Two More Reasons to Hate Colts Fans: Petulance and Patriots Envy

This has gotten ridiculous.

Colts fans (for whom we previously counted down reasons why they suck) have officially lost all respectability with their reactions to Sunday’s 29-15 loss to the Jets.

While Sunday’s game caused some people to pop the cork on their champagne bottles in celebration (see: Shula, Don; Morris, Mercury; et al.), the Colts loss was still just their first of season.


And now it has incited riot-like, idiotic reactions felt from South Bend to Evansville. Not to mention endlessly annoying national media coverage as they continued fielding emails from angry Colt fans on ESPN radio this morning.

colts-fans-suckDon’t believe me that Colts fans have gone on tilt? Wait this is MIDWEST sports fans, right? You certainly believe me unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade week.

It started with boos at the 5:36 mark in the third quarter (home team up 15-10) and turned into booing the team off of the field after the game.

Then we saw utter disappointment from players and coaches during the post game talk with the media. This is when every Colts fan began repeating over and over again: “Did you see how pissed Peyton looked after the game!!!”

No sh*t Sherlock, they just LOST.

(Of course, with how bad the Colts fared with out him, they probably locked in Peyton Manning to receive unanimous votes for MVP now.)

A loss is a loss no matter if it is your first of the season or 30th of your career. What fans (short for “fanatics”, as Colin Cowherd always says) overlook is that head coach Jim Caldwell was extremely disappointed in the loss as well. But the decision to pull the starters was made before the heat of the moment (and boos) arrived.

And the goal for the Colts, as they have stated numerous times, is to win a Super Bowl, not to go 16-0. You cannot be so shortsighted that you fail to see that.

Unless you’re a Colts fan.

But obviously the majority of Colts fans don’t see it that way, so let’s delve deeper into this because they will not.

Living in Indianapolis I find a deep-seeded envy towards the New England Patriots in Dolts fans. (By the way, they will be referred to as “Dolts fans” the rest of the article because their tiny brains really have no grasp on reality.)

Anyway, in large because of the early domination this decade that the Patriots had on Peyton and company, Dolts fans hate everything about the organization and their style. They claim they want nothing to do with it. “Dungy is a class act,” “Polian wouldn’t do that,” “Peyton is a great guy,” etc, etc.

Examples: Dolt fans envy Tom Brady because people with football knowledge actually had the gall to put Brady on a pedestal above Manning because Brady went to four Super Bowls while running over the Colts in the process.

This is the only city in America that still accuses Bill Belichick of cheating after every victory. They hate the unkempt style of Belichick and his arrogance. The fourth and two call when they played each other earlier this season was just icing on the cake.

You could call downtown Indianapolis “Little Manhattan” after the Giants upset New England in the Super Bowl. Now every Giants touchdown comes with a “Hot damn! Way to go Eli!” from all the Dolts faithful.

angry colts fans have patriots envyThey hate Randy Moss because “he’s a thug” not because he’s the best big play receiver in football on a different team, yet failing to remember the actual (at the very least, the accused) thuggery of their own receiving legend Marvin Harrison.

The point is that it’s a style thing, a mentality. And, yes, it’s turned into envy over the course of this decade.

In the back of every Colts fan’s head was the 16-0 banner hanging in Gillette Stadium and how great it would be to do the same. And the difference between morals and ethics. (Sorry, I am a huge fan of the movie Election.)

But without perspective Colt fanatics don’t realize that the banner just reminds Patriots supporters of their miserable Super Bowl loss.

It is amazing Bill Polian had to explain this to irate callers on his radio talk show Monday evening. Bill Polian, the man who has been the architect of two AFC dynasties (Buffalo in the ’90s, Indy in the ’00s) had to explain to Dolt fans how he (successfully) runs their organization, which is what he probably thought was the reason they were fans of the Colts organization to begin with.

Polian’s quote from his radio show on :

“What this really boils down to is whether or not you believe that 16-0 has meaning. We don’t think, and haven’t thought about it and have made it clear from Thanksgiving on when the issue was first raised – by other people, not us – that 16-0 was not something that was important to our season.”

bill-polian and angry colts fansPolian is obviously referencing his fan base’s envy toward the Patriots’ perfect regular season, which unfortunately for him just happened a few short seasons ago. And obviously Polian is taking the less myopic view and looking at the big picture: that, in the end, it’s Super Bowl or bust.

