Forget Black or White: Tiger Woods Now a “Blue Light Special”

It really goes without saying (even though I’m about to say it anyway) that the last two weeks have been a couple of the most absurd weeks I can remember as a sports fan.

The image of the most prominent global sports icon of the this decade has completely imploded right before our eyes in less than a fortnight. It has truly been a spectacular and unbelievable series of events to watch play out.

It seems like the most salacious of the stories might already be out, meaning that we will soon be entering the dust settling phase if we are not there already.

And if this picture (blown up version after the jump) is any indication, it does not appear that the dust will be settling very favorably for Tiger.

Derick, my business partner at Orangecast Social Media Marketing and one of the writers at our new site where we are teaching people how to blog, sent this picture last night after what I assume was a Christmas shopping jaunt at ToysRUs.

As you can see, Tiger Woods figurines aren’t exactly flying off the shelves. Perhaps they will with the bright orange sticker that says “clearance” (a.k.a. “the image of the man embossed in these figurines is now radioactive”).

tiger-woods-merchandise on clearance

At the least for the Woods figurines’ sake, they are probably in the same aisle as the Barbies (and the, you know, figurines of Perkins waitresses). If he can just find a way out of the box and into the Barbie Dream House he’ll be able to make what will now be a loooong stay on the shelf a little more pleasurable.

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  1. They are action figures from 2000; and they are just cheap little globs of plastic, not anything substantive like a product he endorses. They should have gone on clearance five to eight years ago.

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