Maurice Creek Injury Update: Fractured Left Knee, Out For Season

Indiana crushed winless Bryant tonight exactly how they were supposed to. Unfortunately, something that was not supposed to happen ended up happening.

Maurice Creek, the most offensively prolific of this year’s freshman building blocks brought in by Tom Crean, left tonight’s game with what appeared to be a very bad knee injury.

As of yet, I have not heard or found any official word on the extent of Creek’s injury.

Update 12/28: Since we initially posted this, according to Inside the Hall, Tom Crean told Fisch on the post game show that Maurice Creek suffered a left knee fracture that will require surgery. (DAMNIT!)

Here is a tweet from Chris Korman about Creek’s injury essentially saying the same thing:

Creek fractured his knee. Will have surgery tomorrow and is almost certainly done for the season. His parents will be flown in ASAP.


maurice creek injury update - dislocated knee cap fearedAs you can see from the picture, which we present courtesy of our good friends at Inside the Hall, Creek’s knee appears out of place. Look at the bigger picture at ITH and you can see the faces of Creek’s teammates looking at the knee, which does seem to confirm the worst fears of the IU basketball program and its fans.

A friend of mind texted me the following immediately after Creek was placed on a stretcher and removed from the court:

From experience that looked like a dislocated knee cap. That could be the season for him if they have to do surgery.

My response? What else:

I know. F$%k.

I’ll update this post as soon as I hear anything further about Maurice Creek’s injury. In the meantime, follow Inside the Hall on Twitter for the latest news, or hop on over to the Peegs IU Hoops forum. I’m sure that those two places will have word as quick as anyone.

Any extended absence for Creek would just be a shame for IU, its fans, and most of all Maurice. He is averaging 17+ points a game and has positioned himself nicely to make a run at Big Ten Freshman of the Year and the Freshman All America team.

In fact, I have been telling everyone who will listen that Creek reminds me of one of my favorite IU players of all-time: Greg Graham. Look at his career stats, especially his growth from freshman year to senior year, and you understand how much of a compliment that is.

Creek is absolutely the type of player that Tom Crean needs to rebuilding IU’s program around, and it would be a major setback if the worst fears of Creek’s injury are confirmed. I am still holding out hope that Creek’s injury is not as serious as it looked.

But I am very concerned. As I’m sure all of Hoosier Nation is as well.

Be okay Maurice. And if not, get well soon. The Hoosiers need you on the floor to be competitive once the Big Ten season begins.

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  1. Not good. I'm sure Crean will rally the troops for Big Ten season. I also had the same gut wrenching feelings after Evan Turner's terrible fall on his back.

    • Yeah, I hated to see that. Turner's a great player. I never like seeing Big Ten players get hurt. I'd rather IU win or lose against each team's best and then have the conference do well in the tournament.

      It just sucks. Turner and Creek were going to be two of the top five scorers in the Big Ten this season; at least Turner will be coming back. No such luck for Creek. I just hope that he comes back at full strength.


  1. […] Indiana basketball won in the sense that they beat a winless team from Bryant.  But they didn’t so much win when Maurice Creek fractured his knee and was lost for the season.  Kind of like the Battle of Chancellorsville, when the South lost General Jackson.  KnowhatI’msayin’?  Nope?  F*ck off then.  <midwestsportsfan> […]

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