During the game last Sunday, the players predictably had a look on their faces that 16-0 was important to their season. And why shouldn’t they? These guys would never have made it to the NFL without an unyielding competitive fire that naturally would lead to them getting pissed off when removed from any game, let alone on in which they were gunning for 15-0.

Of course, on the flip side, maybe they had looks of disgust simply because they lost a lead and got booed out of the stadium by their “faithful.”

Dolt fans just need to hope that this doesn’t linger with the players and effect them in the playoffs. Surely they can have some perspective and confidence in Peyton and company to be mentally strong enough to move on and complete the goal in Miami this February.

If not, they may see New England end their season (again) in the second round.

Remember Colt fans, jealousy is a crutch and envy is a waste of time.

There is nothing wrong with Colts fans and Colts players being upset that they did not go full bore at a 16-0 regular season. Fans and players alike are competitive, and that’s what makes sports awesome.

However, once the decision was made – a decision that was determined to be in the best interests of the Colts’ Super Bowl chances according to the same highly astute people who led their organization to more wins in the ’00s than any other franchise has ever won in any decade – Colts fans should have followed the lead of Colts players and moved on.

Did you hear Peyton Manning bitching about it in the postgame press conference? No. So what makes Colts fans think they have any place to bitch or second guess Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell?

The Indianapolis Colts were once a veritable scourge on the Circle City. The team sucked, no one came to games, and people were embarrassed to say they rooted for Indianapolis. (Anyone remember the Ron Meyer and Ken Venturi eras?)

angry-colts-fanSince 2003, the Colts have not won less than 12 games. That is mind-boggling. And this year, they are 14-1 with the #1 seed in the playoffs in the first season without Tony Dungy.

Yet, during their final home game of the season, they were booed off the field.

Whether it be restlessness, ignorance, a sense of entitlement, or simply a fan base collectively being spoiled to the point of being one big whiny brat, Colts fans have shown us what they are really all about over the past 48-72 hours: envy and petulance.

And all because the decision makers of the Colts did what they thought was best to put the team in the best position to bring another Super Bowl title home to the city.

Too bad, if it happens, that it will be to a city and a fan base that doesn’t deserve another one.


* – Colts fans leaving photo credit:

* – Patriots 16-0 banner photo credit: Chris Forsberg, via

* – Bill Polian photo credit:

* – Angry Colts fan photo credit: Matt Kryger / The Indianapolis Star via

About Kevin Bertolini

Midwesterner. I grew up in Columbus Ohio and later in Indiana, blacked out for 7 years in Miami and now live in Indianapolis. I am very knowledgeable on Ohio State Buckeye football but all of College Football in my opinion. The White Sox are my favorite MLB team. The Cubs are the worst thing in the world next to Brady Hoke. I also enjoy the St. Louis Rams and Jeff Fisher's mustache.


  1. I could not agree more. And you have clown like this idiot who thinks the fans should get a refund of their game ticket from Sunday:


    As a Browns fan, I'd love for these spoiled jackasses to come sit in my shoes for one season. Then they might realize just how good they have it with Bill Polian and that he deserves more respect and the franchise deserves more respect than to be booed.

    Be upset that they pulled the starters; I would be. But then shut your mouth and know your role, like the Colts players did. Considering that the Colts have won more games this decade than any other team ever has in any decade, I'd say they've earned the benefit of the doubt.

    • Good, hopefully this politician ignores people who need affordable health care coverage so he can get these spoiled brats an undeserving Benjamin.

  2. 12 or more wins every season since 2003? I wouldn't critize the waterboy with numbers like those! This organization is a well oiled machine and needs no input…especially from fans. This shows greed on the side of the Dolts fans because they want a perfect 16-0 season. La-Dee-Frickin Da, 16-0, congrats you get a banner…but wouldn't you rather have a ring?

    ask Tom Brady…

    • Amen. It boggles my mind. I get frustrated with Browns fans who boo the team when they actually deserve to get booed.

