn to speak after the Cardinals-Titans picks are announced.
  • Dan Marino deciding that it’s a good idea to laugh like a crazed hyena after Cowher’s unfortunate stutter. More on Marion below.

Video: Candice Swanepoel Appearance on CBS NFL Today

The apparent level of satisfaction that Marino takes in Cowher’s verbal stumbles is ironic considering Marino’s own now-infamous verbal blooper:

Video: Dan Marino Freaks Out

I’m also a big fan of the remixed version:

Video: Dan Marino Freaks Out (Remix)

Maybe next time, before he is so quick to revel in a co-worker’s foible, Marino should remember his own TV imperfection. That, and, you know, try not to act like an idiot in front of a pretty girl.

Hat tip: Today’s AM Hot Clicks

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