      The Colts are 14 and f'ing 1 and their fans are booing. I know that they were booing the decision, but still. That's almost just as bad. They need to understand how the rest of the NFL fan bases have it (or just remember how they used to have it) and perhaps they'd have a little perspective.

      • Selective memory, fair weather faithful, whatever it is called I doubt anyone can recall the quarterback that Peyton Manning replaced. No it wasn't Ryan Leaf.

        • Many think it was Jim Harbaugh, but Harbaugh had already been released, so the answer is: Paul Justin.

          Even with the lucky seasons we had under "Captain Comeback:", there is no comparison to Peyton Manning, and Colts fans take that for granted?

          Should we call ol' Jeff George back in lieu of how much our Colts' "suck"?

          Perhaps then my idiotic stupid fellow colts fans may understand.

          Here is how we show our ignorance Colts fans:(one of many ways)

          You hoot and holler and throw around the f-bomb like its proper and wonder why we get called idiots….

          How about you present stats to your arguments instead of "F you KVB…."

          I disagreed with the decision as much as the next, but for God's sake Indy, show some class, like the players and coaches you have been cursing do.

    • My friend MUD had a great point which was, "You can see how Colts fans will respond to a lousy Colts team by attending Pacers games."

      That said there is a reason why a team like the Lakers are successful because everything goes through Jerry Buss, Mitch Kupchak (who looks like John Malkovich), and Phil Jackson. They make all the management and executive decisions and you live with it as a fan because of their track records. Apparently the best record in the NFL this season/this decade wasn't enough on Sunday. Or Monday. Or today…how long will this last? What is the over/under on "Forever"?

  3. KVB:

    First of all, great read. You make some fantastic points, and in most of this I couldn't agree more, however, perhaps a little bit of Devils advocate is necessary:

    My biggest question is:
    Why, if this was the plan all along, did we play our starters the whole game vs. Jax?
    My biggest problem is:
    What effects will this have one team morale?
    To explain the last question, as you said we all saw the faces of the players on the sidelines as the game slipped away….and to the credit of each and every player, no one said anything negative about Polian or Caldwell.
    My fear is that with the hard work these guys put in to get to 14-0, and the fact that I think the wrong message was sent to the players and fans by playing all of a meaningless game v. Jax, that this team may not be the same from here on out.

    The biggest concern I have is one I have always had with this city, and I couldn't agree with you more on KVB:
    Dear Indianapolis Fans,
    Are you idiots? Why do you boo a team that has given you the most successful decade in NFL History? Why do you boo a team that has brought you a Superbowl, and several division championships?

    Get your head out of your ass, Indy, one day Peyton won't be here to save the day, and you will find yourselves rooting for someone like Curtis Painter.
    Will you abandon your Colts as you have your Pacers?

    • Agree with you BIGMB but to answer a few things: Colts fans are spoiled brats after this decade. Which is somewhat defend able but I won't. But if you look at the calender resting starters vs. JAX would be stupid because that is an extra 10 days that they are "rested" and more potential to being rusty in the playoffs after a bye week.

    • I think we all know the answer to comparison between the Colts and Pacers: yes. Indianapolis will support a consistent winner. Once that run is up though, so is the support. Indy is a lot like Miami in that way, except that there is no beach for Indy residents to use as an excuse. The truth is that Indy is a much better amateur and college sports town than it is a pro sports town. God just happened to smile upon the city and deliver Bill Polian and Peyton Manning on a silver platter. Without them (and, to a certain but lesser extent, Tony Dungy), there is no Lucas Oil Field, no sellouts, no Super Bowl, and Gary Hogeboom Jr is probably playing QB.

      You've always been one of the more sensible Colts fans Myles, and at least you realize the idiocy of many of the people you share an NFL team with. My point has never been that I agree with the decision. I don't. I personally think it was foolish. But if Peyton Manning makes a foolish pass for an INT, do you boo him? Do you chastise him? Do you call into his radio show and try to make him look like an idiot? Hell no. I simply think Bill Polian and the Colts front office deserves more respect than that. Disagree amongst yourselves and have rational conversations about it. That's fine. But all this whining, bitching, and woe-is-us plaintive crying that I hear is just laughable.

      Wake up. You boo a team that is 1-14 and not trying, not a team that will be 14-1 and believes it is putting itself in the best position to reach its ultimate goal.

  4. I am not an indy fan. I am an nfl fan and not playing your players that people come out and see is a joke. I will give you an example. I go to my first game and I am 10 years old. I want to see the best qb in the nfl play. The problem with this whole scenario is that team owners are greedy and only care about how much money they make. If it was not for the fans they would not make a penny.

    • That is the point. It is one game. If you are ten years old you surely have more games in your life to enjoy. As a fan hopefully that involves a Super Bowl in person or on TV. I would feel much more sorry for a 90 year-old who witnessed this and then died the next day.

      Sorry it is about the team winning a championship not you seeing Peyton for all 60 minutes. Deal with it. I don't complain when a minor league spot starter starts in a White Sox game when I bought the tickets months before it. The organization doesn't charge me extra in a 14 inning game either.

      It actually works like this: Management pays for players and coaches to field a competitive team AND THEN you buy tickets. It is their decision AND THEN it is your decision to buy tickets. Not the other way around. Your ticket does not guarantee the bench players will never be inserted at any point in the game.

  5. hey KVB go f**k yourself. You can ride your high horse, but if your favorite football team had your head football coach pull the starters, when your team was 14-0, you would be pissed off too. If the colts were 13-1 and rested their starters, then I would agree with the coaches decision. However, an undefeated seasons is a once and a lifetime opportunity, which Jim Caldwell threw away. Being so close to history and having it pulled away from you, by your own coach, has to be a sicking feeling for the players involved. I played organized sports in high school and to have a coach say "hey lets not try our best to win this game" is like spitting on your team and all they accomplished throughout the season. THe players can act like they agreed with the call on the outside, but on the inside they hated it.The fans booed the decision of the coach to rest the starters, not the team. Indy fans still love the Colts and are very happy and grateful to have them apart of the city. Yes we are spoiled by having Peyton Manning as our quarterback, but what city wouldn't be.


    Great post, Kev. I have read it at least a dozen times, and will probably read it a dozen more before the Dolts first playoff game. I can't wait for Indy "fans" to get what they deserve.

    Go Brownies!

    We won Fantasy Football again. Thats two out of three years!!!

    • If you guys want to slurp eachother for winning your fantasy football league, I can set up a separate chat room for you. This post is about bashing Colts fans. Please stay on topic.

  7. Dear Granpa,

    Shut up!!!

    You know that they should have gone for it. It's a relfection on this city that we just give up. I don't want to be known for giving up. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME (all of the games, especially the superbowl, which resting starters didn't help the last 2 times they decided to do this).

    Any of the fanatics that were at the game and boo-ed as the team left the field are complete idiots. That doesn't take away from the fact that the Colts organization made the wrong decision. There are some "crazy" fair-weather fans out there, but that doesn't include all of us, the ones that sat and remained true to the team through the 80s & 90s (kinda rough).

    Never thought we'd even get a superbowl played in this city (or win one for that matter!). The Colts are an amazing organization that made a terrible call at the wrong time. Better win make it down to Miami (B!^@H) for the Superbowl, otherwise get ready to write another fu***ng interesting report.

    Your Friend,
    Michael Johnson
    World's Fastest Man (1998, Atlanta, GA)

    P.S. LET'S GO!!!

    • That brings up something F'ing interesting man. Can you imagine the disaster that would be an 18-0 Colts team playing a super bowl in Miami. How hard would the Miami Dolphins faithful try to sabotage the Colts leading up to the game? Hell they'd probably have to stay and practice in Orlando and drive down the day of. If Peyton showed his face in public before game day he would need 30 body guards to protect him from some crazy coke heads from busting his knee caps in. It was a recipe for disaster, be happy you lost ;)

  8. I cannot agree with your implication that Patriot fans should be a group for any sports fan to emulate. I still remember when Jimmy Harbaugh quarterbacked for the colts without benefit of an offensive line. He went down in Foxboro (sp?) and the fans cheered as the officials and team mgmt gathered around him. I am not a Peyton Manning fan, but since that day, I am even less of a patriots fan…

  9. KVB,

    Love the site, always have. But this one gets my blood going, maybe its because I'm a Colts fan, maybe its because I disagree with the decision.

    I think you're living under the assumption that 1) resting your starters increases (or guarantees) your chance to reach the Super Bowl and that 2) the fans were booing the team.

    This city has had the luxury of winning…a lot. Enough that we've rested our starters in the final game or final two games of the regular season more than a few times and every resulting time our offense has come out flat in the playoffs. Whether this is causal is impossible to determine, but there is correlation whether its just or unjust. Our offense clearly relies on game-speed timing and honestly, after watching every snap of Colts football over the last decade, our timing isn't where it should be. And I'm sure you'd call me a cocky tiny-brained dolts fan for saying that about a 14-0 team, but I guarantee you not one person feels as good as we should, given our record, that we'll reach the Super Bowl. Contrary to popular belief, resting our starters does not guarantee a Super Bowl run (we know that better than anyone).

    This is where the booing comes in. I really hope you watched the game instead of just hearing snippets on SportsCenter, etc, such that your generalized view of the boo's was constructed by the reality of the game rather than the media's sensationalized take on them. The original question one asks themselves is: "How does a 14-0 team boo their players?"

    The obvious answer is because their greedy. And I won't blame you for coming to this conclusion (unless of course you write a lengthy article on the topic). It's ease coupled with human nature wants us to see things in black and white. Being an anti-Colts fan, I argue you want to see the Colts fans appear greedy, therefore, its far easier for you to reject the opposite. Now this doesn't prove anything. It just provides rationale into why this view becomes popular outside of Colts fanaticism, and furthermore you are able to persuade with your logic this view to the hopefully thousands that read Jerod's site.

    But the Colts fans, in my opinion, where absolutely not booing the players. If felt they did, I'd be right on your bandwagon, but after watching them for so long, and really being engaged into that game, it was clear that the Colts fans were showing their disapproval of the decision. Not the players, the decision.

    Our starters were out there. We had the lead. Peyton was out there. Colts fans didn't boo.
    Our starters were out there. We had the lead. Painter was out there. Colts fans booed.

    Everything being equal, you could either argue Colts fans booed Painter or the decision, not the players.

    It's that decision that we've become very familiar with and at least correlates to poor opening playoff performance.

    And everything becomes relative, you know that. We're 14-0 with our remaining schedule showing two lowly teams, wouldn't you at least itch to go after history? At least to give your team the chance to be remembered as one of the greatest teams of all time? If they went undefeated, it may virtually grant Peyton Manning the legacy of the best QB of all time (assuming that would instantly grant him his 4th MVP, a perfect season, a 2nd Super Bowl, as he should leave the game being the best statistically). That's what we envy. To just throw a chance at that away seems borderline irresponsible, doesn't it? I know Caldwell says its wasn't one of his goals to go undefeated at the start of the season, but I'd argue, who's is? No coach, especially no rookie coach, is going to say our original goal was to go undefeated. But can't you adjust your goals given the circumstances? And of course Peyton Manning isn't going to raise hell. Colts fans more or less are doing it for him. Peyton and the rest of the guys are class acts and aren't going to T.O. this place when they know they need to re-focus for the all-important Super Bowl Run.

    We hate Randy Moss because he's a Patriot.
    We don't go follow the Pacers anymore because they lost that luster that Reggie and Mark and Rik built so many years ago.
    No one rational in Indy thinks Belichick cheats after every win, cmon KVB, stop generalizing the city.

    There are many more things I'd like to make quick reference to, but they'd require lengthening this comment even more as I doubt anyone has made it this far.

    Good stuff, thanks for getting my blood temp up this morning. Keep up the good work on the site guys.


    • Thanks for the coherent reply Tyler and was hoping to see more comments defending Colts fans. Unfortunately not many understand they are making decisions best for the team, not whats most entertaining for Colt fans with Patriots envy. So only time will tell if history repeats itself (0-3 under Dungy when the starters rested before a playoff bye week).

      I got around to writing this after:

      1. Watched the whole game with the sound on in a full house sports bar in Indianapolis with Colts fans. Everybody called for their check after the Painter fumble. Me and my friends (some rational, most not rational fans) stayed til the end and all of agreed putting back ups in was a bad idea unless they had a two TD lead.

      2. Read the politician and all his citizens who want their money back after the loss (singular this year).

      3. Listened to the black lash on sports radio from Colt fans for two straight days and read the transcript from Polian's radio show. Not to mention the angry comments from friends over 48 hours after the game was over.

      Maybe I felt sorry for Polian (the best GM record-wise this decade) and I took it out on the spoiled fans. I know not all of them are and every fan base has the irrational some. But I have also seen everything Colts since I moved here in 1992 (I've been to a dozen games up until Manning's second year in the league because they finally sold games out).

      So as an observer I came up with this spoiled fan base and Patriots envy conclusion. I have literally heard everything I wrote about come from the mouths of a lot of Colts fans. I'm glad that you can see how irrational some fans are but they are still there. I hope rational fans will continue to disagree with a decision like this but also I hope they will disagree with the irrational bunch, call them out when they are, and cheer louder than the boos with perspective in mind. Especially days before the new year and we've all been reflected on the past decade.

      Glad you're a Colt, not a Dolt. It's a breathe of fresh air since Sunday afternoon to the politician calling for a refund to fans to Polian's radio show and every reaction in between.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful reply Tyler. Always great to have your perspective on the site.

  10. Anyone who agrees with this sentiment is an idiot. The blue and white losers gave up on a game – played to lose, and then had the audacity to tell the fans to shove it if they didn't like it. Fan support ($$) has to be at least 30% of their revenue, and that makes the fans who bought tickets shareholders. that means they get to vote, and vote they did. Many of us who live in the wonderful city of Indianapolis have had our faces spat and s+at in, and will not take that lying down. Everything in every sportsperson from Pee Wee on up says to do your best and try to win. This team is a bunch of losers, and I am livid that the name of my town is stuck to them. Mayflower needs to come in and get these losers the heck out of here, because they do not reflect our winning spirit and can-do attitude. I will never support them again, will never utter the name of the team, and I desperately hope they are routed by the Chargers or whomever they face, as a "karma"-ic punishment for having so egotistically spat in the faces of their supporters. Everyone needs to continue to boo these losers, every play, every game, forever. Never forget! Never give in to evil! Stand up for what you know to be right! It is not right to play to lose, and to give up! Not right at all! 15 straight Super Bowls are not worth the shame and humiliation brought on our city by this band of rejects. Mark 8:36 – this team has no soul left. Who wants them?

  11. Wow, this a great thread. Some real good reading. As a lifelong Colts fan I can tell you that I was upset and disappointed but the reason of timing. This high power offense has the potential of putting up some great numbers but that doesn't happen when the starters are on the bench. While those living in Indy will someday have to deal with the change in the guard when Peyton is no longer there.

    All that being said I feel that it can all be summed up with this statement. It was a business decision.

    Excuse me while I dust off my Bert Jones number 7 jersey from the not so glorious days of the Baltimore Colts.

  12. BMasterjerry says:

    16-0, yeah, how did that end for the Patriots? Same as Wes Welker going down in a 'meaningless game' today???

  13. Coleen Leath says:

    Can someone, ANYONE, tell me when and where it is written that a perfect regular season and a superbowl championship are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE????? exactly! they are NOT! sick to death of the whole thing… i have never been more disappointed in a team's philosophy… honestly, how many times is polian going to try the same damn thing… and continue to fail? (and i sincerely hope they do not fail this time because of how hard all the young guys have worked this season, not to mention the all the veterans) I've always heard "the definition of insanity is, trying the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result." Leave it to our owner and gm to find a way to invite negativity, desention and controversy into what could have definitely been a magical season. You have to be more than good, you have to be lucky too to win a championship at any level. Hmmm, didn't see throwing a game on that list of musts anywhere. Miserable in Indy

  14. Polian's decision to throw away the last two regular season games simply lacked integrity. If I have to explain why, you won't get it anyway. Polian was too smart by half, and in the end, got what he deserved — two unnecessary regular season losses and no Lombardi trophy. The genius is now 1-6 in Super Bowls. Good builder, can't finish. That's what often happens to the smarter-than-thou crowd. Enjoy the off-season.

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